The REAL Life of the Mature Sex Goddess…

I thought it was time to update my Home Page.  Wow, after reading how I introduced myself, well, I guess if you put any kind of faith or inclination into astrology, my sign being Gemini, there are definitely two sides of the Mature Sex Goddess…there is the side that I introduced in the original Home Page…the somewhat “professional” Mature Sex Goddess…

And then there is the REAL side of the Mature Sex Goddess, which is a woman in her mid 50s, trying to find ways to discover the REAL woman underneath it all.  This is where I share my inner most thoughts on every day life.  I’ve often wondered how other folks live their lives…such as a daily routine…the thoughts on how one views their individual health, yes, even mundane routines such as bathroom habits, health concerns…thoughts about sex, thoughts about money and budgeting…what do people really think about the state of the economy…does it scare you half to death???  Is there ever enough money to do everything you want to do in your life???  How do you facilitate the lack of finances?  How do you go about paying your bills or not paying your bills????  What bills are considered important and necessary and what bills do you just walk away from???  How many people live with a certain amount of fear and uncertainty in their lives????  Do you fear that the bill collectors will eventually catch up with you and what will that outcome truly be????  What happens when your parents die?  How does society expect one to function in this world…how does family affect/effect your life?  Are you kids growing up to be productive, contributing members of society?  Funny, but I never really think about the ex-husband…does that make me a bad person?  I endured that relationship for 20-years before I decided to change my life…and change my life I did…Now, what????

Have I gotten myself back into a sexless relationship where I’m constantly on the prowl for a new and exciting sex partner?  I don’t think I crave intimacy but then again, it would be nice to have a man in my life that facilitates my sexual release…and yes, to me, sex is all about me, though I do take some pride in pleasing my partner…I am a very sexually confident woman.  Does my sexual confidence freak men out?  I’ve begun to think about what it would be like to take a younger man as a lover and friend…but still too early in that process…I would like to find a man that “fits” into my life…wonder how that will work and if I really will find a man that will “fit.”!!!!

By day, I work in a professional office enviroment.  I have found a good work home for the time being.  I’m always hoping to find that “dream” job.  You know, that job you can see yourself working at until you’re too old to work.  Actually, a job I can see myself going to and working until the day I die…retirement is not an option.  There is no retirement fund/savings for me.  I had to use those funds when the first “dream” job let me go a few years back.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy my current place of employment.  I just keep hoping that that dream job will come along and I’ll be even more in my element till the day I die!!! LOL

and then there is the “other” side of my life…the personal side.  When I got to thinking about how to portray the other sides of myself, well, that’s when it gets all jumbled…I’ve got so many sides of my personal life that sometimes I just have to step back and pick and choose the directions I go.

The bottom-line is that I am a REAL woman, with a REAL life…I endure the everyday trials and tribulations pretty much like everyone else here in the United States and in my case, specially middle-USA.

I have what I call the “normal” struggles of real life such as health, family, job, friends, economical issues…I’ve had my share of ups and downs in my life.  I do love my life as a divorced woman who loves sex, money and life…

This Blog is basically an online diary of my life, my thoughts, my feelings, my adventures both sexual and real life…I would like to think that I’m not all that different from the other 55-year-old women living in today’s world but then again, I do have quirky view and take on life and how it should be lived.  The great part about having an online diary is that what you read may be the writings of that woman that lives down the street from you…in other words, I like to think of myself as being just as normal as anyone I encounter in my real life.  I live in a nice mid-town neighborhood…I have a nice house, really bigger than I need…a nice yard…I would like to think I’m a “perfect” neighbor if there is such a thing, but with a twist that is never seen from the outside looking in.

Nevertheless, this is MY Blog which chronicles MY life and while some of the posts may be offensive to some, my intent is not to offend but merely shed myself of my thoughts and work through my own personal issues.  If folks feel the need to comment, I welcome the feedback…if folks merely desire to lurk and read, hey, why not?????

So, this is the second Home Page of the REAL Life of the Mature Sex Goddess…

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