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An Unusual Request

I had an unusual request made of me at the last Masturbation Club session I attended. I had one of the men that is what I consider a “regular” at the noon sessions of the Masturbation Club ask me if he could lick my pussy juices off of my vibrator after I finished or orgasmed. The man made this request by note, which was handed to me by the guy stationed at the door of the hotel room where our session was happening. We “sign in” and place our donation just inside of the door of the room, the guy handed me the note. I read it and looked around the room. The man that submitted the request waved at me from across the room. I stood there and thought a minute and decided, why not? I nodded yes to him and then found where I wanted to settle in for my masturbatory indulgence.

I have to admit, I was a bit more turned on knowing that I would be handing over my vibrator to this guy to lick and suck my pussy juices when I was done…I think my pussy got a bit more juicy!!!! I know it turned me on a bit more to know that this guy was watching me and patiently waiting for me to orgasm before he would come over and I would hand him my pussy juice covered vibrator. The man was already naked and indulging in some yanking of his own hard cock. I hoped he enjoyed my masturbatory show…I know I was enjoying the whole scenario. I’m calling it an added incentive for this particular session.

It didn’t take me long to get myself into position and get myself off. I laid there a moment as I withdraw my vibrator which was all covered with my juices. The man took his cue and made his way over to where I was laying. I held up the vibrator to him and then I sat up. He sat down on the floor next to me and began to admire the juice-covered vibrator. He took his time, savoring the odiferous qualities, then ever so slowly he ran his tongue up and down the shaft of my vibrator. I was mesmerized by his deliberate licking and then, the piece de resistance, he then took the vibrator into his mouth just like he was sucking a cock!! I felt my pussy tingle with excitement…this was much hotter than I had anticipated. Nothing turns me on more than a man suck another man’s cock…the next best turn on, watching a man suck a cock-like vibrator like it was a real cock. Holy Crap, this was incredibly HOT!!!!!

This man took that vibrator and savored it like it was a real cock…I was so turned on, I began fingering my pussy which was already dripping again with excitement. It didn’t take me long to start moaning and groaning by my own hand…which only spurred the man on with his licking and sucking of my vibrator. I didn’t realize it but the rest of the room was pretty much mesmerized by the show this man and I were providing. I gasped as I orgasmed…my fingers dripping with my cum…the man then set the vibrator aside and took the wrist of the hand I had used for this impromptu masturbation. He looked at me and asked, may I? I nodded yes and he ever so slowly, licked my fingers clean of my pussy juices…then sucked each finger ever so gently, making sure he hadn’t missed a drop of my tastiness.

Time was getting away from me…I was feeling those tingles and twinges beginning again. I thanked him for his tongue bath, then took my leave, gathering up my vibrator and bag, heading to the bathroom to do some cleaning, dressing and head out.

What can I say, that was one of the most unusual requests I’ve had in a while…yet, it was one of the most rewarding masturbatory sessions I’ve enjoyed since joining the Masturbation Club.

The Masturbation Club

I mentioned in my 2014 post about having found a way to indulge in what I refer to as the best safe sex activity, masturbation! I discovered The Masturbation Club a little over two years ago and have to admit, I LOVE IT!!! For the time being, The Masturbation Club provides the “zing” that I want and need in my sex life without having to engage in an interpersonal sexual relationship.
Here is how my first Masturbation Club experience went:

The Masturbation Club
I was looking forward to my first Masturbation Club experience. The “rules of engagement” were simple enough. The group was sent an e-mail as to the date, time and location of the meeting. The donation to help out with the cost of the room at a decent hotel was a set $10 to be put in the bowl near the door of the room upon arriving.

The room or accommodations were dictated by how many folks RSVP’ed for an upcoming session. This session was to be during a noon hour. A “nooner” masturbation session sounded perfect for me. I liked the thought of going somewhere to meet some folks, getting naked and getting myself off while others watched me and I watched others. Very simple, very erotic!!!

I liked the idea that the location of my first session was near my downtown office. This session was set for a “nooner” session which spanned from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Come/cum and go…my lunch hour was 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. so I liked the idea that I would be arriving and masturbating about mid-way during the set time period.

I packed a little “masturbation workout” bag, which included my favorite vibrator, condoms for quick clean up, lubricant and at the last minute, I decided to include my clit cream. I would put the clit cream on my clit before leaving my office that way I would be primed and ready to go when I arrived at the masturbatory club session.

I have to admit, I was really excited about my first club session. The morning at the office was busy and the time really flew by. I made a trip to the women’s restroom about 15-minutes before I left for lunch. I slipped the clit cream in my pocket and headed down to the basement restroom. No one was around, not that it would have mattered, but I liked knowing that I was all alone and could dab the clit cream on my tiny little clitty, use the restroom and wait for the tingle to warm up my pussy…oh, what a delight to have that warmth growing between my legs as I gathered my purse and headed out for “lunch.”

