Today is supposed to be another blustery day with winds whipping up to about 20 to 30 mph. It is suppose to warm up more today. The fire danger around Oklahoma is growing worse by the day…no real rain in sight over the next week or so…hints of rain, but the chances are barely 20%.

For the most part, yesterday was a good day…the pain in my right side was barely noticeable. I was busy with time entries and cleaning up documents that I had been working on with my main attorney since the middle of last week in preparation for sending off to be filed today.

The NCAA Championship was pretty much anti-climatic last night. It was one of the lowest scoring games since the 1940s…basically, it was sloppy basketball compared to the other games in the tournament, especially when you look back at the games these two teams played and won to get to the Final Game. Such is life and UConn has another NCAA win in the books.

I’m debating on whether or not to go to walking group this evening. I barely have the strength to get home from work after a full work day and today is my day to back up the receptionist so I’ll be expelling extra work energy today, so I’ll more than likely just come home right after work. I feel so drained of my energy lately and I have the pain in a manageable stage right now. If I don’t push myself too hard, I barely know it’s there!!!

I got to thinking last night and I realized that right now, I’m paying more attention to every little thing that I do or my body does.  I remember a time when my kids were growing up where I was paying attention to how many times he/she went to the bathroom…how many times I had to change a “poopey” diaper.  Mom was supposed to look at and know the consistency of her child’s poop.  Here I am keeping track of the same thing for myself…how many times I have to go to the bathroom throughout the work day…the consistency of my poop…how many times I urinate during the day…what’s the color of my urine.  I find myself wondering if I’m “normal” or why off the charts…what did my bloodwork show from Friday, if anything.

I did find it interesting that the Lab that did my blood work had already filed on my health insurance.  I’ll be receiving the bill for my portion any day now…which I’m pretty sure by the time I get a CT scan done and see the doctor a time or two more, I will more than likely make my high health insurance deductible and try to figure out how much I can pay on that until it gets taken care of…which is kind of ironic because for the first time in 10 years, I also owe Federal and State Income taxes!!!!

I’m trying to figure out a way to file my 2010 Federal Income Tax Return and put off making payments until later in the year…which I won’t be able to afford any more later in the year than I’m able right now…that’s the craziness of my life right now. I’ve had several folks give me suggestions as to how to approach this situation…the last time I looked at all of my 1099s and W-2s or 4s was the first week in February…when the Turbo Tax calculator went into red numbers, that’s when I quit and set it all aside.  I don’t want to look at it or think about it until I absolutely HAVE TO, which will be April 15th!!!  I’ll decide the best route for me to take on this deal…why do I feel continually bent over and getting fucked in the ass?????  I don’t like or care of anal sex at all!!!!!! lol

I’m part of the lower-income middle class that is getting fucked all the way around…I get up and go to work, regardless of how I feel healthwise…I’m expected to go to work, I’m expected to be there regardless…so, I do.  I have to pay half of my health insurance premium which is twice the amount that the young gals in the firm pays per month…AND, in spite of the fact that I made about $5000 less last year in overall income, I’m having to pay both State and Federal taxes because I took an early withdrawal of my 401k to keep my house payment and car payments, as well as the rest of my bills paid up while I was unemployed for 30-days.  Sure I collected unemployment benefits for 21-days of that 30-day unemployment stint…trust me, I barely had enough from unemployment benefits to pay some of my monthly utility payments.  I could not have made my car payment, my house payment AND utilities, as well as eat on unemployment…so, I get penalized for trying to stay on top of the “big” payments!!!  Go figure!!!  There are folks that have been on unemployment going on 2-years.  How in the Hell are they making it??????

Here I am…frustrated, hurting, angry, sad…it really doesn’t matter because it’s time to get in the shower and get ready for another work week day!!!

Time to head to the shower and get this work day underway…have a great Tuesday ahead.

Sunday Reflections, April 3, 2011…

I am having a chuckle over how fast we’ve entered the 4th month of 2011. While it seems each work day creeps by during the work week, I am amazed that it’s already the month of April.

