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Wow, Summer is almost over…well, not “officially” until late in September.  I’ve noticed over the last couple of weeks that the big stores are already putting out the Halloween candy!!!  School supplies were put out back in the middle of July…the department stores started putting out the school clothes and Fall wear in mid-July…the “end of summer” sales events are happening at my favorite department stores, this weekend being the last of 70% off with an addition 30% off…

It is time to start thinking about football, both college and professional…I’ve actually been watching more NFL football during this preseason due to so many OU football players having gone so high in the Pro-Football drafts back earlier this summer.  Of course, I’m following the OU product, Sam Bradford, but other notable stars from OU would be Adrien Peterson who has made his way into the NFL with great success…of course, I’m anxiously anticipating what will be of my Oklahoma Sooners!!!

I’m bracing myself for my new job, which I start on Monday.  I’m doing my best to embrace the situation…it feels so weird going into a new office environment.  I do get the impression that this firm is excited about me coming on board…I’m anxious about living up to their expectations…while on the other hand, I know good and well I’ll be able to handle the work…it will be a lot different I know, but I’m keying towards a “good” different.

I’ll get to still make luncheon plans with my former lunch buddy since I’ll be in downtown Tulsa again…it’s just the beginning of a new chapter in my life…life marches on and I’m back on-board.

I’m trying to decide which walking training group I’m going to join this Fall…the session starts this next week…I am going to make myself stay in the groove and get back on track with my health and exercise.  I don’t know if I’ll do the Tulsa Run as a whole, but there is a 5k timed run/walk available that I could sign up for…I’m just not in a good place in my training…with the race at the end of October, I would really have to step it up and bust my ample ass…not a bad thing, but good grief, can I whip this old, chunky body into good enough shape to finish in a timely manner?

Naughty and nasty…I’ve enjoyed a good session every now and then…just haven’t had my head (or pussy) in the game lately…the older I get, the more difficult it is to separate myself from what is going on in my “real” world to what is happening in my imagination, as well as helping make sexual fantasies come/cum true.  I’m getting back to a good place in my sexual thoughts…just not back up to the full throttle I once exhibited.

Time for another cup of coffee and start on a couple of projects I’ve got going this weekend…it is the last Saturday of August and my “stay-cation!”

Busy Thursday…

I am LOVING this cooler weather.  I stayed out all day yesterday getting the yard work done, then cleaned all the gutters around the house…the pine tree needles were taking over the northeast corner of my roof and guttering…swept up the leaves and more pine needles on my patio…I gave myself quite a work-out by the time I stopped to come in and shower before Big Brother 12 started at 7:00 p.m.

I’m a little sore this morning…but it’s that good kind of sore where you know you worked hard and pushed your body to get things done.

I’ve kicked into full busy mode…time to get as much done on my project list before heading back into the office on Monday.  I wouldn’t say that I’m necessarily relieved I made a decision about going back to work in a law office…it simply was a decision that had to be made and the reality that I can’t pay bills while I’m on unemployment benefits…so, time to get back into the rat race.

I will admit, getting back into a routine will be good for me to…all this “leisure” time during my “stay-cation”…is driving me nuts!!!  I’ve kept pretty busy jumping through all the hoops getting forms filled out and applying for jobs, unemployment benefits and such on-line…that’s the beauty of things these days, everything can be done on the computer, at home, while you sit and sip on your coffee!!

I talked to the co-worker-from-hell last night…yes, I’ve actually stayed in contact with her…hey, how am I supposed to find out all the former office gossip?  It’s always great to hear about it and what’s going on…but more than that, I’ve stayed in contact with her because we more or less buried the hatchet before I left.  Her parents and step-parents are all about the same age as my parents were…they are all in ill-health and since her sister over-dosed a few years back, she’s the only child now and it has been dumped on her to take care of these folks…mostly by long distance as both parents and their spouses live a couple of days away in opposite directions…her mother has Alzheimer’s and that in and of itself is a horrible deal.

