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Impure Thoughts…

I keep having thoughts of bending a guy over some sort of device that allows his cock and balls to hang free but gives me complete and total access to his asshole…sometimes the hands and feet are securely bound so there is no interference and I am free to do as I want…(is there any other way?????  =))!)!!!

This scene takes on various twists and turns in that sometimes I am able to adjust the height so I can fuck this “helpless” man with my strap-on dildo…I take my time playing with his cock and balls, which again, the man is unable to do anything but be the object of my attention and torture…

I do take great pleasure in taking my time, lubing up the man’s asshole…inserting a surgical-gloved finger into his tight, spasmsing hole…inserting first one finger, then two…always using more and more lubricant…then three fingers…spreading him wider, allowing his muscles to contract and relax…

I instruct my “victim” to breathe…then squeeze my fingers as hard as he can, then relax…working yet another finger (four fingers, now)…how far should I go???? Shall I see if I can insert my whole had?  A little fisting???  WOW!!!!

Okay, so, sometimes I get my whole hand into the guy’s manpussy…sometimes I stop at a couple of fingers and switch to using my various sizes of butt plus and dildos…just depends on the mood I’m in and how far I want this “taking” to go…

I am fascinated how one man can remain erect during this conversion process and some couldn’t remain hard if his life depended on it!!!!

Yes, I’m having impure thoughts of late…

Wicked Wednesday…

Wicked, as in wickedly hot temperature wise!!! Another scorching day ahead…however, it’s nice and cool inside of my house.

I had a fabulous session last night. I disciplined the “naughty” boy by spanking his bottom, making his play with himself while I watched…then bending him over and fucking him in the ass like the little slut that he desired to be.

I made him lick my pussy like I like it licked…when he would get too rough I would swat his hard, bobbing cock with my hand instructing him to approach his licking with a more feathery tongue…some have to be told repeatedly of their transgression of licking my clit too hard.

I had a great orgasm…the release it provided was fantastic…and just as I was in the throes of the electric currents of this orgasm, the naughty boy asked if he could suck my big toe…well, that sent me into more waves of the orgasm…It was amazing how electric it was having him suck my toe while I enjoyed wave after wave of pleasure!!!

I laid there until the waves subsided and then got right to playing with his hard cock…I love taking a hard piece of cock-meat and playing with it until there is no turning back…though I do seem to know exactly when to stop, when to ease up and back off…nothing like taking the naughty boy there over and over again until I decide it is time for him to give up his load…and give up his load he did!!!!

A pleasing session…which only makes me crave more…and more I will get when I turn to session my dear subbie on Thursday morning!!!

As for Wicked Wednesday…I’m determined to finish putting the top coat on my textured walls…finishing up what texturing I have left to do and letting it set before putting the top coat on it…then putting everything back in its place…it already looks amazingly different…so soothing and relaxing.

Time for another cup of coffee and tackle the day!! Stay cool and safe in this heat!!!


Thursday is the first day of July, over the hump day of the work week…one of my busiest work days of the work week…AND I have a naughty, nasty fun session set this evening with my dear subbie!!!

I got a good night’s sleep for once…I didn’t wake up several times in a panic or from having a bad dream…I’m sure those things will return, but I’m a bit more calm this morning…it’s just the lull before the bigger storm coming at the end of July…but that’s okay.  I know what to expect and I can gear up for things now.

I’m hopeful, but not too far out there…I’m a realist and I’m going to have to get even more pro-active in everything to make things work in my life…but now, now I am able to see a little further down the road of life.

Things seem to have calmed a bit at the office…I didn’t tell my cube-mate that I got the small firm job offer and turned it down…I figured the employment placement gal will be in touch with my cube-mate since there’s a commission that both of them lost over my decline of the offer…I’ve got to do what is best for me, not what everyone else thinks and wants for me…I’ve got to think and want it!!!!

My goal is to go in, do my job, stay out of the office drama as much as I possibly can and go home each evening knowing I did my best and it wasn’t good enough to be able to stay…I’m okay with that…those folks will never be pleased…funny, but I’m working on a very complicated and tedious project right now with my main attorney and no one blinked an eye or raised a brow that I was the secretary working on this Appellate Brief…crazy, simply crazy!!!!

Time to hit the shower and get the day moving along!!!  Can’t wait to paddle dear subbie’s ass cheeks this evening…I do love to see how hard my cock meat gets when I touch it and play with it, using it as my live sex toy!!!!

Have a great day/evening…I intend, to.

New Batteries!!!!!!

New Batteries!!!!!! Jun 27, 2010 1:31 pm

I was a little disturbed when I went to use my favorite vibrator and the batteries were completely dead. Not a problem because I keep my battery supply full, at all times!!! My playtime was only delayed by a few minutes…as long as it took to take out the old and dispose of them, in with the new…and OMG!!! I had forgotten how powerful that wonderful little toy can be when there are a fresh pair of batteries, powering it!!!!

I had to laugh at myself because it took a fraction of the time I normally speed playing with myself, pleasuring myself to orgasm…amazing how great new batteries are in my toys!!!!