Spring has sprung to a point…there’s a dry line supposed to be moving through later tonight that will cool temps off again, at least down into the lower 40s…no snow, no bitter cold, just some colder air…maybe some rain, but that’s “iffy.”

I wasn’t able to work in the yard as I had hoped yesterday. The pain got to be too much so I just gave up and tried my best to stay on top of the pain and rest. I am so sick of “respecting” my body and “resting”…I am hoping that my new doctor will help me figure out what in the Hell is wrong with me over the next week or so…my over active imagination is running wild and as I think of possibilities, I research such on the internet…I’m trying to stay positive and hope that this is merely a part of growing older and my body being cranky about the aging process…surely there is some medication or a procedure that will “cure” this deal…guess we will see.

I was thrilled to watch the Final Four last night and will be tuning in to the Final game on Monday night. The big bracket pool went all to Hell and I did note that there is one guy, the husband of my former co-worker-from-Hell that has turned out to be a better friend after my departure from my previous employer, her husband is the guy that could win it all. I have to admit, I would be thrilled for her and her husband. Funny, the former co-worker-from-Hell and I have kept in touch and had some good discussions over the past six months…I think she was even surprised and disgusted with how I was treated…I think it scared her, too. Anyway, I liked looking at the possible standings last night as the final seconds of the second game ticked off…

Today, well, I need to make sure I water my Azaleas on the east most side of my house. They’re starting to bloom out and as dry as it is, I know it will help them if I give them a good drink of water…I noticed there are lots of bushes just starting to burst with color…today is supposed to be another rather warm day, so, I’m sure even more bushes and flowers will burst out in full bloom.

I’ve got to look into filing an extension on my taxes…I simply don’t want to pay up right now…I simply can’t afford to pay taxes right now, so I’ll figure out how to file an extensive and then brace myself for the crap of eventually filing and paying the taxes later in the year…that makes me angry and disgusted to think of how I will have to pay taxes and I made less money this past year than I have in several years…folks like me are always getting screwed tax wise…

Of course, I’ve heard that the current President of the U.S. is getting his paperwork in order to run for a second term…what a crock of shit!!!! Even that little bit of sharing has made my blood boil and my blood pressure shoot sky high!!! The first thought that popped into my head when I heard of this “second” term was, let me bend over and grab my ankles and let’s see how many more ways you can fuck me in the ass!!!!!! ‘Nuf said.

I feel as though I’m currently in limbo…mostly because of my health…once I get something resolved about my health, everything else in my life will fall into place again and all will be right with my world.

Have a great week ahead!!!

Thursday…Happy St. Pat’s Day!!!!

I enjoyed a fabulous new friend last night!!!  I slept like a rock, that good, relaxed sleep where you wake up feeling so good the next morning!!!  What a treat to find such an enthusiastic and skilled sex partner!!  He played my pussy like a fine violin and then accompanied my full body orgasm with an incredible massage…he had me cooing and purring, all the stress and tension of the day gone…completely disappeared…I hope our schedules permit another session or more while he’s in the area…I’m still basking in the afterglow!!!

I will admit that this new friend is in his mid-40s.  His strength and stamina very apparent but I attribute some of that to the fact that he takes care of himself…he’s got a slim, firm, athletic body…wonderful to touch and be to do the touching.  He was eager to please as well as receive…does this mean that I’m having a change of heart with regard to seeing and enjoying younger men?  Possibly…while there are some fantastic benefits to the man in his 40s…I don’t see myself going for a man more than ten years my junior…I was pleasantly surprised last night.  Funny, but having several little orgasms before giving into that fabulous, full-body orgasm…well, the tremors went zipping through my body for several minutes afterward…he held me and rubbed me as the little jolts ran up and down my whole body…I felt the stress lift out of me…pure bliss!!! So, yes, there is something to be said for the younger man…so far the few that I’ve enjoyed have been worth being selective…yes, a smile is playing across my lips!!!

