The Masturbation Club

I mentioned in my 2014 post about having found a way to indulge in what I refer to as the best safe sex activity, masturbation! I discovered The Masturbation Club a little over two years ago and have to admit, I LOVE IT!!! For the time being, The Masturbation Club provides the “zing” that I want and need in my sex life without having to engage in an interpersonal sexual relationship.
Here is how my first Masturbation Club experience went:

The Masturbation Club
I was looking forward to my first Masturbation Club experience. The “rules of engagement” were simple enough. The group was sent an e-mail as to the date, time and location of the meeting. The donation to help out with the cost of the room at a decent hotel was a set $10 to be put in the bowl near the door of the room upon arriving.

The room or accommodations were dictated by how many folks RSVP’ed for an upcoming session. This session was to be during a noon hour. A “nooner” masturbation session sounded perfect for me. I liked the thought of going somewhere to meet some folks, getting naked and getting myself off while others watched me and I watched others. Very simple, very erotic!!!

I liked the idea that the location of my first session was near my downtown office. This session was set for a “nooner” session which spanned from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Come/cum and go…my lunch hour was 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. so I liked the idea that I would be arriving and masturbating about mid-way during the set time period.

I packed a little “masturbation workout” bag, which included my favorite vibrator, condoms for quick clean up, lubricant and at the last minute, I decided to include my clit cream. I would put the clit cream on my clit before leaving my office that way I would be primed and ready to go when I arrived at the masturbatory club session.

I have to admit, I was really excited about my first club session. The morning at the office was busy and the time really flew by. I made a trip to the women’s restroom about 15-minutes before I left for lunch. I slipped the clit cream in my pocket and headed down to the basement restroom. No one was around, not that it would have mattered, but I liked knowing that I was all alone and could dab the clit cream on my tiny little clitty, use the restroom and wait for the tingle to warm up my pussy…oh, what a delight to have that warmth growing between my legs as I gathered my purse and headed out for “lunch.”

I found a perfect parking place and plugged the meter for an hour and a half. I knew I wouldn’t necessarily be there for that long but wanted to be sure I had plenty of meter time without getting a parking ticket. I made my way to the elevator with my little workout bag and then up to the room number that was sent via text message a couple of hours earlier.

The room was at the end of the hallway on the 5th floor. I gave the instructed three-knocks on the door and it opened. A good looking guy in gym shorts and no shirt, socks or shoes, opened the door. I stepped in and he closed the door behind me.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as the room lighting or set up would be but I was pleasantly surprised to find the heavy main curtains of the room open to allow natural sunlight in through the sheers that were drawn. To assist in further lighting the room, all the room lights were on. There was a “donation” bowl on the nearest room counter and I placed my $10 in the bowl and then the door man motioned for me to pick a spot and get comfortable. He whispered as to not interrupt or break the mode of the folks that were already there, naked and masturbating.

I looked around to find two women already engaged in a full vibrator induced masturbatory session. One woman was lying on her back with her ass flush up against the headboard of one of the two queen-sized beds, her legs spread wide and moving her vibrator quickly in and out of her juicy pussy…her eyes were closed and one hand was squeezing one of her tits, pinching her nipple while the other hand maneuvered the vibrator with ease in and out of her pussy. She was moaning and groaning in ecstasy…the other gal was propped up on pillows on the other bed, strumming her clit with the fingers of one hand while cupping one of her tits with the other hand…she was moving her hips a little as she strummed herself, watching what some of the other folks were doing. There were three guys sitting about yanking on their hard cocks…it appeared that the guys were definitely enjoying watching the gals…I liked what I was seeing…I could hardly wait to get my own clothes off and be a part of this situation.

I decided on a space over on the floor, taking advantage of several discarded pillows…I placed them next to the wall and then set my bag down and quickly got naked. I folded my clothes up for easy access when I was finished. Then I took out my lubricant and vibrator, placing a condom over my precious toy. I then placed the pillows where they would cushion me as I laid with my ass facing the wall…I then placed my feet on the wall, in a bent leg position but one that I had assumed many times at home when masturbating. I loved the sex-scented aroma of the room…it added to the excitement and energy of all around. I put some lube on the tip of my vibrator and on the little rabbit ears and turned it on, then got into position and rubbed the head of the vibrator on my already wet pussy opening…ever so slowly I slid my toy into my hot, womanly depths. I looked around and saw two of the four guys stroking their cocks and looking directly at me…I loved it, I loved knowing that there were eyes focusing on my masturbation…I began to fuck myself with my vibrator and cupped one tit in my free hand…

About this time one of the other two gals began to cum…she started moaning and groaning and then the gasping and little exclamations announcing that she had orgasmed. There was some soft clapping acknowledging the delight of some of the others…this only heightened my excitement and I started to tune out those around me and concentrate on getting myself off…I closed my eyes and basked in the knowledge that I was “performing” for those that cared to watch there in the room.