So, I befriended the co-worker-from-hell before I left…I feel so bad for her and her parent situation…I keep in touch with her to let her know that even though we had our differences, I appreciate her friendship.  She just got back from visiting her mother again last week and basically, made herself sick over the visit.  I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have your own mother not know who you are…so, after she told me about her mother, we talked about me having made a decision and going back to work next week.  She’s been keeping a low profile at the office more out of fear of loosing her job, which I assured her, if she hasn’t lost her job by now, she won’t be loosing her job.  I can’t say that I blame her…the folks that I thought were my friends, were really my enemies…my cube-mate has been keeping a lower profile…with me gone, she’s much more out there and I’m sure her bad habits are more blatant than ever…coupled with having the younger gal sitting next to her…I’m sure her life is a little more scrutinized…anyway, it was good to get caught up on things.  I assured her I was better off and that I would be making more money at the new job…the raise I didn’t get back in April when I was put on employment probation.

Today, I’ve got a myriad of things to get done before settling down this evening to watch the double-eviction Big Brother episode tonight.

I’m looking forward to a session I have scheduled later this morning…I’m looking forward to having my pussy licked and tended to…of course, after I’ve shaved it all nice and smooth…which reminds me, I need to get back with a couple of my regular guys and see if they want to come/cum by for a visit this weekend…

So much to do, so little time to get it all done!!!

Time for another cup of coffee before getting busy!!!!

Impure Thoughts…

I keep having thoughts of bending a guy over some sort of device that allows his cock and balls to hang free but gives me complete and total access to his asshole…sometimes the hands and feet are securely bound so there is no interference and I am free to do as I want…(is there any other way?????  =))!)!!!

This scene takes on various twists and turns in that sometimes I am able to adjust the height so I can fuck this “helpless” man with my strap-on dildo…I take my time playing with his cock and balls, which again, the man is unable to do anything but be the object of my attention and torture…

I do take great pleasure in taking my time, lubing up the man’s asshole…inserting a surgical-gloved finger into his tight, spasmsing hole…inserting first one finger, then two…always using more and more lubricant…then three fingers…spreading him wider, allowing his muscles to contract and relax…

I instruct my “victim” to breathe…then squeeze my fingers as hard as he can, then relax…working yet another finger (four fingers, now)…how far should I go???? Shall I see if I can insert my whole had?  A little fisting???  WOW!!!!

Okay, so, sometimes I get my whole hand into the guy’s manpussy…sometimes I stop at a couple of fingers and switch to using my various sizes of butt plus and dildos…just depends on the mood I’m in and how far I want this “taking” to go…

I am fascinated how one man can remain erect during this conversion process and some couldn’t remain hard if his life depended on it!!!!

Yes, I’m having impure thoughts of late…

It’s Friday!!!

If I didn’t get the newspaper on the weekends and actually watch the local news once a day, I probably wouldn’t know it was Friday.  It’s Friday…the end of another week of my vacation from the work force.

Yesterday was filled with getting things done on the to-do list.  I read where Southern Agriculture does dog and cat vaccinations at a dramatically reduced rate on “clinic” days…which the closet store near me had a clinic yesterday afternoon.  So, I hauled my little dogs, which the two dogs come to 19-lbs.  We got all their shots and a doggy treat for half the price of just one dog at the vet.  I was pretty tickled with myself…now my “boyz” are street legal…not that they get to go out in the street or on the street…nevertheless, they have their rabies tags.  I’m thinking I will haul the cat over there next week and get her shots…

I’ve about got all my forms filled out to send off to the drug company to see if I qualify for free arthritis medication.  I took the form by for the doctor to sign off on yesterday afternoon…they will call me when it’s ready and I’ll go by and get it and then get all the forms in the packet mailed off.

Other than maybe attempting some yard work later today…not much going on.  I didn’t get any calls yesterday to come and interview or with a job offer.  It felt pretty weird since I seemed to be on a roll on Wednesday…I’m hopeful that I’ll hear from one or both of the other two offices…this unemployment situation as definitely been a lesson in patience.  I thought I would be regretting my decision to turn down the firm offer from Tuesday…but I don’t.