The temperatures have gone into total spring mode…the “low” for the night was 66 degrees…the humidity level is at 75%…I’m not complaining, just chuckling how we can go from extreme winter for a few days back to balmier temps…bearable, very bearable…

There’s another bit of ugliness stirring at the office…the youngest secretary just can’t seem to keep her ass at the office…she decided to take off at 4:45 p.m. yesterday afternoon…when one of the attorneys came around asking where she was, it was pretty funny…I was back and forth from my desk to the receptionist desk most of the afternoon…luckily, I had nothing pressing, but you know, it wouldn’t have mattered because I would have had to still go up and back-up the receptionist desk with the receptionist and the youngest secretary in and out of the office like they were.

Today, several of us are heading down to an Irish Pub bar/restaurant for lunch today.  The other older gal is planning on having some green beer…I just might have a sip or two.  I know it will be crazy packed with other folks wanting to indulge in some green beer and Irish food…it ought to be a complete circus down there as the crowds are starting to come into the downtown area for the NCAA Tournament Games that will be played at the BOK Center…

Which, the NCAA Tournament gets underway today, 10:00 a.m. tip off…I’m so excited.  I filled out 5 brackets and passed the money off to a former co-worker that still works over at my previous firm.  I love it that I will be able to watch my brackets’ progress online…and no one will be the wiser over there…hopefully, I’ll do well again and place in one of the four top placements.  That would be pretty funny if I did well…both with respect to the former firm and the fact that the current firm won’t let anyone but the attorneys in on their goofy-assed fantasy basketball pool…we’ll see how it goes, I’ve got it all covered.

So, for this 2011 St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve got a smile on my face and feel pretty rested compared to how I’ve felt the last couple of weeks.  The pain in my side and my stomach ailments seem to be subsiding a bit, so hopefully I’ll be able to make it to walking group this evening and do the 2.7 miles with hills without too much trouble.  I’ve decided it is Hell to get old and even when you’re taking pretty good care of your body, things can go crazy…I do know that I’m very much aware of what I’m eating, when I eat and how much I’m hydrating myself…these are things we take for granted…and for the most part, we don’t suffer the consequences very often, but I’m learning.  If I don’t get a handle on it now, I know I will have continued health problems as I do get older.

Time to finish up my breakfast and coffee…have a Happy St. Pat’s Day!!!!

Sunday Reflections…March 13, 2011

I made it through another work week…granted with some aches and pains…nevertheless, I survived!!!

I’ve about decided the pain in my right side is associate with kidney stones…the pain disappeared yesterday and has yet to return.  I’m keeping hydrated and active.  Stones apparently act up when you let yourself get dehydrated, makes the kidneys work harder.  So, we’ll see…at least, I feel I’m going to live…for the time being.

I got a lot of yard work done yesterday…though there’s tons more still waiting to be tended to…I was able to get the old rose bush I was given by an elderly family friend planted yesterday…it’s already putting out fresh growth…I think my timing was right on point…

My veggie plants are sprouting like crazy…they should be ready to transplant to their permanent placement here in the next week or two…which means I’ve got to transplant my irises and daffodils…
I’ve yet to get another crop of SweetGum balls up…just ran out of energy yesterday.

I’m preparing for the big dance…the March Madness NCAA tournament.  The selection/bracketology show is this evening…I’ll be working on my brackets and making my choices to go all the way.  I don’t know if the firm I work for has a March Madness Bracketlogy Pool but you can be sure if they do, I will be buying into it.  I could contact one of my dear friends over at my former firm and do some brackets under their name…wouldn’t be anything to send money over and have them enter brackets for me…wouldn’t that chap everyone’s ass????

I found out which “large” law firm is merging as one of the employment gals had shared with me a couple of weeks ago…it was the firm I had first applied to before I left my last job.  Interesting because I got the distinct impression that there would be some support staff lay-offs coming with this merging of firms…guess we will see who is more affected, OKC or the Tulsa office.