As I worked myself into the sexual frenzy of my masturbation, every now and then I would hear someone getting himself off and then I heard the other gal get herself off…there seemed to be the opening and closing of the door as folks would come/cum and go…it didn’t take me long to get near the edge of my own orgasm…I had closed my eyes in an effort to concentrate a little better but for some reason, I wanted to see if there was anyone still there watching me, so I opened my eyes and much to my thrill there were about four guys, naked and yanking on their cocks and watching me fuck myself with my vibrator. I didn’t see the other two gals, they must’ve finished themselves off, gathered themselves and left…I loved knowing that the remaining men were there not only jacking off but watching me fucking myself…well, that was all I needed and I was there, I started cumming and really got into voicing my orgasm…this caused three of the four guys to shoot off good loads, moaning and groaning, shooting cum everywhere. I LOVED IT!!!!

I laid there a moment, letting the jolts of my orgasm finish shooting throughout my body, then I got up, went to the bathroom, cleaned myself with a warm wash rag, dressed, put away my vibrator and lube and left. I felt so relaxed and satisfied. I LOVED IT!!!

I was definitely going to be attending future masturbatory sessions of the Masturbation Club.

Monday, Monday

I’m gearing myself up to get back on an early morning workout program starting next week, the first week in July, 2013.

I’ve got a lot of things in the works that are going to keep me busy the rest of this Summer.  It’s time to get back to my naughty, nasty self, shed some inches and weight, get my sex mojo back in line…just time to get it all flowing again (both figuratively and literally!!!)

More to come…right now I need to concentrate on getting my ample ass to the office in a timely manner, like ON TIME!!! LOL

It’s also time to get my positive frame of mind going and tackle life as it comes at me!!!  Happy Monday!!!


The Day After Christmas 2011…

I just realized I haven’t posted anything since back in June when I went back to work after having part of my colon removed.

I have to admit, having major surgery, then going through the recovery process, being without a pay check for 6-weeks and gradually finding my way back to a somewhat “normal” life has been interesting.

I became a grandmother for a second time.  The newest addition to our extended family was a son born to my oldest son and his wife.  The little guy is the remake or “mini” me of my son.  He looks just like my son did when he was a baby.  I am so proud of my son, his wife and my little grandson…a perfect little family.

I really thought I had found a “happy” place in my current employment…that was until the week before last when the drunken, derelict attorney fired his secretary.  Life at the office is no longer where I want to be…the problem is, I can’t seem to find another work home.   I’ve continued to apply for jobs and go on interviews…no one seems to want someone like me…I have a feeling it has to do with my salary requirement.

Nevertheless, things have not been all rosey and happy at the office this month of December…my boss has been less enchanted with me and I really thought I would get fired when I made an error on the e-filing of an order in a case…I filed the short version of the order, which the judge entered instead of the detailed, number specific order that my attorney wanted.  The opposing counsel started rumbling about not agreeing to a detailed order but rather liking the simple, unspecific order…so, my attorney was livid with me…it was the first time since my surgery that I got to experience what my body does when I’m under pressure…OMG, it was ugly.  I haven’t felt gut pain like that since before the surgery!!!  I really worked myself into a frenzied state and had pretty much convinced myself I would be out looking for another job on Monday morning.  Well, I got back from lunch and it had all worked out…the judge entered the correct order and all was right with my world again.  Let’s just say I’m getting too old to do such stupid things!!!

There’s a whole slew of things that have been going on in my life since I last wrote…I’ve got a new housemate living with me and my significant other until the guy figures out what he wants to do with his life…this is with regard to his 28-year marriage.  He’s been living here since July.

I’ve enjoyed a couple of new special friends (clients) but they seem to have fallen off of realizing their submission the past month…I’m waiting patiently to see if any or all of them return.

I usually am all about heading over to my favorite department store on the day after Christmas, but you know, the sales have changed and they simply aren’t offering enough off of the clothing that I would be interested in buying.  Not that I need anything new to wear…I would enjoy getting a pair of Ugg boots, but I’m simply not going to pay full retail price…mark them down and I’ll get a pair…I did order a couple of pairs of Lauren by Ralph Lauren boots from my attorney, sugar daddy, but that’s about it as far as great buys this Christmas season.

I did get a gift card for a sizeable amount from my least-favorite-submissive for Christmas but I’m waiting until the mark-downs are decent before using it.