Sunday Reflections (6-17-10)

I find myself fortunate to have made it through another work week with some of my sanity still in tack.  While I feel as though I’ve been shaken to my core with what I thought my life was about, I realize that things are not at all as them seem and will change in the blink of an eye.

While I’m not through beating myself up over the state of things or how things got where they’re at with regard to the office situation…I realize that being a “nice” person, someone that EVERYONE likes, isn’t at all something to be proud of, nor bank on.  I mean come on, who would have thought that “I” would have been the one to be put on the block and pushed out???  I look back and wonder if my fate would have been determined back when my mother went into the hospital for her back operation and then ended up dying 21-days later.  I wonder if I was up on the chopping block at that time, dealing with the harassment of the co-worker-from-hell, trying to work my job and run to the hospital to see about her…I wonder if I was really in jeopardy of loosing my job back then and because there were other struggles within our group going on, several folks came to my aid and prevented the now inevitable from happening…I do find it interesting how much one will speculate when the scheme of things has not been completely revealed.

I’m looking forward to being terminated/discharged…for some reason, the thought of taking some time to myself is so damned appealing to me.  The idea of taking a job to go right into the working day after I leave my current position, just isn’t something that I can see myself doing without going completely nuts!!!  The soonest I see myself becoming employed again would be the first of August…optimally, going back to work around September 1st would work…and if not, going back to school would be just fine with me.

It is great to read some of the responses I get to my blog posts.  There are folks that have it worse than I do but are surviving and making the most of the situation…there are some that are far better off than I am and will continue to prosper…seems I find myself somewhere in the middle of this mix…it is fascinating to hear what’s happening with other folks and how they are making it or making the most of the situation…

Nasty plans…no, I really don’t have any nasty plans for this week…I have several opportunities in the works.  I have a feeling if I’m available during the work week days, I’ll have some great opportunities to schedule some naughty, nasty fun…I’m looking forward to seeing what nasty opportunities open up during the rest of the summer…

Right now, no plans for the 4th of July…as I’ve said a couple of times, I’m simply not in a good place in which to be social…I don’t like where I’m at right now, personally and simply won’t subject my dear friends to my downer of a persona…it will pass, I’ll get through everything and get back to a great, happy and nasty place…just isn’t happening right now.

I did go back to Sam’s last night and buy one of the two fans I had picked out…it made a HUGE difference in my living room.  In fact, I got cold and had to turn it off…so, I’m quite pleased with that purchase.

I enjoyed the hell out of my BBQ chicken last night…OMG, it was fabulous!!!!

Today, I’m coloring my hair and getting ready to meet my brother, sister-in-law and their boys this afternoon…a little family time and then I’ve got to get some more potting soil to finish planting some remaining flowers.  We had a good little rain this morning, which totally caught me by surprise…I loved it because I won’t have to water anything…though now, it’s getting VERY steamy.  I’m thinking that by this afternoon there might be some more storms happening.

So, life is okay right now…I know it will get better…just have to take each day as it comes and ride this thing out!!!

Have a great week ahead!!!


The work weeks seem interminably long these days…finally, it’s Friday!!!  I’ve had another week of emotional ups and downs.  Nothing insurmountable, just trying to hold on for the official “pink slip” ceremony.

I’ve gathered up most of my stuff from the office…I didn’t have that much, just the odds and ends that made my area “mine.”

My cube-mate is still in denial that I’m out in a couple of weeks…funny, I don’t feel a bit bad about not being there for her…in fact, I’m wanting to share with her that I know she’s been a part of all this.  Go ahead, act like you’re my friend, but the reality is, we’re all out to benefit ourselves…even at the expense of someone else.  I try not to dwell on the fact that I’m the one that is out and everyone else and their pathetic work ethic remain.  Maybe I need to adapt a more careless and reckless abandon in my work ethic, then, maybe then, I would be the one staying and someone else getting terminated.

The co-worker from Hell asked me about what was going on yesterday.  I’m sure the gal that’s been there for 30-years shared with her my demise.  Cwfh showed the appropriate horror and dismay, she offered her assistance/help to make contacts for me if I wanted a temporary something with some solo practitioners…thank you, but I’m done with law offices…though I did apply for a family law job that I saw both in the newspaper and on Craigs list…I really don’t expect to hear back…but, I applied.

Right now, I want to keep my wits about me and ride this out to termination day.  Then I will promptly go and file for unemployment and start trying to figure out what I’m going to do with myself the rest of the summer.  At the top of my list is to look into enrolling into some courses for the Fall Semester and getting myself headed in another career direction…then maybe in a couple of months, I’ll be ready to get back into the work world…or an opportunity that really appeals to me will come along.

I talked with my gal pal down in Potsboro, Texas, last night.  She’s such a sweetheart and we seem to be going through some life bumps in our lives.  She’s truly a treasured, nasty gal pal…that girl LOVES to fuck…anything to do with sex, about sex…she’s all about it!!!!  We vowed to get together later in the summer, after things have calmed down for me a bit.  I really enjoyed talking to her and listening to her troubles…funny, but listening to someone else and what they’re going through, makes my problems seem not so bad. Anyway, it was great talking to her and getting caught up.