Nothing new on the naughty/nasty front.  I’ve given up on the Edmond guy, haven’t heard from him since Wednesday when he sent me a note that he was glad he had canceled meeting me so he could tend to his business ventures with his business partner.  I doubt seriously I’ll hear from him again…I know he doesn’t read my blog, even though he professes to be a writer.  I don’t know, I’ve always been one to show interest in the hobbies and works of others…guess that doesn’t work both ways with a lot of these guys.  I mean seriously, why would I think a guy that is interested in fucking me want to know at least a little bit about what makes me tick??????  I know, I’ve got to let go of those high expectations in the men that I want to try out as viable partners!!!!

I made a discovery on the internet the other evening that involved an incident that my oldest son was involved in.  Talk about surprised and then the surprise turning to frustration as I read the article and then read the long list of comments on the local newspaper article.   I am frustrated that in this day and age there are still folks that think they should get preferential treatment when it comes to breaking the law and the consequences.  If you get caught breaking the law, then you need to man up and take the punishment.  Don’t try to be twisting things to suit or fit your situation…what kind of example does that set for kids????  Nevertheless, I find myself in an interesting position.  I’m proud of my son and know that his integrity is above board.  I will be most anxious to see how this whole situation plays out…I will say it won’t look bad for my son, it will look bad for the local judicial system…should be interesting to see how fast decisions are appealed and wrongs righted…and that’s all I’m going to say about that!!!

I’m busy getting myself ready for the work week ahead…

Tuesday…Fat Tuesday…

It’s cold and raining this morning, suppose to be like this the remainder of the day into the night.  I just may opt out of walking group this evening.  There’s supposed to be a Mardi Gras Fun Run this evening along with other fun activities in the Blue Dome District.  I just don’t think I’m up to it…for me making it through the work day without committing a murder or simple assault and battery will be a trick!!!  I do know that there won’t be any showing of the titties tonight at this particular Mardi Gras celebration…at least, not while I’m there IF I go…if it’s still raining after work, I’m out…I simply don’t like and can’t really stand the cold rain that well…I’ve learned to respect my body and getting chilled to the bone is preventable…I’ve done really well this year avoiding getting an upper respiratory event…I would like for it to continue, thus one must avoid unpleasant situations in which you find yourself cold and wet!!! Besides, what’s the point if you can’t show your tits and get beads??????  Seriously, this is Tulsa!!!  This isn’t New Orleans or Rio!!!!

I did sleep pretty good…I tried to let go of my anger and frustration…I responded with caution to the Edmond guy that I’ve been having an e-mail exchange. He’ll be in Tulsa on Wednesday and wants to meet over a cup of coffee, maybe dinner…maybe dinner????  Dear fucking gawd, say what you mean…you either want to meet over a fucking cup of coffee or you want to meet, talk, see if there is a “click” over a nice meal at my favorite little restaurant.  I reigned it in long enough to respond to his e-mail in a “nice” manner…he’s supposed to let me know what part of Tulsa he will be in tomorrow (Wednesday) late afternoon.  We’re supposed to meet right after I get off of work.  For some reason, I’m not nearly as excited as I once was…I’ve actually just about lost interest in this guy…so, we will see.

I will not be bringing him home and fucking him…for some reason, that just doesn’t appeal to me right now.  If I like him, I might cope a feel in the parking lot, but I’ve already decided I will not fuck him tomorrow evening. I don’t want to be disappointed like I’ve been so many times when I’ve met a guy, brought him home and fucked him only to discover that he’s a complete idiot and everything he bragged about was just that, bragging…my expectations are high…thus there is lots of room for disappointment.  So, I am proceeding with caution on this guy.

I could so easily crawl back in bed and call it a day, but I’ve already done that twice in the past 2 weeks…and I’m fixing to do it again on Friday.  I’ve promised a friend to be his designated driver to his prostate biopsy, so that will be the whole day of Friday.  Funny because it’s my Friday to back-up the phones…oh well, that’s the way it goes!!!