I did get a little pissy last night when I received an e-mail from a guy that I had a brief e-mail exchange with back around July 25th.  He asked me to send a face pic…I did, then I didn’t hear anything back from him…so, my guess my face pic scared him off.  Last night, I got a note from him that said he had been away from the computer for the past week but was back and was hoping to catch me on the YIM.

Seriously?  He thought it had only been a week since we last e-mailed?  Surely he doesn’t think I’m that stupid…or desperate?  The reality, I lost complete interest when I didn’t hear back from him within 24-hours…you snooze, you loose as far as I’m concerned.  I sent him a note back pointing out that I didn’t realize a week lasted 3-weeks now and that thanks, but I’m no longer interested.  Seriously, who sends a note 3-weeks later he’s been gone a week and let’s pick up where we left off??????

Well, time for another cup of coffee and to embrace the day ahead…it’s supposed to be another scorcher before the possibility of storms move in later this evening…have a great Friday and an even better weekend!!!

Monday, Monday…

A cool front has blown through making the temps so much more bearable!!! There’s even some high clouds that are keeping the sun from raising the temps back into the triple digits…this is the kind of summer I could really enjoy!!!

I can’t get over how late I’m sleeping in the mornings…I’m not staying up any later than I used to when I was working…but, I guess not having to get up and be somewhere at any specific time has got me lulled into a more relaxed state in my slumber. I do wake up at 5:30 a.m. only for a bathroom break and then right back into the bed…I think I might actually be slowing down and maybe…just maybe, adjusting to relaxing????? Surely not!!!

I heard from the attorney I interviewed with on Friday. He’s keeping me “updated” on where “we’re” at on the job issue…honestly, I have VERY mixed emotions about this job…not that he’s made me an offer but the voicemail reflected a genuine interest on his part…can I afford to turn this job down and follow the direction I want to go??? Will I ever be able to shuck off the financial need to go the for sure route and not take the chance that I might really find myself going in the other direction…these are the kind of struggles I’m dealing with on this unemployment vacation.

I’m getting more and more done around the house…picking at things, sorting through all manners of things, throwing things away…I am hoping that I’ll get myself more organized on the important papers front…I’ve got to learn to let go of things…and I am, slowly but surely.

I’ve got to get to the doctor’s office sometime today and have the doctor sign off on the prescription form of my arthritis medicine…then I’ll be able to get that sent off to see if I’m eligible for a year’s worth of medication…or until I have health insurance that will pay for my medication.

Another leisurely Monday…

Sunday Reflections (8-15-2010)

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted…I just haven’t felt like sharing what’s going on with me, my life…I haven’t felt like much of anything lately.  I call it one of the cycles of where I find myself in my current unemployment status.

I’ve been “officially” unemployed now for 2-weeks, I’m entering my 3rd week.  I’ve applied for unemployment benefits, that’s all still “in” the works.  I did have to call-in and talk to an actual real person as the online system wouldn’t accept my first reporting.  I think it’s all straightened out and everything goes through as I was told it would, I should receive my first benefit “debit” card this week…I do know that if I needed money right now, I would be up shit creek without a paddle…

The “vacation pay” check I was supposed to receive this past Friday did not arrive.  It seems the new chief financial guy at the firm messed that up, so it will be 8-20-2010 before a check for my vacation pay will be issued.  Good thing I cashed my 401k out and am using that money to pay bills and get by…but that will only last another couple of months…I’m concerned but not overly so…surely, I will figure out what to do with myself and get back into some sort of grid/schedule.

I’ve enjoyed being able to session during the work week day…though I’ve only had two clients take advantage of the current situation.  The economy really sucks right now and folks have cut way back on their “entertainment” budget!!!