I found a perfect parking place and plugged the meter for an hour and a half. I knew I wouldn’t necessarily be there for that long but wanted to be sure I had plenty of meter time without getting a parking ticket. I made my way to the elevator with my little workout bag and then up to the room number that was sent via text message a couple of hours earlier.

The room was at the end of the hallway on the 5th floor. I gave the instructed three-knocks on the door and it opened. A good looking guy in gym shorts and no shirt, socks or shoes, opened the door. I stepped in and he closed the door behind me.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as the room lighting or set up would be but I was pleasantly surprised to find the heavy main curtains of the room open to allow natural sunlight in through the sheers that were drawn. To assist in further lighting the room, all the room lights were on. There was a “donation” bowl on the nearest room counter and I placed my $10 in the bowl and then the door man motioned for me to pick a spot and get comfortable. He whispered as to not interrupt or break the mode of the folks that were already there, naked and masturbating.

I looked around to find two women already engaged in a full vibrator induced masturbatory session. One woman was lying on her back with her ass flush up against the headboard of one of the two queen-sized beds, her legs spread wide and moving her vibrator quickly in and out of her juicy pussy…her eyes were closed and one hand was squeezing one of her tits, pinching her nipple while the other hand maneuvered the vibrator with ease in and out of her pussy. She was moaning and groaning in ecstasy…the other gal was propped up on pillows on the other bed, strumming her clit with the fingers of one hand while cupping one of her tits with the other hand…she was moving her hips a little as she strummed herself, watching what some of the other folks were doing. There were three guys sitting about yanking on their hard cocks…it appeared that the guys were definitely enjoying watching the gals…I liked what I was seeing…I could hardly wait to get my own clothes off and be a part of this situation.

I decided on a space over on the floor, taking advantage of several discarded pillows…I placed them next to the wall and then set my bag down and quickly got naked. I folded my clothes up for easy access when I was finished. Then I took out my lubricant and vibrator, placing a condom over my precious toy. I then placed the pillows where they would cushion me as I laid with my ass facing the wall…I then placed my feet on the wall, in a bent leg position but one that I had assumed many times at home when masturbating. I loved the sex-scented aroma of the room…it added to the excitement and energy of all around. I put some lube on the tip of my vibrator and on the little rabbit ears and turned it on, then got into position and rubbed the head of the vibrator on my already wet pussy opening…ever so slowly I slid my toy into my hot, womanly depths. I looked around and saw two of the four guys stroking their cocks and looking directly at me…I loved it, I loved knowing that there were eyes focusing on my masturbation…I began to fuck myself with my vibrator and cupped one tit in my free hand…

About this time one of the other two gals began to cum…she started moaning and groaning and then the gasping and little exclamations announcing that she had orgasmed. There was some soft clapping acknowledging the delight of some of the others…this only heightened my excitement and I started to tune out those around me and concentrate on getting myself off…I closed my eyes and basked in the knowledge that I was “performing” for those that cared to watch there in the room.

As I worked myself into the sexual frenzy of my masturbation, every now and then I would hear someone getting himself off and then I heard the other gal get herself off…there seemed to be the opening and closing of the door as folks would come/cum and go…it didn’t take me long to get near the edge of my own orgasm…I had closed my eyes in an effort to concentrate a little better but for some reason, I wanted to see if there was anyone still there watching me, so I opened my eyes and much to my thrill there were about four guys, naked and yanking on their cocks and watching me fuck myself with my vibrator. I didn’t see the other two gals, they must’ve finished themselves off, gathered themselves and left…I loved knowing that the remaining men were there not only jacking off but watching me fucking myself…well, that was all I needed and I was there, I started cumming and really got into voicing my orgasm…this caused three of the four guys to shoot off good loads, moaning and groaning, shooting cum everywhere. I LOVED IT!!!!

I laid there a moment, letting the jolts of my orgasm finish shooting throughout my body, then I got up, went to the bathroom, cleaned myself with a warm wash rag, dressed, put away my vibrator and lube and left. I felt so relaxed and satisfied. I LOVED IT!!!

I was definitely going to be attending future masturbatory sessions of the Masturbation Club.

Friday Night Session With Least Favorite Submissive

The scene went well. least favorite submissive showed up in his black lace bra with cloth tit inserts, no underwear/shorts as he walked up from his car to my patio. lfs also had the butt plug I had ordered him to go and buy and insert before coming to our session. He put duct tape over it to keep it inserted as I told him he would be severely punished if the plug came out.

I dressed in one of my see through cover-ups, a pair of my red sexy high-heeled sandals and one of my strap-on dildos. I waited on the patio where he couldn’t see me until he was up on the patio. He was so nervous, it was great!!! He immediately went down on his knees while yanking on his freshly shaved cock and balls until I told him to get up and follow me into my bedroom through the sliding doors on my patio.