I have a feeling this is going to be a process trying to find another receptionist, which means I’ll be out on the phones a lot more on my days to back-up the receptionist…don’t you know I’m looking forward to that!!!  Coupled with how I’m feeling about my newest attorney and the bullshit over the billing invoices yesterday…I’m just so thrilled with the whole office deal right now.  Fuck’em all!!!! I’m going to do my best to keep my mouth shut and just do my job today but I’ll tell you, yesterday evening’s deal pushed the wrong button with me.

I need to get my ass in gear…funny, but there was a time when I was up and exercising, having my breakfast, got my shower and could be ready to head to the office easily by 8:00 a.m.  Now, I struggle…I struggle to get out of bed, I struggle to get in the shower…I struggle to get dressed…oh yeah, I’m grateful to have a job in this economy, but it has it’s price!!!

Have a great Fat Tuesday!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011…

Another Sunday morning…the first Sunday in the month of March, 2011.  It’s still pretty cool outside, though it is supposed to warm up some today, hopefully enough for me to get a couple of rose bushes planted and a little more yard work tackled.

I pleasantly tired today…I definitely slept well after yesterday afternoon’s unexpected naughty, nasty fun.  I keep thinking, I needed that sexual release and my friend was so great to call upon me and include me in that fabulous scenario.

There’s a possibility of meeting the man I’ve been corresponding with from the adult site I’m a member of wants to meet later this week…he’s got business here in Tulsa so that might bring a perfect opportunity for us to meet face-to-face.  I would like to meet the man and put a face wit the e-mails and text messages.

I’m gearing up for March Madness, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  I watched OU vs OSU end their seasons yesterday afternoon with the Bedlam game played in Norman.  Neither team have a snowball chance in Hell of going to the Big Dance this year…after watching both teams, totally understandable…maybe next year!!!

I was able to watch the second half of the Duke vs. UNC (North Carolina) which was also the conference ending game for both of those teams.  Duke is ranked #2 and North Carolina #13…let’s just say North Carolina was impressive and beat Duke soundly.  This is all leading to my thought process in the upcoming Bracketolgy for the Big Dance.  Just my deal this time of year.  This is also the time of year I’m wishing I had a basketball goal in my driveway to shoot some hoops.  I know, crazy, but I get so inspired during the end of basketball season…I used to shoot hoops when my kids were growing up…talk about a good work out.  I would find muscles I didn’t know I had!!!

I got word that one of my dear online friends (that I’ve also met in person) is having terrible health problems and is more than likely going into the hospital today to find out what exactly is ailing him.  I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers this week and hope the doctors find a way to provide him some much needed health relief.

Which brings to mind my long-time sugar daddy, married friend that found out he had prostate cancer a few weeks ago.  I’ve been very concerned at his doctor’s lack of urgency to treat my friend.  Thank goodness my friend sought the counsel of a radiological oncologist this week for a second opinion.  The treatment plan this doctor laid out is much more aggressive and non-invasive if you can belief that.  This doctor is a firm believer and practitioner of the cyberknife.  Luckily for my friend he has the best health insurance money can by and will be undergoing this treatment this coming week…we’re both hoping his treatment allows his libido to continue to come along…which I assured my friend I would do what I can to assist him without intruding into his life…

The pain in my right side comes and goes…this morning it has been coming in waves and more of a burning pain, much more localized then this previous week…I’m not as sensitive to having clothing on my waistline today, so that’s good.  I’ve got to wait at least another couple of pay periods to have enough money banked in my Health Savings Account before I can afford to go and see about getting some tests done to find out what exactly is causing this pain.

I’ve been in contact with my swinging friends in OKC and we’re giving some thought to planning a trip to Dallas in the near future to attend one of the on-premise parties at the 13th Floor.  We haven’t been in a couple of years and we’ve all been wondering how the place is doing…sounds like a fabulous road trip…we shall see what we ultimately decide.