I did make myself go to a movie and dinner with a friend, Friday night…and then met a friend and her daughter for lunch yesterday.  I still don’t feel very social but I’m getting there…I’m still trying to work through my personal issues with how I was forced to leave my last employ.

I had another job interview this past Friday…a small 10-lawyer firm, nice folks, very quiet office…I can’t really see myself working there but I think I made a good impression and will see if I’m offered a position come Monday or Tuesday of this week.  I don’t know if I will take the job…I’m really wanting to look into going in an entirely different direction than the legal profession.  Crazy as it may sound, I just don’t feel I belong in an office environment right now.  I want to venture forth and explore/experience something else…so, I’m looking into that other possibility.

I’ve yet to finish my bedroom painting/texturing pr0ject.  I just can’t get motivated to finish up the last corner…I need to deep clean the carpet in my living room…it’s just too gross and there doesn’t seem to be a possibility of redoing that floor any time soon.

I’m starting to relax a bit, though I thoroughly miss having a set “schedule” on a work week daily basis.  I want to be motivated but just can’t quite get there…it won’t last long, it never does but while I’m in the middle of this funk, I can barely function…I have so many things I want to do, want to start and get done but I just haven’t tapped into the get-up-and-go of it.

I’ll be fine, I always pull through…this won’t be any different, just figuring out what I want to be when I grow up is the problem.

I’ve been diligent in my pursuit of finding funding/benefits for various things in my life.  My arthritis medication has been the biggest concern I have had having lost my health insurance coverage.  The health insurance covered my arthritis medication injections.  If I had to pay for the injections they would cost approximately $400 each…on my insurance, coupled with the drug company benefits, I only had to pay $20 a month.  Now, I have nothing.  So, I printed off the 5-pages of forms to fill out and talked to one of the representatives at the Foundation that offers programs to assist or completely pay for the drugs and will get that off tomorrow (Monday) to see if I qualify.  I didn’t do my injection this past week in hopes of prolonging the doses I currently have, which are three doses…I’m hoping I can manage without too much pain until I get word if I’ve been approved.  Help is out there, you just have to jump through all of the hoops, fill out the forms, be diligent in doing what has to be done…it is rather daunting to say the least.

I’m hanging in here…what choice do I have?  I’ll be fine, just working through it all and trying to keep my head above water!!! We’re having a brief break in the excruciating heat of this August…partly cloudy and occasion rain today…temps are down around 80 degrees and only expected to get up in the 90s today instead of triple digits.

Have a good week ahead!!!

Wicked Wednesday…

Wicked, as in wickedly hot temperature wise!!! Another scorching day ahead…however, it’s nice and cool inside of my house.

I had a fabulous session last night. I disciplined the “naughty” boy by spanking his bottom, making his play with himself while I watched…then bending him over and fucking him in the ass like the little slut that he desired to be.

I made him lick my pussy like I like it licked…when he would get too rough I would swat his hard, bobbing cock with my hand instructing him to approach his licking with a more feathery tongue…some have to be told repeatedly of their transgression of licking my clit too hard.

I had a great orgasm…the release it provided was fantastic…and just as I was in the throes of the electric currents of this orgasm, the naughty boy asked if he could suck my big toe…well, that sent me into more waves of the orgasm…It was amazing how electric it was having him suck my toe while I enjoyed wave after wave of pleasure!!!

I laid there until the waves subsided and then got right to playing with his hard cock…I love taking a hard piece of cock-meat and playing with it until there is no turning back…though I do seem to know exactly when to stop, when to ease up and back off…nothing like taking the naughty boy there over and over again until I decide it is time for him to give up his load…and give up his load he did!!!!

A pleasing session…which only makes me crave more…and more I will get when I turn to session my dear subbie on Thursday morning!!!

As for Wicked Wednesday…I’m determined to finish putting the top coat on my textured walls…finishing up what texturing I have left to do and letting it set before putting the top coat on it…then putting everything back in its place…it already looks amazingly different…so soothing and relaxing.

