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Friday Night Session With Least Favorite Submissive

The scene went well. least favorite submissive showed up in his black lace bra with cloth tit inserts, no underwear/shorts as he walked up from his car to my patio. lfs also had the butt plug I had ordered him to go and buy and insert before coming to our session. He put duct tape over it to keep it inserted as I told him he would be severely punished if the plug came out.

I dressed in one of my see through cover-ups, a pair of my red sexy high-heeled sandals and one of my strap-on dildos. I waited on the patio where he couldn’t see me until he was up on the patio. He was so nervous, it was great!!! He immediately went down on his knees while yanking on his freshly shaved cock and balls until I told him to get up and follow me into my bedroom through the sliding doors on my patio.

Once inside I had lfs get down on his knees again and kiss the dildo and then my sandals and feet. I then had him stand up for his physical inspection, which I kept pushing on the butt plug through the duct tape. I then had him show me what a cock-sucking whore he is by kissing, licking and sucking on my rubber cock. When I tired of that I laid back on the bed and had him worship my feet licking and kissing my high-heeled sandals and then removing them and massages, kissing, licking and sucking on my toes. My pussy was dripping wet and he begged me to let him lick my pussy but I wanted to push him a little more before granting him the reward of licking my pussy.

I had lfs get up on my bed on all fours and then I yanked each strip of the duct tape from off of his ass crack until the butt plug was revealed. He was whimpering and whining how much it hurt which led to a good bare hand spanking. I LOVE leaving my hand print on a submissive male’s ass cheeks. Then I pulled the butt plug out and put a condom on my strap-on dildo and climbed up on the bed behind him and put the head of my rubber cock to the opening of his man pussy. He whimpered that he was scared because the dildo was much larger than he remembered and he wasn’t sure it wouldn’t hurt going in. I told him I didn’t care if it hurt that he was going to take my cock regardless…that I would rip his asshole open if that’s what I wanted to do. I took the bottle of lube and let it drip down his ass crack and rubbed it into his asshole with my finger and then began to insert the dildo into his manpussy, slowly but deliberately. He kept pushing back on it and soon the dildo was half-way into him…I reached around and started jerking on his cock while I pushed in further. He was soon begging me to fuck him like the bitch in heat that he was…he was moving in and out on the dildo and I found it quite entertaining to watch him push back on my rubber cock wanting more and more of it all the while whining about how much it hurt but he wanted Mistress to fuck him.

When I tired of fucking him I then took one of my vibrating eggs and replaced my rubber cock with the vibrating egg in his asshole. This vibrating egg is on a wire so I can easily retrieve it from his anal canal. I turned it on high while I took off my cover-up and strap-on. Then I ordered him to get up and kiss and lick my feet again and then work his way up to my pussy.

lfs licked my pussy like I love to have it licked, very feathery soft flicks of the clit and licking up and down my dripping pussy lips…whenever he would hesitate or brush his tongue wrong I would reach over and slap his semi-erect cock and then grab his balls and pull as hard as I could…I love the struggle he has to keep licking my pussy when I’m torturing his cock…

I decided to have lfs sit in one of my bedroom chairs that is just the right height when he pulls it up to my bed and pleasure my pussy with his mouth and tongue until I gave in to my orgasm and came all over his face. He said I must have given him a gallon of pussy juice when I came, he said I was just flowing with orgasmic fluids which he gladly drank until I pushed his face away when I became too sensitive after a fabulous full body orgasm. I came good and hard, my whole body convulsing in wave after wave of orgasmic bliss.

I then dismissed lfs, sending him on his way. I was so ready for bed after that fantastic stress reliever and it didn’t take me long to drift off to sleep.

Liking It Rough…

I’m not a brutal woman, but there are times when my diabolical thoughts take me to places I didn’t realize were within me.

Don’t get me wrong, my BDSM, Dominant/submissive experiences have covered a wide spectrum of skills and abilities…last night, I enjoyed administering some physical torture which even found me trying to pull the guy’s cock off!!! (OUCH!!!) Which only fueled us both forward…onward…I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was turned on more than I thought I would be…

I loved seeing how his body danced under the abuse of my arms and hands…I didn’t put everything I had into the swats and blows but my mind was jumping from, oh this worked nicely, now, let’s push the envelope further…

I tried to pinch his nipples off…the more pain to the nipples, the more he enjoyed it…could the neighbors here…I didn’t give it a second thought…nothing like having a cinched up, naked, male submissive with a butt plug inserted, complete with bondage hood, dancing on one’s coffee table to make for an interesting session!!!!