Tuesday of this upcoming week is Fat Tuesday and the store that sponsors my walking group training is encouraging us to participate in the Mardi Gras Fun Run on Tuesday evening which takes the place of our Tuesday night workout…I’m sure it will be fun and I do have to get my walking in, so we’ll see how that goes.  I’ve got some Mardi Gras color beads so I’ll see if I can find those and take them along as part of my outfit for the evening.

Time for another cup of coffee and embrace the day and contemplate the upcoming work week…have a great Sunday and an even better week!!!

Unexpected Saturday Afternoon Fun…

I had a good friend call me this afternoon and ask me to help him with a special encounter he was planning for a new gal pal he’s been seeing. I told him to tell me what it was he had in mind and I would decide if I was interested in helping him out.

He was meeting his gal pal at a motel this afternoon for a couple of hours of pure, unadulterated fun.  His gal pal had expressed an interest in adding another person to their time together.  She had often wondered what it would be like to be with another woman…and then she would ask him if he would like to watch her get fucked by another man…she loved the idea of adding either a man or woman to the mix but had never thought beyond just talking about it with various partners over the years.  I laughed because how many times had this very friend called me and asked me to help him out with bringing this naughty, nasty fun into fruition??

He asked me if I would be game to joining them…I asked in what capacity would I be interacting.  He didn’t immediately respond so I was really curious as to where he was thinking he wanted to go with this encounter.  There were several minutes of silence and finally he shared with me…he wanted to tie her up, blind fold her and have her listen to him fucking another woman.  He had never brought it up and neither had the gal pal, so for some reason, he wanted to see how she would react if there was another woman in the room and he fucked that other woman.

I laughed and asked him if he wanted to really piss this gal off or what was behind this thought process? He said he really didn’t know but for some reason, ever since the gal started talking about bringing another person into the mix, be it man or woman, he immediately started thinking of how this gal would feel if she had no choice but to hear sex sounds of him fucking another woman…the thought of the gal getting pissed off or whatever reaction she would have turned him on like nothing else…he immediately thought of me helping him bring this about…and then he said after he fucked me and came, he wanted me to put my pussy over her face and make his gal pal clean me up, licking my pussy clean…then he would start eating her pussy while I made her eat my pussy…and then we would trade places right before he made her cum…that way she would have to cool down a bit during the switch and then he would make her suck him off while I ate her pussy and made her cum.

I have to admit, I liked the sound of this little twist in the encounter…as long as the gal was blindfolded and tied to the bed and not allowed to see me, I could help him with this deal.

We discussed what time and where the encounter was to take place.  I told him I would knock three times on the door of the room for him to let me in.

So, this afternoon around 3:00 p.m. I went to the motel and knocked on the door.  My friend had the gal all naked, blindfolded and tied spread eagle on the bed.  They had been sucking and fucking for about an hour before my arrival so there was a definite smell of sex in the air.  He answered the door buck naked with a raging hard-on.  I knew he had been thinking about what it was going to be like when I finally arrived.

He made a point to talk louder after he closed the door to the room.  The gal stiffened on the bed when he said he was glad I could join them and then gave me a loud kiss on the lips.

“Who’s there?” I heard the gal ask in a shaky voice.  “Don’t you worry about it Sweetie, I’m going to rock your world like never before,” my friend said trying not to laugh…then he kissed me again, making sure it was loud, then making little grunts and groans as he helped me undress.

“Come on D., what’s going on?  You didn’t tell me you were bringing someone in…” she stammered, sounding almost as if she was going to cry.

It didn’t take me long to get naked and I was enjoying my friend kissing me all over, sucking my tits, gently touching my freshly shaved pussy with his fingers…I was already wet anticipating the scene as we had discussed…he took me by the hand and led me over to the bed.  The gal tried to move but she was secured in her bonds.  My friend sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me to him…I was so hot for him, I was more than ready to fuck that hard cock.  He sucked my tits a little while longer and then he pulled me on top of him onto the bed.  We were down on the left side of the bed…the gal could feel us on the bed…as well as she could hear the exaggerated sex sounds my friend was making…I followed his lead and began to moan and groan as he was sucking and fingering me…I then slid down and sucked his cock very loud, smacking and licking…

“D., is that another woman? What are you doing?  Did you bring another woman into…” I could barely hear her as I was letting myself get into the action with my friend.  My friend reached around and stroked the gal’s arm…she whimpered a little bit, but there was nothing she could do…my friend then pulled me up off of his cock and had me get up and straddle him on the bed.