Once inside I had lfs get down on his knees again and kiss the dildo and then my sandals and feet. I then had him stand up for his physical inspection, which I kept pushing on the butt plug through the duct tape. I then had him show me what a cock-sucking whore he is by kissing, licking and sucking on my rubber cock. When I tired of that I laid back on the bed and had him worship my feet licking and kissing my high-heeled sandals and then removing them and massages, kissing, licking and sucking on my toes. My pussy was dripping wet and he begged me to let him lick my pussy but I wanted to push him a little more before granting him the reward of licking my pussy.

I had lfs get up on my bed on all fours and then I yanked each strip of the duct tape from off of his ass crack until the butt plug was revealed. He was whimpering and whining how much it hurt which led to a good bare hand spanking. I LOVE leaving my hand print on a submissive male’s ass cheeks. Then I pulled the butt plug out and put a condom on my strap-on dildo and climbed up on the bed behind him and put the head of my rubber cock to the opening of his man pussy. He whimpered that he was scared because the dildo was much larger than he remembered and he wasn’t sure it wouldn’t hurt going in. I told him I didn’t care if it hurt that he was going to take my cock regardless…that I would rip his asshole open if that’s what I wanted to do. I took the bottle of lube and let it drip down his ass crack and rubbed it into his asshole with my finger and then began to insert the dildo into his manpussy, slowly but deliberately. He kept pushing back on it and soon the dildo was half-way into him…I reached around and started jerking on his cock while I pushed in further. He was soon begging me to fuck him like the bitch in heat that he was…he was moving in and out on the dildo and I found it quite entertaining to watch him push back on my rubber cock wanting more and more of it all the while whining about how much it hurt but he wanted Mistress to fuck him.

When I tired of fucking him I then took one of my vibrating eggs and replaced my rubber cock with the vibrating egg in his asshole. This vibrating egg is on a wire so I can easily retrieve it from his anal canal. I turned it on high while I took off my cover-up and strap-on. Then I ordered him to get up and kiss and lick my feet again and then work his way up to my pussy.

lfs licked my pussy like I love to have it licked, very feathery soft flicks of the clit and licking up and down my dripping pussy lips…whenever he would hesitate or brush his tongue wrong I would reach over and slap his semi-erect cock and then grab his balls and pull as hard as I could…I love the struggle he has to keep licking my pussy when I’m torturing his cock…

I decided to have lfs sit in one of my bedroom chairs that is just the right height when he pulls it up to my bed and pleasure my pussy with his mouth and tongue until I gave in to my orgasm and came all over his face. He said I must have given him a gallon of pussy juice when I came, he said I was just flowing with orgasmic fluids which he gladly drank until I pushed his face away when I became too sensitive after a fabulous full body orgasm. I came good and hard, my whole body convulsing in wave after wave of orgasmic bliss.

I then dismissed lfs, sending him on his way. I was so ready for bed after that fantastic stress reliever and it didn’t take me long to drift off to sleep.

Sunny Sunday!

Another hot, sunny, summer Sunday!!  I’ve got a lot to tackle today…well, any day that I’m not at the office, I’ve got a lot to tackle around my house, both inside and outside.  Isn’t that the joy of home ownership?

I’m looking forward to this next week…having made a decision to move on and find a new job has given me some calm but is VERY scary…I’m hopeful but not too optimistic.  I’m looking forward to meeting with the job placement gal on Wednesday afternoon.

I’m liking that I’ve got some time-off to burn…I’m not one that takes off of work for the pure Hell of it but Friday, it just made sense to take some “me” time!!!  My ex-hubby was always telling me how I continually thought of only myself and never anyone else…funny, I’ve always found myself worn out from trying to please everyone…but these days, it’s all about ME!!!

I’ve got a sensual, sensory deprivation session scheduled with an out-of-town friend on Tuesday evening…I’m REALLY looking forward to helping him realize some of his sexual fantasies…while I enjoy all aspects of my Domination, the sensual, sensory deprivation is one of my favorites.  Something about having a man chained, spread-eagle to my bed, naked and unable to see what I’m about to do to him, just makes me smile and tingling between my legs!!!

I am finding myself wanting to meet a new e-mail friend in person…the more we correspond, the more I want to meet him.  I even started thinking about how wonderful it will be to get naked with him and explore and experience sexual delights.  Every now and then, I guess you could call it a meeting of the minds…if you seduce my mind, my body will follow…there’s an affinity there with this man…I’m hoping to realize the “live and in person” version of him soon, very soon!!!

Perhaps now that I’m making a conscientious move in the employment area my naughty, nasty desires and thoughts will begin to return and I’ll feel more like getting out and about…for some reason, the idea of socializing has been the last thing on my mind.  I have no desire to set a meet and greet or any type of get together…for the time being, I’m perfectly content to sit behind the computer and let everyone else take the reigns in that regard.  I just have been through too much personally, to want to put myself out there right now.  I’ll continue to be supportive and work behind the scenes, but participating, probably not…I’m just in a place where that appeals to me right now.