What’s ahead for the weekend?  Good question…I’m sure one of my many house projects would be a great start…we’ll see, nothing is sounding appealing right now…not with the rest of the work-day before me.

Have a great Friday and an even better weekend!!!!

The Ball Is Rolling…

Whew, met with the employment placement gal…that was a lot harder than I thought it would be…but, I made it through and I feel the gal is doing to do her best to find the right position for me.  The reality of being without a job in the near future is terrifying for me…the reality became that much more real hearing someone tell me that I will more than likely be let go come 7-14-10…Wow, that was difficult coming from someone that has nothing to do with my firm.

So, time to put on my big girl panties and forge ahead.  Hopefully, there will be someplace for me out there before the deadline, if not, I’ll just have to hang in there, file for unemployment and see what happens.

I hate being so emotional…that makes me really mad at myself that the tears come bubbling out and I get all choked up so easily talking about what’s going on at the office…especially with a stranger.  I just feel so damned vulnerable lately, I’m hurt, frustrated, angry…I miss my mom and dad, I used to talk to them when I was down or needing some advice about what to do with my work life…I don’t have that now and that makes me miss my folks even more.  It’s just knowing that they’re no longer there…it hits me all at once and the tears flow.  My brother says I’m finally allowing myself to grieve…I just want the pain and loneliness to go away…I want to get back to a better place within myself…I’ll get there, it’s just tougher this time around.

So, that’s the afternoon report…I’ve got to refine my resume and clean it up some more and then it will be down to 2-pages…isn’t it amazing that one’s life can come down to two, typewritten pages?

Time to get ready for my early evening session…I need the diversion…nothing like a naked, securely bound man to bring a wicked smile to my lips!!!

Can’t Linger Long Tuesday…

night by the time I got home from the office and calmed down enough to start gearing to bed/sleep.

I do know that I chalked up another couple of small grievances that my attorney will be holding against me and pretty much sending me out the door if I stay at the firm to the bitter end of this last 30-days of my probation…nothing like another attorney leaving a single electronic signature line off of two different pleadings and me filing those pleadings and getting called on it by my attorney. It took every ounce of my being not to start laughing because I knew, I simply knew those two little over-sights would be counting against me!!! If that’s the worst thing I do in my online filings, that’s pretty damned minor…but not in this gal’s eyes. The bottom-line is for me to get out…get out and find a new work home, a new job…the trick will be in the timing. Timing is everything!!!

So, busy this morning, getting things organized so when I get home from walking group, I’ll be ready to get cleaned up and ready for my naughty, nasty, fun session this evening.

Have a good Tuesday…stay dray and out of harm’s way!!!

Sunny Sunday!

Another hot, sunny, summer Sunday!!  I’ve got a lot to tackle today…well, any day that I’m not at the office, I’ve got a lot to tackle around my house, both inside and outside.  Isn’t that the joy of home ownership?

I’m looking forward to this next week…having made a decision to move on and find a new job has given me some calm but is VERY scary…I’m hopeful but not too optimistic.  I’m looking forward to meeting with the job placement gal on Wednesday afternoon.

I’m liking that I’ve got some time-off to burn…I’m not one that takes off of work for the pure Hell of it but Friday, it just made sense to take some “me” time!!!  My ex-hubby was always telling me how I continually thought of only myself and never anyone else…funny, I’ve always found myself worn out from trying to please everyone…but these days, it’s all about ME!!!

I’ve got a sensual, sensory deprivation session scheduled with an out-of-town friend on Tuesday evening…I’m REALLY looking forward to helping him realize some of his sexual fantasies…while I enjoy all aspects of my Domination, the sensual, sensory deprivation is one of my favorites.  Something about having a man chained, spread-eagle to my bed, naked and unable to see what I’m about to do to him, just makes me smile and tingling between my legs!!!

I am finding myself wanting to meet a new e-mail friend in person…the more we correspond, the more I want to meet him.  I even started thinking about how wonderful it will be to get naked with him and explore and experience sexual delights.  Every now and then, I guess you could call it a meeting of the minds…if you seduce my mind, my body will follow…there’s an affinity there with this man…I’m hoping to realize the “live and in person” version of him soon, very soon!!!

Perhaps now that I’m making a conscientious move in the employment area my naughty, nasty desires and thoughts will begin to return and I’ll feel more like getting out and about…for some reason, the idea of socializing has been the last thing on my mind.  I have no desire to set a meet and greet or any type of get together…for the time being, I’m perfectly content to sit behind the computer and let everyone else take the reigns in that regard.  I just have been through too much personally, to want to put myself out there right now.  I’ll continue to be supportive and work behind the scenes, but participating, probably not…I’m just in a place where that appeals to me right now.

Time for another cup of coffee and decide which direction I’m going to go today…or at least, start out.

Have a great Sunday and a better week ahead!!