“That’s it Baby, sink that hot, wet pussy down on my cock really slow…I want to feel every inch of that pussy as it goes onto my cock!” he told me…the gal really yanked on her bonds and stiffened up.  I could tell she had no idea what to think about this but there was absolutely nothing she could do buy lay there and feel the bed shifting with the weight of our naked bodies as we began to fuck…I was almost dripping with my excitement watching her blindfolded, naked and tied body as I impaled myself on my friend’s hard cock…I let out a loud gasp as it felt so good to get that hard piece of man meat into my hot womanly depths…

“Oh yes, Baby, that’s it, fuck me, Baby, fuck me!” my friend hissed as I began to work up and down on his hard cock.  My friend would reach over and touch his gal pal who would try and move her arm away from his touch…it was funny but it wasn’t funny…I could tell the gal was really perplexed at this situation…

It didn’t take me long to reach the edge of my orgasm…I wasn’t about to stop and over I tumbled into a full body orgasm, my friend coming with me…he came long and hard…which was amazing!!!  I honestly can’t remember when I’ve had that hot of sex with this guy…but this was one hot scene.  The gal was almost crying, her body shaking…I rolled with my orgasm, rolling off of my friend right onto the bed next to this gal’s bare side.  It didn’t take me long to start sucking her tits…which she tried to pull them away from me but seriously, where was she going to go being all tied up????  I kissed up and down each tit and then down her belly…she had a furry pussy which I wasn’t all that thrilled to go down on but hey, there had to be some yummy pussy down there somewhere in that bush!!!

I moved down to between her legs, my friend had gotten up and was watching me got to work on this gal…his cock was all gooey and sticky from our co-mingling of juices…he climbed back on the bed and stuck his sticky cum covered cock in the gal’s mouth which she started to protest but he kept sticking his cock to her lips and finally her lips parted and she took him into her mouth.

“Smell that other pussy on me Baby?” he whispered to her as he held her head by the hair and kept her sucking on him.  His words must have struck a chord in her because she started sucking and licking his cock like there was no tomorrow.  I parted the hair covering her wet pussy…and I finally found a nice-sized clit poking its head out of its hood…I immediately went to town sucking and tonguing it…she immediately thrust her pussy up into my face…it was like I had pushed the “on” button…I continued to work on her clit and pussy with my mouth…and then I moved to where I was in the 69 position with my friend moving out of the way but keeping himself in a position to watch and enjoy the action…he helped center my hips over her face and then got right down next to her head while I lowered my cum soaked pussy onto her face and mouth.

“Clean that nasty pussy up Sweetie, lick the juices, taste where I’ve been,” he whispered to her…she cautiously stuck out her tongue and touched my bare pussy lips…I think it startled her that my pussy was shaved clean and she was immediately in touch with gooey bare skin…delicate, pussy dripping with the results of her man fucking my pussy…she then began to lap and lick at my pussy and it wasn’t too long before she was like a hungry little kitty…my friend continued to talk to her, telling her what a nasty little cum slut she is and how good it looked watching her clean up his mess…I was getting close to cumming again as this gal’s licking was right on point…I moved off of her face and motioned for my friend to either stick his cock in her pussy or her mouth…she was getting close from my oral ministrations…

He decided to stick his cock in her mouth and I continued to eat her pussy, sticking one finger, then two fingers…then three fingers into her pussy and making that little movement with my fingers and BINGO…off the gal went…I sucked hard on her clit and she started gurgling, moaning and groaning, her hips bucking up into my face trying to suck me into her pussy…I could feel her vaginal muscles contracting like crazy…my friend emptied another load of cum in her mouth…pulling out and squirting some on her face…

I took my cue and got off of the bed.  I quickly dressed, kissed my friend and was out the door.  The plan was that he would wait a few minutes after I had left to untie her and undo the blindfold.  He would call me later and tell me how it went and her reaction.  I have to admit, that was one of the hottest scenes I’ve done in a while.