Time for another cup of coffee and decide which direction I’m going to go today…or at least, start out.

Have a great Sunday and a better week ahead!!


I overslept in a major way this morning…I forgot to turn the sound up on my phone, which I use as my alarm clock…so much for the morning workout routine this morning!!!  Now, I’m behind schedule or where I think I need to be in my morning…

I’ve got to learn how to de-stress better…this week has been a doozy when it comes to stressing myself out!!!  I think what’s got me the most stressed out is the fact that the fender-bender I had on Monday of this week might turn into something more…the gal’s husband wants my insurance information so he can file a claim…not that I am saying I shouldn’t fix the vehicle…just interesting that my Nissan Altima could have done any damage to a Chevy Suburban when all that happened to my car was a tiny crunched corner of my hood…oh well, men and their cars/trucks/SUVs.
I have to work with this gal so I don’t want to be a total ass about it…I should’ve taken pics of both vehicles when they were touching with my cell phone but I was so freaked out, all I could think of was how stupid I was for not paying better attention!!!

Nastiness for this weekend?  I’m still reeling from the discovery of my nasty pics all over a goofy-assed Yahoo group where I’m a sex slave to three black guys…not to mention the price list they have for liza_lovesBBC is simply ridiculous…the more I think about how the 3 men boast about fucking my “fat” white ass…well, that’s not sitting very well with me.  While I am the first one to admit I have an ample ass…having men say that my “fat, white ass” is so fuckable, well, I’m not really liking that description…it’s one thing when I say it, they way they say it over and over again in group posts and such…well, I realize, this fictious liza_lovesBBC is their sex slave and more than likely enjoys being demeaned as the white female property that she is…but this Liza, well, I’m not real keen on being “owned” by anyone!!!

Looking at these guys pics, real or not…I would like to turn the tables and make all three of them my sex slaves.  I would have the biggest ass-training dildos up their asses so fast, you could drive a VW bug right up into their colons!!!  I would POUND their asses till they couldn’t sit down for a week, maybe longer!!!!

Okay, I’ve lingered here long enough…time to get this work day underway…see ya on the flip side of Friday!!!!

Looking Forward…

‘m really looking forward to heading to OKC on Saturday for the Naughty, Nasty Birthday Party of a dear friend. Right now, the guest list hangs at 26 people. There seems to be just the right mix of couples, single gals and single guys!! I can’t wait…I’ve been trying to decide what toys to take, what lubricants, condoms…what sexy outfit to wear with my new sexy shoes…

I’m in charge of the food and cake…I’m trying to decide if I should make a naughty, nasty boobie birthday cake or just buy a plain cake…the finger foods will be easy…the cake will be chocolate…gotta give it more thought.

I’m heading to bed early tonight, didn’t get much sleep last night due to an unsettling situation that happened around 11:00 p.m. Needless to say, there’s nothing more disturbing than an unexplained noise or bump in the night…this kept me awake until about 1:00 a.m. which made it really difficult to get up when the alarm went off at 5:15 a.m.

All better tonight…now, I’m looking forward and going to work on getting plenty of rest between now and party day…maybe even get some sucking and fucking done between now and then…also need to get a manicure and pedicure…good grief, when will I fit it all in????

Looking forward…

How About A Sexual Gang Bang???

I’ve had several (okay, lots of folks!) contact me over the years about starting a Gang Bang Group.   I thought I would see how much actual interest there is in bringing together a group that would cater to sexual gang bang activities.

I know how badly I wanted to realize a gang bang why I first got divorced.  I think I had always fantasized about being taken by a “group” of men, but I never really knew how to bring it all together or rather, who to go to, to help me realize such a sexual fantasy. I’ve always been a woman that wanted to experience what was going on in my mind…I never stop until I’ve brought it all into fruition. Imagine my delight when I found a man that could help me realize, explore and experience all that I had going on in my naughty, nasty mind!!!!

I’ve brought together a select group of men and women a couple of times to help folks realize a fantasy or two that they had, so I know I can do it. I guess you could say, I’m ready to tackle this particular fantasy on a whole different scale or level and help others that want to realize this experience as well.

Anyway, I’ve started the group:  Gang Bang Oklahoma on Adult FriendFinder …it’s going to be open to everyone, not just folks here in Oklahoma, if you have any remote interest, check it out. (Yes, you have to be a member of that adult site in order to contribute to the group.  You may be able to view the group, just not contribute unless you join the site.)

So, how about a sexual gang bang to start 2010 off with a BANG???????

The Tuesday Night Session…

The new friend/new submissive man I entertained Tuesday evening had requested a 2-hour spanking session.  New subbie sent me details of his previous experiences (pretty damned hot)of service to a Dominant Woman and his desire and need to serve a Dominant Woman, now, new subbie sounded like my kind of guy…and you know, he exactly my kind of new submissive and more!!!