I the frustrations that I’ve cycled through so many times the past 30-days, lightening up their hold on me…administering the torture to the point of loud shouts of pain, groans and grunts, the pain melting into pleasure…it was all good for me…where does it come from? How does the diabolical find it’s way to the surface?

Oh sure, there’s more there, much more laying down in deep in there somewhere…I’ll keep calling upon it, bringing it to the surface and enjoying it, learning how to use it to benefit myself…oh, yes, and to benefit the poor sucker that enjoys that kind of kinky, sex play!!!

One of my most favorite moments? That’s when the cock-meat belongs to me and I make it give up the load of cum boiling in the man’s balls!!! To watch that cock squirt several times, spewing forth that creamy reward, seeing the mess that is made in my hands, by my hands…smeared on the belly and body of my subject, yes, that’s a fabulous reward!!!

And so, with a sore cock and balls, as well as sore nipples and a sore ass-hole/man-pussy…last night’s subject left with a smile upon his lips!!!


Something In The Works…

I’ve been told by a couple of male submissives that I have a diabolic, sadistic imagination.  Over the past few months, I haven’t really indulged my kinky proclivities to the level I’m used to doing…just haven’t had the right mind-set or thought process…

Slowly but surely, those creative, diabolical thoughts are coming back…I consider it a “cycling” of sorts.  I see it in those that come/cum to me on a somewhat regular basis.  The concept makes sense and I apply it to all areas of life…

So, tonight, I wasn’t feeling good enough to get out in the heat for walking group.  I decided what the Hell, a submissive that is new to me has a window of opportunity and wants to submit himself to some cock and ball torture, nipple torture, some anal training…why not?  I need to work through some of my frustrations…why not on a man stripped naked and placed in chains????

In fact, I’ve got two more willing subjects that are plotting and planning their upcoming sessions…one wants to explore the sensual, sensory deprivation session and the other…well, the other wants to be spanked/whipped to tears over and over again, as many times as I can manage in an hour’s time!

Not only does he want to be spanked to tears…he wants to be “hot sauced!”  I’ll go into more detail as I find the time to share…right now, I’m preparing for a rough romp with a new more extreme submissive…should be interesting to say the least.

Last Night’s Session…The Full Version…

I couldn’t let my faithful readers wait any longer for the “full version” of Wednesday night’s BDSM, m2m session…so, here’s the full accounting of that incredible scene!!!

I honestly didn’t know if I would be in the best frame of mind for my Wednesday night session…with everything that has been going on at the office, I just simply haven’t been myself…much less, I haven’t been able to allow my naughty, nasty thoughts to develop into full blown scenes…however, my dear subbie, the submissive male that I truly treasure, revealed his penchant for dabbling in m2m activity.

I do get sexually turned on thinking about two men doing sexual things to each other, sucking each others cocks…one fucking the other…yes, the thought of a man penetrating another man’s asshole as though it were a pussy (manpussy, if you will) just sends me over-the-top excitement wise!!! The excitement factor goes up even more when I’m directing this m2m activity!!!! So, with dear subbie having revealed to his diabolical Mistress that he has sucked cock and is planning on doing so again…I thought, hey, I’m sessioning my least favorite male submissive on Wednesday night…and the least favorite loves to be humiliated and forced to do nasty things…why not take my least favorite further than I’ve ever pushed him?

My least favorite male submissive has a limp cock…he has health issues that prevent a full and proper erection…this is tiring as this guy craves and loves cock and ball torture…all fine if the guy could get hard and stay hard…putting a cock ring on a limp cock that remains limp…well, just looses the appeal and effect. Not to mention all the cock and ball torture devices this guy has bought and given to me, they simply don’t work on a limp piece of man-meat!!! So, what to do with a “limp dick?”

Humiliation…more humiliation than I’ve ever given him before…what better way than to make him suck my favorite male submissive’s hard cock!!!! And so, the plot of my Wednesday night scene began to unfold.