Time for another cup of coffee and tackle the day!! Stay cool and safe in this heat!!!

Wednesday – Hump Day…

I had a busy Monday on a Tuesday…it was a busy day, digging out from everything that happened on Thursday and Friday. I had a brief little e-mail exchange with my paralegal about her time, which she felt since she got me her time on Wednesday, I should have been able to get entered without any trouble…it almost turned into a pissing match, as I wanted to zip off I was delayed at getting her time entered because of all the filings I had to make for her, the letters that had to be mailed out…on top of backing up the other secretary that was on vacation…on top of everything else, including two “non-working” co-workers…but what would have been the point? Does she really care?

Maybe she thought she would “report” me in a review…I wonder if she knows I’m out at the end of July? Does it really matter when and if I get the work done these days? Does everyone really think I care at this point? I mean come on, what are they going to do, fire me?????

My cube-mate will be gone today…she’s taking a personal day to get several things accomplished…her kids’ well exams are scheduled this afternoon…gotta get those in for school…she also has a small claims case this morning in another county to deal with…I am really looking forward to things being quieter in our area…

I’m still trying to figure out what 4-days I want to take off between now and the end of the month…I started laughing at myself yesterday because I could take the rest of the Fridays off between now and then…or the Mondays…or do both a Friday AND a Monday…as well as getting paid for 2-weeks vacation time when I’m terminated…crazy, huh? I simply don’t believe in taking days off unless I have to…but again, what’s the point of perfect attendance if no one else gives a shit????

Now, I’m trying to get motivated to get ready for work…funny, yesterday I was good, up and got around and was at the office in a timely manner…this morning, I could careless!!!

Such is life…it is a rather insane existence right now!!!

Have a great Hump Day…no hump plans for me…just more of the same as yesterday!!!


How are you spending your 4th of July???? I’m going to spend it with a couple of friends…we’ll cook some T-bone steaks on the grill (if the weather cooperates)…watch whatever 4th of July specials are on TV…I may make a run to blockbuster and see what movies I might want to rent…we watched the John Wayne marathon on AMC channel yesterday and last night.

I don’t know why, but today, I’m finding myself fighting the panic of my pending unemployment at the end of July. I’ll become one of the unemployed statistics…not sure I like that title. I find myself asking what will I be when I grow up? What will I do when I’m unemployed…I’m getting too old to be unemployed…I heard that there are some folks that have been unemployed for 27-months…dear gawd, will it take me that long to find another job???

I can’t afford to go shopping, at least, not for fun shopping or for the hellofit…well, maybe just a couple of things…no, I’m not going to give in, I’m going to be realistic and frugal…okay, who am I trying to kid??????

I need to get back on my “serious” walking program…I need to loose weight. I need to loose 50-lbs.!!! That’s the amount of weight I decided I needed to loose in order to be an “extremely” hot 52-year-old woman!!! Not sure how realistic that goal is, but I think I could wear everything in all of my closets!!!!

I need to find a rich, nasty husband!!!! Can you tell I’m spinning and whirling in my thought process today????? A rich, nasty husband would be the answer to all of my woes and worries!! (Seriously, I think I’ve lost my mind on that one, but if a guy that meets that criteria comes along, I won’t discount becoming exclusive…I might need to put a few disclaimers or clauses in that agreement in order to make it doable/livable!!!)

I thought about taking a drink…a drink of alcohol. It just looks and sounds so, damned good!! I haven’t had a drink in well over a year, maybe 2-years now that I think about it…simply hasn’t been something I’ve wanted to do, especially since starting my expensive, arthritis medication shots about a year ago…but those are liable to come to an end when I have no more health insurance…not to mention I hate how I feel within an hour after taking a drink…funny, but I don’t think my body can process the alcohol any more…at least, the last time I indulged I got a headache within 30-minutes and thought I was going to die the next morning my head hurt so freaking bad!!!!