I am always clear in my instructions to a new friend/new submissive about the need to be punctual in arriving.  How exactly they are to come into my home and what will immediately take place. I do my best to make sure there is a clear picture of safety and interest upon arrival but, there is always an air of the unknown.

Last night’s new subbie arrived right on time.  I’m always excited about opening the door leading into my garage from outside and the man I will find there waiting to gain entrance!!!  New subbie is a very tall man, not really thin, but definitely not heavy…just right in body size.  We talked for about 5-minutes; I like to make sure the new friend/new subbie sees me, takes a look at his surroundings, discuss safe words if it is a BDSM friend and then get right to our session.

I had new subbie strip naked before me in my living room, ready for his initial full-body inspection.  new subbie’s cock was already rock hard and he was wearing a cock ring, which seemed to be embedded in his hardness…I took his erect cock in my hand and began touching him all over…asking if his nipples were sensitive, I examined his shaved cock and balls…nice, very nice.  new subbie’s cock was rather thick, a good 8.5 to 9-inches in length.  A little larger than I like, but hey, he was erect/hard and I really have only a couple of submissive friends that truly get an erection when sessioning with me…this new friend had great promise with the erection he had going on.

I decided new subbie needed to have his ass cheeks warmed up, so I had him place himself across my lap with his erection between my inner thighs.  I started off with an open hand smack on each ass cheeks…slowly alternating my swats…slowly and steadily increasing the intensity of my hand-to-skin connection…I like to rub the ass cheek a little after my hand makes contact with the bare skin…I enjoy feeling the heat beginning to rise with each swat.

After about 10-swats with my hand, I had my new subbie lay over my red leather ottoman, present his ass for further paddling.  I then took one of my flat, leather paddles and positioned myself where I could place a good smack of this paddle on each cheek…his ass cheeks were starting to glow…he made little grunts and sighs with each lick of the paddle…I traded my leather paddle for one of my thin-string-rubber floggers…a couple of good swats with the flogger, then the thicker-strand flogger, which made nice little flog-strand prints on his red-glowing ass cheeks…I’m very particular in both ass cheeks being colored-up the same…the same print inlay on each side…

I was impressed with how wide this new subbie could get his ass cheeks when placed on all-fours…his ass-hole was offered up so perfectly…he had been trained well by his previous Mistress…I was so lucky to have this subbie contact me to continue his service and discipline!!!

I took new subbie from laying over the ottoman to standing on my coffee table where I could have a better view of his cock and balls, as well as his ass-hole…after completing my inspection with his standing, I then had him get down on all fours on the coffee table, which put him at a perfect height for my continued spanking administrations.

I used the riding crop on my friend’s glowing red ass cheeks…his whimpering was a bit stronger at this point…time to have him on display and rub some ice on his ass cheeks to cool them off a bit, as well as reduce the pain that seemed to be growing!  I continued to touch and feel my new playmates naked body…bit-by-bit I took my own clothes off, as I, too, was getting quite warmed up spanking my new friend…so, off with my clothes, though I left my high heeled shoes on for a while longer…
I couldn’t stand it any longer; I needed my pussy licked, time for my hard-cocked new friend to pleasure and please me orally!!  I took him by the hard cock and led him back to my bedroom. All the while, subbie was not allowed to look at me, though I couldn’t resist dipping two of my fingers into my hot, honey-pot covering my fingers with my juices and then having him smell and lick them clean!!!  A few more swats with my leather paddle that has the word “bitch” cut-out which makes a delicious word imprint on the subbie’s ass cheeks, it was time to take my friend back to my bedroom for my own pleasure and enjoyment…

I had subbie get up off of the coffee table, standing fully erect, his erect cock protruding eagerly out in front of him…I had him place his hands behind his neck and I led him by the hard cock back to my bedroom chamber!!  I love pulling a subbie along by his hard cock…the power that ensues from holding that piece of man-meat in my hand is simply intoxicating to me, better than a good stiff drink of alcohol!!!  Fabulous, simply fabulous!!!!

Back in my bedroom, I swatted subbie a few times before commanding him up on the bed. I had subbie get on the bed on all fours, in the middle of the bed while placing the TV pillow under him for support…I continued his ass-warming-spanking with two of my leather paddles, alternating between the two till I got his ass glowing a nice red again…I took off my heels and climbed up on the bed behind my subbie…the heat from his ass was wonderful and so exciting…my pussy was dripping wet by now, I was thoroughly enjoying my new subbie!!

It was time for my new subbie to eat my pussy…I was so hot and turned on…I had him get up off of the bed and sit in what I have deemed “the pussy eating chair.”  I then laid back on the bed, propping myself up on the TV pillow, spreading my legs wide, while holding my ankles so he could have full access to my hot pussy.  I had both riding crops laying next to me on the bed to use if he didn’t lick my pussy just right.