I contacted dear subbie and asked for his assistance in this scene. He agreed. I gave him his instructions and appointed time of arrival. Next, I would make sure my least favorite submissive got a full dose of humiliation, keeping him at a distance…this guy craves constant attention and since he’s my least favorite, I simply have no desire to baby and caudle him…I sent his instructions to arrive on time, his manpussy be clean so that he doesn’t dirty my toys, though I use condoms, I really don’t like ANY fecal matter on the condom when I remove it…of course, this is cause and reason to apply a few more whacks of the riding crop…

My least favorite submissive, sub j., arrived on time at 7:30 p.m. I had him strip naked on the patio, which it is still plenty light out, anyone walking by on the street might be able to see him should they look up my driveway…the first set of instructions were taped to the garage door leading from the patio into the garage…as I said, sub j was directed to strip naked and enter the garage…the next set of instructions were taped to one of the two plastic lawn chairs placed in the middle of the garage. sub j was to neatly fold his clothes and place in one of the chairs, then take the flowered-black panties and put them on, along with the black thigh high hose I had for him to wear…then, after he put on the panties and thigh high hose, he was to bring his tribute to the garage door that leads into my house, put on the full bondage hood and knock on the door. sub j was given explicit instructions to NOT lock the garage door leading out to the patio…that door was to remain unlocked. I wondered how long it would take sub j to wonder why I had given him that instruction…

sub j knocked on the garage door leading into the kitchen…it was time to get this show underway!!! I lead the big goon dressed in the flowered-black panties and thigh high hose, full bondage hood on, into my kitchen. I placed his hands on the kitchen counter where he placed the tribute envelope and waited for me to instruct him further.

I went out and made sure he had followed my instructions about not locking the door…he had…then I returned and led sub j into the living room. I ran my fingers around the elastic of the panties and laughed at his silly he looked…sub j is a big man, 6’5″ tall and large in stature…he’s not fat but just a big guy…his cock was a little harder than it had been previously…I pulled his panties down just enough for me to grab his cock and balls…he sucked in a breath and I laughed as I handled him roughly…I made fun of how he looked in the panties and I could tell this turned him on…I commented on his semi-erect cockmeat…and proceeded to yank on his cock, which made sub j moan and groan with pleasure…then I pushed him forward and told him to hold onto the massage table and bend over…

I proceeded to pull his panties down further, slowly, very deliberately…I slapped each ass cheek with my hand leaving a fine red hand print on each cheek…then put on my sterile gloves and pulled his ass checks apart to examine his “manpussy.” I love how the submissive cringes when I pull his ass cheeks apart…so humiliating…so humbling!!!! I lubed up a gloved finer and proceeded to finger fuck sub j…he started moving and grinding as this felt so good for him.
“You’re nothing but a nasty little whore…look at you, you’re loving how I’m finger fucking you!!!”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Good, I can hardly wait to fuck you with my toys…I hope you cleaned that nasty manpussy of yours, I sure don’t want to find any nasty stuff on the condom when I pull it out…I’ll have to whip the shit out of you if I do!!” I told him and put a condom on the attachment of my Hitachi wand. Oh, yes, I love to put a little “turbo” action into the scene…I stuck that attachment into sub j’s manpussy and turned on the Hitachi on low…sub j started moving his ass back onto the attachment and I laughed and turned the power up to high…I fucked sub j’s manpussy with that Hitachi wand, laughing and telling him what a site he was…oh, that’s a picture of sub j with the Hitachi Wand sticking out of his manpussy!!!

I took a couple of pics with my iphone and yanked on sub j’s semi-erect cockmeat while I fucked his manpussy…he was moaning and groaning…carrying on something fierce, really getting into his Hitachi fucking…I was so tickled that it was about time for the next part of the scene…

I take pride in my scenes being perfectly timed and dear subbie was right on time at 8:00 p.m. He let himself into the garage since the door was unlocked. I had put his set of instructions out on the empty white lawn chair in the garage when I checked to make sure sub j had followed my instructions about not locking the door. dear subbie found his set of instructions and followed them to the letter…I had left him the red, leather blindfold to put on when he was ready to knock on the inside garage door.