Yes, Happy 4th of July!!! I’m doing my best to calm myself and enjoy the time off from the office…which will be ending at July 30th!!! Can you tell I’m trying to convince myself that this will be okay and I’ll survive just fine???? I will be okay, I will survive this little life deal…there’s got to be some speed bumps on the road of life in order to really and truly appreciate the smooth, long stretches…

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY, 2010!!!!

Finally Friday!!!

I did it, I made it through another tough week at the office.  I was covered up busy yesterday…imagine that!!!  The main secretary of our group that has been at the firm and the head attorney of our group for 30-years took a couple of vacation days yesterday and today.  Yesterday, we had one of the temp gals of the firm, today, there will be only the three of us unless the now pregnant secretary doesn’t come in because of the sinus headache she had yesterday and left at 2:00 p.m.

Funny, but it doesn’t matter to me any more how many hours/days everyone else misses…doesn’t make any difference at this particular firm.  Perfect attendance is nothing to be proud of, you get slapped down regardless…I guess I don’t look business enough because I’m not on Facebook all day long or the office phone with personal phone calls…I simply don’t get this game they are all playing.  Easier to trump up false accusations on me than to get rid of one of the other gals.

If I hear how over-whelmed and covered up my cube-mate is, one more time, I’m going to fall in the floor laughing…if she would stay off the phone with her personal phone calls, stay off of Facebook and just pace herself, she would be amazed at how much more she would get done.  No need for me to dispense that advice, she’ll do herself in eventually.  I guess I should thank her for shoving me out of my job…I had really hoped to stay at this job for another 10 to 20-years but maybe this is a sign that there is something else out there for me to do until I can’t work any more or drop dead.

I had a GREAT session with my dear subbie…he is so responsive when I command him to do various nasty acts…assume nasty, humiliating positions.  I had received several e-mails from him over the past week, dear subbie sharing his thoughts on previous sessions…he had a particular interest in Mistress using her paddle that when applied correctly to the ass cheeks, puts the word BITCH in a nice glowing red on the fair ass skin!!!  The pics didn’t turn out as well as I would like, I took them with my iPhone…oh well, I enjoyed the imprint of bitch on dear subbie’s ass cheeks throughout our session.

Dear subbie was delightful and when I commanded him to eat my pussy, he did such a fine job.  I didn’t realize how “in need” of a complete body orgasm I was, until I finally fell off the cliff into wave after body shaking wave of orgasmic bliss!!!  I felt the stress of my life just break away…it was one of those incredible experiences that sneak up on me…thank you, dear subbie…Mistress needed that stress relief so badly!!!!

So, Friday takes us into a long, holiday weekend…nothing planned, pretty much of the same thing I’ve been enduring for the past couple of weekends.  I’m simply not in a good place to socialize…I feel more like hibernating, which reminds me of the times I’ve gone through a similar depression…I tend to pull back from everyone and gather myself…it will pass, it always does and come the middle of August, I’ll be back to my crazy, over-sexed self.

Time to hit the shower and get Friday underway.  I’m helping my cube-mate pull off a 40th birthday celebration for her main attorney.  I haven’t done much other than went and got the cake, the giant 4-0 balloons and a card.  I did tell her who to include in the calls and e-mails about the surprise celebration.  Her attorney’s birthday is really Sunday, a 4th of July baby, but since we won’t be in the office until Tuesday, I thought today would make it a fun day to help her start the weekend celebration.  I like the attorney, she’s a real go-getter and has an incredible client base.  I wish I could have been her secretary, I just think I would have been much more suited for her needs, but they put my cube-mate on that assignment…now, if the cube-mate can pull her head out of her ass and dig into that work, she will probably have a job at the firm until she’s my age.  But my instinct tells me my cube-mate can’t maintain a decent work decorum for that long…another couple of years, if that long and my cube-mate will be out of this firm.  I could be wrong, she might surprise me…but there’s going to come a time when someone isn’t going to want to endure the drama of that gal and out she will go!!!

Okay, I’ve lingered long enough…have a great Friday and a great weekend!!!