My new subbie began to work his tongue…oh, gawd, it felt sooooo good!!!  I prefer a delicate, feathery tongue on my clit, licking ever so gently all around my pussy lips, up and down my slippery slit to my ass-hole…and back…it didn’t take me long to get close to orgasming…he applied a feathery tongue, though a few times I had to pick up the crop and whack him with it when he applied too much pressure…he eventually began to suck on my delicate, tiny clit…but the pressure he applied was just right, not too much, not too light…just right and it didn’t take me long to achieve my orgasm by his mouth…I quickly pushed his head away, as I become too sensitive for someone to continue to touch my clit…the waves of ecstasy surging through my body, subbie was allowed to sit back and watch his handiwork until I was able to continue on…

I had subbie get back up on the bed…I had a renewed vigor to tending to his ass cheeks…but, I had other ideas of what I wanted to do with my new friend.  I paddled his ass red and hot again and then had him lay on his back while I applied the leather ankle cuffs and hand mitts.  Having my new friend on his back and chained to the four-corners of my bed, I could play with his cock to my hearts content.  After all, I had received my pleasure and fulfillment, time for me to draw more pleasure and fun out of my new submissive friend!!

My friend had not been restrained in this manner, so we were embarking on a new direction for him.  I gathered up different toys and placed myself between his restrained legs…I had covered him with my thick terry robe as he was experiencing a bit of cold in the room…that didn’t last long, as I had him back in full heat with my ministrations to his very nice cock.  His erection was remarkable but then, I’m such a lover of erections that every erection is unique and special, just as the individual that is serving me…I love it when my ministrations are welcomed and received in such a reactionary manner!

I placed one of my small vibrating butt plugs in his ass-hole and took out my vibrating Fuku-gloves, working his cock into one frenzy after another…he would get close to cumming and I would admonish him that he was not allowed to cum unless he had my permission…I had to smack his hard cock with my hand a couple of times to get him to calm down and back down from his impending orgasm…

I kept my hands lubed up and continued to use various vibrators on my new friend…fucking his ass-hole, slowly but surely converting his ass-hole into his man-pussy…it didn’t take long until my subbie was begging me to fuck his man-pussy with my Feldo-dildo…I covered my two-person dildo with a condom and proceeded to find his man-pussy opening…then placing the bulb in my own pussy, I released subbie’s legs so he could spread them wide to allow me to fuck him…and fuck him I did…I got frustrated when my part of the Feldo kept coming out of my pussy…the angle is just never quite right but the bulb part makes a great handle in which to fuck someone else.  I was aggravated that I’ve neglected to get a couple of new bullet vibrating insertions for my Feldo.  I need to pick-up a couple of those little wireless beauties to have on-hand for just such occasions!!!

I continued to fuck my new subbie’s man-pussy…he was so close a couple of times to cumming, but it wasn’t time…I denied him permission to cum…I would allow him time to calm down and then I would start again…building the frenzy, building to his orgasm again and again…

I did decide I had to have some of that hard cock and covered him with a condom before climbing on-board…I rode him to one of what I refer to as a “mini” orgasm…but his cock went limp and that was simply not acceptable!!!

I returned to my sitting position between his legs…and then my new subbie asked me if I would fuck him with my fist!!!  Oh my, fist his man-pussy!!! You bet, no problem for this gal!!!  I quickly put on one of my surgical gloves, lubed up my hand and began to insert one finger, two fingers, then three, four, five!!!  Keeping my hand in the cupped, swan-head, or some call it a snake’s head position ready to strike!! I found my hand inserted into my new subbie’s asshole clear to my wrist…I commanded subbie to jack himself off while I fucked his man-pussy with my first…I had released his hands from the leather mitts so he was able to grab a hold of himself…it didn’t take subbie long to beg this Mistress to allow him to cum…permission granted and off his cock went with immense squirts of his jism which fell on several places on his chest.

I slowly pulled my fist out of his man-pussy…what a delightful adventure!!!  How hot and nasty!!!

Role Playing – The Seductress Boss and Employee…

I enjoyed playing the role of the stern Woman Boss to the lowly employee, willing to do ANYTHING to keep his job.

To set the scene: Ms. Linden (that would be “me!”) requested that Tom come by her house late this afternoon to discuss some problems at the office…i.e. to terminate him from employment. I dressed ready to head out on the town to a nice dinner with friends after I fired my employee. I was dressed in my black thigh highs, a black wrap around dress with a V-cut front, black slip, black front-closure bra and black high-heeled sandals. I had a strand of pearls and pearl earrings. I had my nails done in a deep red as well as a matching pedicure so, I was dressed to fit the part.


Tom arrived a little late. Obviously, he was nervous about why I had called this meeting.

“Tom, I want to go over some statistics with you about your performance levels,” I informed him as I showed him into my living room and had him take a seat on the leather chair.

“Yes, Ms. Linden. I thought my attendance record was one of the best. I…”

“I don’t want to hear how great your attendance has been, I want to know why your performance levels have fallen off dramatically in the last couple of weeks. Your job is on the line. I have to do some serious trimming of the fat around here and quite honestly, unless you can come up with some pretty good answers, I will have no choice but to fire you,” I told him in a very stern voice.