When I saw dear subbie’s headlights pulling into the driveway, I backed off of sub j, hoping he would hear the garage door shut…he did stiffen a bit and then there was the knock on the kitchen garage door…he froze when he heard the knock…
“Mistress, who is…”
“You are not to speak unless spoken to…(whack with the riding crop) did you forget??? Good grief, be quiet. Let me see who is at the door!!” I told him…sub j began to quiver…oh yes, this was going to be such fun!!!

I showed dear subbie into the living room…his cockmeat was already so hard and ready.
“That’s my dear subbie…oh, look, you’re so happy to see your Mistress!!! I just love how hard your cock gets when you come to see me!!!”
“Yes, Mistress,” dear subbie replied. sub j was quivering and shaking…I took him off of all fours on the coffee table and had him sit back in the red leather chair. I made sure I talked loudly so sub j could hear…sub j is hard of hearing so I have to remember to talk loudly unless I’m close to him so he can hear…it definitely takes away from the scene having to talk so loud…I sometimes wonder if folks can hear me on the street, though my house sits back quite far from the street…it is funny to think of how loud I’m talking, what I’m saying…I can only imagine some poor unsuspecting hearing and wondering what in the world is going on in that house!!!

I rubbed my hands all over dear subbie and cooed and praised him where sub j could hear. sub j was sitting rather stiffly in the chair…I could tell he had no idea how to react to this turn of events…there was only one direction this scene could go…I had shared with sub j how much I get turned on by setting two males together…sub j sends me stories he’s written about other women joining us and I have had a gal join us to observe one of sub j’s sessions, but it really didn’t do anything for me…sub j loved it but it wasn’t my favorite scene…now, I was doing one of MY favorite scenes that I had shared with sub j…now was the moment of truth for both submissives…I was curious to see just how badly both subbies wanted to please me…

I had dear subbie sit on the massage table while I talked to them both…and then I decided to have dear subbie sit on the coffee table, on the yoga mat I place on the coffee table to prevent my submissives from slipping off…I placed dear subbie on the edge of the coffee table, spreading his legs where his cockmeat would be completely available…

Next, I had sub j get down on the living room carpet on all fours and crawl up to dear subbie and suck dear subbie’s cock.
“sub j, you are to suck dear subbie’s cock…you better do a good job, no teeth…make love to dear subbie’s cock with your mouth…do you understand?” I asked as I pulled sub j out of his chair and down onto the floor. “If you don’t do a good job, I will whip the shit out of you, understand?”
“Yes, Mistress,” sub j whimpered as he crawled up to dear subbie…my pussy was dripping wet…this was so fucking hot!!!
“Lean back, dear subbie…you tell me if sub j doesn’t do a good job, you hear me?”
“Yes, Mistress,” dear subbie replied…sub j used his hands to find dear subbie’s erect cock…and then slowly he took dear subbie’s uncut cock…dear subbie sucked in a breath of air as sub j took dear subbie’s cock into his mouth…I leaned over and sucked on dear subbie’s erect little nipples…dear subbie moaned and groaned…then I got down and talked loudly to sub j…
“That’s it, you little cock-sucker, suck that cock, make love to it!” I instructed him…sub j’s body was all shaking as he sucked the cock before him…dear subbie was leaning back…I loved the fact that neither man could see the other…that added to the over-all humiliation…but yet, kept their identities safe…
“Feel my pussy, dear subbie…see how hot and wet your Mistress is?” I took dear subbie’s hand and put it between my legs…
“Oh, Mistress, you’re so hot…I don’t think I’ve ever felt you so wet!” dear subbie exclaimed.
“I told you how turned on I get seeing two men playing with each other…now, there’s your proof!” I laughed as I had dear subbie finger my pussy.

“sub j, get back in your chair…put your cockmeat to the edge of the chair…dear subbie, it’s your turn to suck some cock for your diabolical Mistress!!!” I commanded. sub j struggled to get back up in the red leather chair…then placing his limp cock on the edge of the chair where dear subbie could crawl up to him took a little doing, but he managed.

dear subbie got down on the carpet and crawled up to sub j…I pushed sub j back into the chair so his cock jutted out more…dear subbie took sub j’s limp cock in his mouth and began to work it in his mouth…sub j’s hips began to thrust up as though he was trying to fuck dear subbie’s mouth…gawd, it was such a hot scene…so nasty, so fantastic…I then took sub j’s hand and put it between my legs…
“See sub j, Mistress told you how hot this kind of scene makes her…feel how hot and wet I am!!”
“Oh, Mistress, you’re dripping wet,” sub j gasped…dear subbie was doing a good job on sub j’s cock…it was quite a fabulous site…