That’s a brief run-down on where I’m at in my life…I’m going to try and reflect a bit more on this past year in the days ahead as I build up to 2012.


I made it through the first week of full work days this week…I’m mentally and physically drained.  This recovery business has been frustrating and humbling…I want to get back to where I was pre-surgery back at the first of May…here I am mid-June and just now starting to feel like my “normal” self.

Just bits and pieces of my “normal” self…every now and then I have a flicker of a naughty, nasty thought…which is easily taken care of with BOB (battery operated boyfriend).  BOB is much more convenient and an immediate gratifier…much easier than a real man with a real cock…wait, is there any such thing as a “real” man with a “real” cock?

My 10-inch incision down the middle of my belly is healing as well as can be expected.  The last of the scabs (yea, I know gross, but real) are coming off leaving a bright red scar.  I’ve been doing some thinking of getting some of that scar reducing cream…does it really work?  I’m still thinking about it, gotta price it and see how that works into the scheme of things.

I’ve been tackling more and more yard work.  I finally got behind the lawn mower this past week and I must say, I miss my “therapy” lawn mowing!!!

I’m doing my best to come to some kind of terms with my recently diagnosed Crohn’s disease and the fact that 1/3 of my colon had to be removed.  Mix in there the fact that my health insurance company is now questioning the largest of my medical bills and asking for crazy documentation of previous health insurance coverage…seriously, if I had control over this whole deal I would have opted out of giving into the right, lower abdominal pain and gone on about my life without two hospital stays, an operation cutting down the middle of my stomach and being off of work for 3 full weeks equating to two partial paychecks and two full weeks of unpaid leave.

Stress contributes to Crohn’s flares, so I’m trying to find ways to ease the stress of the latest issues…it is what it is…

I miss my walking group training…I am determined to get back into the swing of things come this fall…surely I’ll be healed enough to manage getting back out and doing 2.5 miles three or more times a week.

I am tired of the mini hot flashes that I experience throughout the day…which dramatically increase at night.  The surgeon and my primary care doctor said these would decrease as I get healthier…I have figured out that these mini-flashes become more frequent when I’m stressed…finding that even medium in my life…where do I begin?

Such is the life of the mature sex goddess…

Happy New Year 2011!!!!

The end of the second day of the new year is closing in…I’ve had a nice long weekend as my office was closed this past Friday, which was also New Year’s Eve.  I’m doing my best to embrace 2011…2010 was a very trying year on several different personal levels.

I feel I’ve lost my naughty, nasty Mojo…I just can’t seem to clear my mind of all the “what ifs” and let life unfold before as it will…I don’t like not being in control…my life has been, somewhat out of control.

I kind of gave up keeping my online diary back in September…I was just going through too many changes in my life to be focused and even want to post here in my blog.

So, here I am at the beginning of a new year.  I’m still employed at a job that I hate.  It is a pay check and there’s a lot to be said for having a job right now that pays the big bills.  I keep applying for jobs that I see on Craigs List and the Tulsa World newspaper…nothing has panned out but I have been putting myself out there.  I figured that no one would be serious about hiring until after the first of the new year and maybe not until the end of January, first of February.

I don’t get as angry now when I think about my former employer…I still don’t understand why I was terminated but I have a feeling there are going to be more folks loosing their jobs at that firm as the new year unfolds.

I am battling my second round of shingles in the past two months…I was able to get into Urgent Care and get an anti-viral prescription that cost an arm and leg but it seems to be working as the shingle spot on my right ass cheek has stopped being so angry and starting to heal.  My goal is to find ways to relieve my stress levels…which means I need to get back to doing yoga, I need to get back into a walking routine…I need to find a job that I truly enjoy and consider my “job home”…all the planets and stars need to align and all will be right with my world…oh, I need to find a rich man, that loves sex and would love nothing more than to have a naughty, nasty gal like me in his life to make his world complete, which in turn makes my world complete…okay, so it is one big fairy tale I’ve got going there…a gal needs to be able to dream of that perfect Prince Charming!!!

With my life goals in place, time to get things ready to head to work tomorrow morning…I want to get things laid out and several clothing options ready…I need to get things straightened up and organized in my bathroom…oh, I think there’s a new Housewives of Atlanta episode tonight…better check the TV list and see…I’m so hooked on the Bravo reality shows…best to watch someone else’s drama…so much easier on my life!!!

I’ve got several goals I’ve got to push myself to commit to here in the next week or so…in my walking training, I need to decide if I want to take things to the next level and prepare for a half marathon…what a big step but I think I need more of a challenge than the 5ks I’ve been doing since last summer…time to take it a bit more serious and get this ol’body back into awesome shape!!!