“Ma’am, I’m willing to do anything to keep my job,” Tom practically begged.

“Really, anything?” I asked. “I can think of a few ways you might be able to salvage your job.”

“Yes, Ms. Linden, I am willing to do ANYTHING you tell me to do, ANYTHING,” Tom said again.

“Okay, let’s see what you’re willing to do. Stand over there on the other side of the coffee table and take off all your clothes…completely, totally naked,” I instructed Tom.

Tom stood up and walked around the coffee table and then slowly began to undress. I leaned back on the sofa and placed one high-heeled foot on the coffee table allowing my dress to fall open exposing the top of my short black slip and the tops of my thigh high hose…sans panties. Tom was watching between my legs…

As Tom took off his underwear, his cock stood straight out at full attention.

“What are you looking at???” I commanded.
“You’re pussy, ma’am. I’ve always wondered what your pussy looked like. All the guys at the office want to know if you wear panties…and seeing you without panties and shaved bare…Oh my gawd, Ms. Linden…” Tom stammered.

“Turn around, let me see what you look like. I’m not going to promise you’ll get to keep your job but if you perform as I command, I may let you stay on a temporary basis. I can’t honestly justify a live sex toy on my payroll but I can be pretty creative when it comes to covering for a willing boy toy,” I told him. Tom turned around as I instructed.

I ordered him to stand still and I got up and walked up to him and got right in his face. I pinched his nipples and then reached down and began stroking his cock. He moaned and his knees began to quiver…

“Are you liking how I’m examining my potential toy?” I whispered to him…
“Yes, ma’am,” he replied.
“Good, you said you were willing to do anything, so I’m going to put you to the test…if you can eat my pussy like I like it and fuck me like I want it, then you might just secure your job until I tire of you,” I told him. I played with his cock some more, stroking it and then sucking on it…he moaned and groaned…

“Let’s go back here and see how you perform,” I told Tom and grabbed him by the cock and led him back to my bedroom.

Once back in my bedroom, I showed Tom where my “pussy eating” chair was located and how it was to be used by him when he eats my pussy. I then began to undress slowly, untying my wrap dress and having him watch…then instructing him to suck my tits when I released them from my black, front closure bra…he sucked each nipple and I felt my pussy juices begin to flow…I then took his hand and had him feel how hot my pussy was…

“Oh Ms. Linden, your pussy is so hot and wet,” he gasped.
“Yes, it is…now, I want you to sit in that chair and I’ll position myself just so here on the bed and I want you to eat my pussy. I’ve got my riding crop here in my hand and if you don’t do it just right, I’m going to whack you with the crop…do you understand, Tom?” I asked as I finished undressing, leaving my thigh highs and heels on. I sat back on my bed and positioned the study pillow behind me for support and then I spread and raised my legs so Tom had a perfect view of my freshly shaved pussy.

Tom then took his place in the chair and asked permission to begin eating my pussy. He started licking very, very gently all around my inner thighs and then lapping delicately at my pussy…oh, gawd it felt good and I made sure he knew he was doing a good job.

Next, I had Tom lick and tongue my asshole…then I got up on my hands and knees and commanded him to worship my ass properly…show me what a good “ass kisser” he really was…he licked and kissed all over my ass cheeks and then pulled my ass cheeks apart and licked at my tight little ass hole with his tongue…I was in heaven…he would lick down to my pussy and then back up my crack…I allowed him to do this several times before making him stop…I was already to have my first orgasm, but my gawd, it was too early in our scene to have this happen.

I commanded Tom get up on the bed on his back. I informed him that if he used his hands to touch me without permission, I would chain him up…he promised me he would follow my instructions and he would not have to be bound.

I lubed up my hands and began to work on his already hard as a rock cock. His hips began to thrust up into my hands…he was liking the cock massage…then I decided to suck on his cock…I did this until I could feel the little muscles on the insides of his thighs start to twitch…that’s one of the signs of a man getting close to cumming…so, I backed off.

I continued to work on Tom’s cock, placing the vibrating cock ring around his hard shaft, pushing it down to his balls…then I used my FUKU gloves to rub him all over…

I was so turned on, I decided it was time for him to lick my pussy until I came…I stood up on the bed and positioned myself over his face. I then placed my knees on the pillow on both sides of his head and lowered my pussy down to his face.

M. began licking and flicking his tongue on my delicate clit…he had me moaning and groaning in no time…I started fucking his face, getting closer and closer to my orgasm…I didn’t want to give in to it but the wave I was riding was about to come crashing over the edge…and it did…oh my goodness, I came in one of those full body orgasms…shuddering and twitching…rolling off my dear victim, Tom. He kept trying to touch me and I would push him away…I can’t stand to be touched for about 5 to 10 minutes after I have a full body orgasm…he was quite pleased with himself. I commended him for a job well done but that I was not through playing with him. He would leave when I was ready for him to leave.