I couldn’t stand it any longer, my pussy needed attention!!!
“That’s enough, I want you to lick and eat my pussy, dear subbie!! sub j, you sit in the chair and yank on yourself while dear subbie licks Mistress’ pussy!!!” I ordered the two submissives.

dear subbie took right to his task and I had him get down on the carpet in front of me while I laid back on the coffee table, spreading my legs…I made sure I was especially loud in my moans and groans…my throes of passion…gawd, I was hot and needed some good pussy licking…dear subbie always does such a great job at licking my pussy…I was afraid he might drown from my juices as I was so damned wet.

I had another idea as I was getting tired of holding my legs up and apart…so, I commanded sub j to stand up to the edge of the coffee table while dear subbie straddled me on the coffee table…I had sub j hold my ankles up so dear subbie had full use of my pussy…I then had a hold of sub j’s limp cock as it was right there over my face…I rubbed sub j’s limp cock on dear subbie’s asshole as dear subbie and I were in a 69 position of sorts…let’s just say, I was thoroughly enjoying all the sexual attention I was getting and moving the subs around to accommodate my every whim and fancy!!!

I came at least, twice if not three times before noticing it was time for dear subbie to be on his way. As much as I would have loved to have dear subbie fuck me and empty a load of cum into my pussy, time is of the essence in my scenes and it was time for dear subbie to be on his way…I had sub j sit back in the red leather chair while I commanded dear subbie to be on his way…poor dear subbie, I received a note from dear subbie telling me it had been quite a while since he had suffered blue balls…ahhh, if I had had my way, I would have had that boiling load of cum, but the plan was laid and the scene moved on…nothing would have pleased me more than to have sub j clean up dear subbie’s cum mess…but maybe another time!!!

After dear subbie left…I placed the red leather ottoman in front of sub j’s chair and proceeded to grab hold of his limp cock and work it with my hands…sub j kept begging me to pull harder…which I did…I yanked on his cock and balls so hard, sub j was in total and complete ecstasy…I then commanded sub j to finish this Mistress off with his mouth and tongue…I ordered him between my legs, with riding crop in hand, I whacked him if he applied his tongue too hard to my hard little clit…it didn’t take me long to achieve the full body orgasm I had been building with the little cums till this point…off I went into a full, body writhing spasms of joy…the complete and total release was awesome…I really needed that stress relief…I knew right then and there I would sleep like a log…the orgasm released so much stress…I was spent, I was done.

Once I regained my composure. I pulled sub j up out of his chair and led him to the door in the kitchen leading into the garage…I then pushed him out the door…
“I’m done with you, get out of here,” I told him and shut the door behind him. I could hardly contain myself waiting at the door to hear him dress and leave out the other garage door. Once I heard the garage door to the patio close. I let go of my laugh…mission accomplished. How’s that for a humiliating scene!!!!!

sub j sent me a note on Wednesday night stating I had achieved an ultimate humiliation for him. he loved it!!!

Another Session With scrotie

Scrotie arrived right on time for his 2-hour session.  I was ready to indulge my naughty, nasty thoughts…I had allowed my thoughts to drift to all that I would subject scrotie to during our time together…knowing full and well, going with the flow of whatever struck us during our time together would dictate the activity.

I had all my implements laid out in both my living room and bedroom…I like to be prepared and have everything out so I can simply reach for whatever tool and keep a nice flow to things going…I had the batteries charged up and ready for the TENS Unit.  I made sure the extra conduit pads were available…the parachute ball stretcher and the largest sink weights I have, along with the plastic ties to hold them on the parachute, pulling his balls down, stretching them nicely.