Here’s hoping 2011 is far better than 2010!!!


Monday Of A Short Work Week…

‘m simply not inspired to get up and around early in the mornings like I once was…wonder why??? Just kidding, we all know the “why” by now…the beauty of today is that it will be Monday of a short work week for me. I’m taking Thursday and Friday off, Thursday will be to get one of my doctor’s appointments done before I have no health insurance as of my termination date. I was hoping my insurance coverage would last 30-days past termination date, but it ends on termination date.

I will spend Thursday and Friday finishing up my painting and faux finishing technique, which is turning out even better than I envisioned it would!!! I was able to get the burgundy “big” wall done yesterday in my pale green base coat and start on the Venetian Plaster texture which is tinted a little darker green…it looks spectacular!!!

My legs are sore from going up and down the ladder hundreds of times…it was a GOOD workout that might send me to yoga class tonight…my hands are sore from gripping the ladder and working the painting trowels and putty knives…

I am thankful that the clean-up is quick and easy…I have found that the paint and texture material cleans up with really hot water and a little scrubbing. I’m a clean freak so I have to stop every now and then and clean everything up, even using latex gloves to keep the paint and texture from getting under my nails!!

I’m hoping to finish it all up this next weekend and get everything moved back into place…I would have liked it done sooner but I don’t think I’ll be able to work on it in the evenings…if I have the energy, I might but right now, I’m just trying to get through each work day without loosing my mind!!!

Gotta get moving along…another heat advisory is in place for most of the work week. This will make going to my walking group quite challenging but I’ve got to attend every work out until the graduation race in order to get the graduation gift…stay safe and stay cool.


Even though a weak cold front moved through during the wee hours of the morning, there was little relief temperature wise. It’s supposed to be another scorcher today…safe cool, stay safe.

Wednesday – Hump Day…

The prediction is for another scorcher today…the heat index yesterday got up to 111.  This made walking group a real challenge…but I managed to stay at a decent simmering temperature and did not suffer because of the heat.

I did enjoy an evening of doing nothing but watching the Final Episode of The Hills, though there was a two-hour long pre-show show and then the after show which was showed twice before midnight…now, what am I supposed to watch?

I’m aiming to do my painting on my bedroom this weekend…I’m still spackling the walls in a couple of places where I want the spackling to be good and dry, not to mention I am going to have to break out the sander…and then last night, I got to thinking, maybe I should go ahead and do a slight texture to ALL the walls…I’ve got to look at that feature and see how much extra work and product it will be to do…might was well give the walls some character with a new coat of paint!!!

I’ve got to go and help do race packets at the store that sponsors my walk group.  I have half of the credits needed to get the “graduation” gift the second week in August.  Now, I’m having to play catch-up for not being as diligent as I should have during the first two months of the program.  The requirements have also been raised from last summer’s experience, so, I’m going to dig in these last three weeks to see if I can qualify for the graduation gift.

Time to hit the shower and gear myself towards the day.

Stay cool and safe in this heat!!!

Sunday Morning…

Can’t linger here long…I’ve got a myriad of projects going that I have to tackle today…I got busy prepping the walls of my bedroom for the painting project I’ve been putting off for the past 6-months…bought the paint Memorial weekend, so now, now it’s time to get the painting job done!!  I’ve got to get the new big/tall ladder into my bedroom today to finish prepping the tallest wall of my bedroom…nothing like a one-sided slanted vault ceiling room to make one appreciate having a nice, sturdy tall ladder.

The best part of stripping the wallpaper border and cleaning the walls in preparation of painting was that I got to watch “The Hills” marathon on MTV yesterday.  The FINAL episode of The Hills will air on Tuesday…the Final Season, the Final show…yep, I got hooked on that silly-assed, drama-filled series back around April when there was another marathon weekend before the Final Season started.  I’m hooked, I don’t know why but I love to watch that show and love to hate some of the crazy characters.

Not sure if the marathon continues today, but if so, I’ll be in my element by the time I get to finish-up my prep project in the bedroom.

This morning, I hit the floor running, got breakfast out of the way, getting ready to fog the patio and side of the house for when I get out and do the yard work this morning…the time-table in my mind is to get the yard work done before noon, then hit Home Depot to purchase a couple of major plastic drop clothes to cover my bed and various big furniture that I can’t move out of my bedroom for when I start painting.  I’ve got a couple of spots to repair with spackle before I start painting…amazing how many flaws and problem spots a 10-inch wallpaper border will cover!!!

I can hardly wait to see how sore I am the next couple of days from going up and down on the ladder!!!!

So, my Sunday morning is all laid out…time to get busy…more to come/cum…