After I had regained my composure, I set to seeing how to get Tom to cum. I worked his cock into another frenzy with my hands and decided it was time to climb aboard his hard cock…I placed a condom on his erection and climbed aboard…his hard cock felt so good, not too big, not too little…just right. I rode him until I could tell Tom was in a bit of distress. You see, Tom wasn’t used to being on the bottom and this was a first experience at being rode.  I recognized he was having trouble breathing and got off of him…talking to him to breath and relax…calm down…basically, he hyperventilated.  Once Tom had calmed down, I got between his legs and began playing, massaging, stroking his cock back to a full-blown erection.

I told Tom to close his eyes and concentrate on his cock…that it was all about his cock. I told him to breath in through his nose, out through his mouth…all the while I was moving my hands in a twisting motion, coupled with a slight up and down movement…it didn’t take Tom long for his cock to explode in my hands and explode it did!!!

Tom had a pretty big load of cum for me. I was thrilled, he was thrilled and for the time being, Tom. was going to keep his job with Ms. Linden’s company!!

The New Pussy Eating Slave…

My experiment on Craigs List responding to an ad stating that I was a “married” woman in need of sexual attention from a “married” man went quite well.  It seems I have found myself a wonderful “pussy eating slave.”  How fun!!!!

After about a week of an e-mail exchange and a quick and brief meeting in the lobby of the office building we both work in, I set a date to enjoy the attentions of my new pussy eating slave.  Now, will this guy be a “repeat” client?  Who knows…married men are such flakes when it comes to embarking on what they are seeking with regard to their sexual fantasies…why would this guy be any different?

My pussy eating slave was to come to my house early Wednesday morning on his way to work.  My “husband” was going to be sleeping in the other bedroom while I took the pussy eating slave into my “playroom.”  The thought of eating my pussy while my husband was asleep was the big turn on for this pussy eating slave.  If the mindset works, I’m not going to tell this guy any different.  No, I’m not married and I don’t have a husband, but for this experiment, I was married with a sleeping husband in another part of the house!

The best part of an early morning rendezvous is that I don’t have to put on any makeup, what you see is what you get…it is all about the sex and getting as many orgasms in an hour as one can achieve.

My pussy eating slave arrived right on time.  I greeted him in my sexy short, satin red robe.  The poor dear, trembling with anticipation and excitement,  as I led him into the bedroom. I only had my robe on so I opened it up and he sucked in his breath…my goodness, it was almost as though I was taking a virgin’s cherry!!!  How absolutely fabulous!!!!

My new pussy licking slave is not a virgin to extramarital affairs…just new to taking a lover in the same city he lives!! So, we had our first of many more to come/cum…I hope!! Nothing is ever for certain in the hobby. I’ve learned I can only enjoy those that do become somewhat monthly regulars and favorites, as long as they deserve to serve…unfortunately, everything changes and nothing stays the same. Favorites fade and become a sweet memory. (Yes, dear subbie, I still think fondly of you and miss you terribly!)

So, on with the new…my new pussy slave applied a most delicate and wicked tongue to my tiny, sensitive clit…I moaned and groaned my pleasure as he continued and worked us both into a sexual frenzy…what started out as being rather cool in the bedroom I chose, soon warmed up and found us both sweating in our delicious sex play…I loved how my slave trembled when I played with his cock-meat…I told him to lay back and let me work his cock with my hands. I had him moaning and groaning, begging me to stop or he would cum…oh, really??????

I didn’t want to give in to the first orgasm but there came a time when I couldn’t resist and the waves of my ecstasy washed over and over me…he licked until I pushed his head away and then he cuddled right up to me, suckling my tit…I savored the moments as we kissed and rubbed our bare skin…I reached down and stroked his cock some more and soon I was able to allow him to lick upon my puss again…again, I allowed myself to get caught up in the oral pleasures…I ran my fingers through his hair, pulling my inner thighs back for him…feeling his face as he tried to bury it deep inside of my womanly oven…

I came again by his tongue and shudder through the electric jolts of my orgasm for the second time within the hour…I was dizzy with my orgasmic bliss…I once again turned my hands to playing with his cock…this time lubing up my hands and working him into a hard frenzy and then ordering him to fuck me…and fuck me he did…Bless his heart, it only took three strokes before his cock was exploding in his orgasm. He came hard, shuddering, moaning and groaning…I held him and ran my fingers lightly over his back, knowing he would shudder and continue to feel the electric pulses still surging through him. I would clench my vaginal muscles making sure I milked every ounce of his cum load out of that now wilting cock.

He laid in my arms for a little while and then rolled off of me. I then took to peeling away the cum-filled condom…his cock now wilted and super-sensitive. He had a huge smile on his face…he loved how relaxed and excited he was…the first of many future times to come/cum…I can hope!!!