I had scrotie get naked and stand on the yoga mat on my large coffee table…I love to feel and play with the subject matter’s cock, caressing and teasing, warming-up, so-to-speak.  I then took the parachute ball device and taking his balls just under his cock, I wrapped that parachute tightly as I squeezed his balls, snapping it into place.  Next came the weights, I started with the two heaviest sinkers of 16 oz.  This was too much to start out with but I like to see how they “hang.”  I removed one and kept one 16-oz weight…I like to see how the weight swings between scrotie’s legs as it stretches his balls…along with fondling his cock and rubbing his nipples…

Next, I had scrotie get down on all fours…I then sat down in my red leather chair with scrotie’s ass facing me, while I reached between his legs and pulled the weight attached to the ball parachute.  I lubed up my hand and began milking his cock, all the while pulling on the weight, pulling his balls towards me through his legs…scrotie enjoyed this position and what I was doing to him…as in previous sessions, this “clicked” for scrotie, which always tickles and thrills me to no end. Scrotie was soon rocking forward and back while I massaged and milked his cock, all the while pulling on the weight attached to the ball parachute…a combination of stretching or pulling and milking.

Scrotie was begging to cum in no time…which we were doing a 2-hour session, there was plenty of time to rest and regain another attempt to bring him to orgasm…so, I granted him permission to cum and cum scrotie did…I milked his cock until I had every drop of jism emptied from his cock and balls!!  I love how super sensitive a man becomes after he ejaculates…the shivers when I run my hand, even lightly down the shaft of his wilting member, making sure I have every drop he has to offer!!

I removed the ball parachute and weight…taking a warm wash cloth, I cleaned up scrotie and his mess…I think he was surprised at how much of a load he had offered up to this Mistress, but he was thrilled to have done so…

I made scrotie put on a big, thick robe…I didn’t want him to get chilled while we began to embark on our next torture activity.  My sessions with scrotie aren’t about brutality, they are about cultivating the orgasm, bringing about a measure of stress relief through a sexual climax…though intermingled with a different form of sexual interaction through cock and ball torture to some extent…I enjoy this direction of D/s almost more than the brutality some of my other submissive clients prefer and enjoy.

Next, it was time to make scrotie dance a little with the TENS Unit attached to various parts of his cock and balls…I attached the conduit pads just under his balls and to the sides of his cock…we tried several different pad positions before I turned on the TENS Unit and proceeded to turn-up the volume of electrical current…I love watching scrotie twitch and move as I turn the current up and down, placing it on various pulses…I’m always aware of how much and what causes too much of a zap…another warming up, if you will. I replaced the ball parachute and 16-oz weight to his cock and balls and to the bedroom we headed!

I was turned on and ready to have my pussy licked…something else I had been thinking about all day…another good pussy licking is exactly what I needed to have my stress-relieving orgasm.  I decided scrotie was sufficiently re-warmed, it was time to go to my bedroom.  I placed scrotie in my pussy-eating chair and placed myself on the edge of the bed to begin licking my pussy…I had my riding crop handy in case his tongue got too heavy on my tiny clitty…

This worked pretty well, but I wanted more…I kept thinking of how great it was to be pulling on the ball parachute weight while I stroked his cock…it then hit me, scrotie needed to eat my pussy while I was laying on my back where I had his cock and balls practically in my face but handy enough for me to pull on the weight and massage his cock while he ate my pussy!!!

scrotie was happy to accommodate my wishes and I laid down on my bed and had him straddle me, he was to eat my pussy while I lubed up my hands and tits…I then set to pulling on the weight and massaging/milking his cock while he ate my pussy…I made sure scrotie was paying attention to how hard he was licking my clit, the position and yes, move up, move down…lick that clit…I was so close to cumming but I refused to give in until I couldn’t hold back from falling over the edge of my orgasm…

I started falling over that wave of ecstasy, going with the warm, electric current of the sexual energy of my orgasm…when I didn’t realize how hard I was yanking on the ball weight, which is turn yanked hard on scrotie balls…scrotie yelped loudly with his head between my legs…which I let go of the weight and scrotie came up like a rocket…in my throes of passion, I had yanked really hard…as I told scrotie, it was an effort to remove his balls, though it wasn’t my intention to inflict THAT much pain.  We both dissolved in laughter…I had almost castrated scrotie while orgasming!!  Nothing like hollering in my own throes of passion but having scrotie yelp in pain in the middle of it all.

Unfortunately, my yank caused scrotie’s cock and balls to mightily retreat…though we had a lot of fun and a good laugh as well.  scrotie was able to leave with his cock and balls in full tact…a little sore from the wear and tear, but in tact until our next get together.