I just got a call from my friend.  He said he and the gal fucked another time before they had to shower and leave but she couldn’t stop talking about how pissed off she was at first and then when she realized he wasn’t going to stop fucking the other woman, she had no choice but to listen to the sounds and feel the bed moving as we fucked right there next to her…she couldn’t believe how turned on she got when he would touch her or feel our bodies rubbing against her while we were fucking…and then when she felt someone touching her, licking her and sucking on her and realized he was by her head and that that other someone, probably a woman was kissing, licking and sucking her…well, my friend said that’s when she insisted he fuck her again before they showered.

My friend thanked me for helping me bring several fantasies into being for them both.  I told him not a problem that it was pretty damned hot for me and I definitely got a good full body orgasm.  I told him to keep me in mind for future encounters.  He promised I would be the first one he would call.


It’s a lot cooler today than it has been this previous work week…it’s only up to 35 degrees at 11:00 a.m. Too chilly for me to want to be outside for any length of time. I’m hoping the temps top out in at least the 50s today and hopefully warmer tomorrow when I plan to start working on my raised garden beds.

My CL guy ended up being a complete ass…he sent me an e-mail around 9:45 p.m. last night assuming that because he hadn’t heard from me by that time, and after he had sent me his pictures I was no longer interested. Well, he was partly right, after receiving his pics I was no longer interested, couldn’t conjure up the thought of spreading my legs for a man with all that hair to get between them and lick the kitty like I like it…however, if I sent you e-mails earlier in the day giving an explanation of why I may not be able to continue our e-mail exchange, I expect you to read them and be up-to-speed.

I did send him an e-mail later in the evening after my youngest son had gone to bed…that was the reason I was unable to continue extensive communications last night, basically elaborating my disappointment that the neglect to actually read and understand my previous e-mails, which I feel are very direct and to the point, well, actually it is disturbing to me that a man would lay out such a deliciously sexual opportunity but neglect the little, very important details of such an opportunity.

Such is life and disappointment…I just hate it when the man behind the ad is not what I had hoped and expected.

So, I’m still toying with the possibility of the one man from here on AFF…I haven’t felt 100% this week and the nagging right side pain is still there reminding me that I just might need to explore further what is causing the problem…

Time for another cup of coffee and to tackle more Saturday…

I’ve Been Lurking On CL Again…

I can’t help it, when I get bored at work, I browse the CL ads for Tulsa.  A couple of weeks ago I can across a very interesting ad placed by a 52-year-old guy that was looking to provide a safe harbor for a woman in which he would give her a place to come/cum and the man to provide her all the oral sexual attention she desired.  Something like that, I didn’t take the time I normally do to copy the ad for future reference material.  Every now and then I slip up and frustrate myself.  I sent two responses to that ad which was placed about 2/18/2011.

Well, this afternoon I was taking a break from the drudgery of time entries and came across an ad by the same guy.  This is the ad:

Well,… I really do not hold out much hope for this to be successful ! I believe I will receive many “scammers” wanting me to go to some stupid site , so they get paid for it. I am wanting to find a woman who really enjoys just laying on a comfortable bed. While a man performs oral sex on her. Nothing more than that ! This woman would not have to completely undress for this , unless she prefers it for comfort. I will remain completely dressed and do nothing but what I have described. I would like to find such a woman that would come to my home and allow me the erotic pleasure of doing this to her on a very regular basis.

I am very attractive man, tall outdoor rugged looking. In shape and very clean, so is my home. I am single, do not smoke or drink or use drugs of any kind. It is fine if you wish to do these things while here. I can keep some ” special refreshments ” on hand at my home so when you visit you are comfortable and can enjoy them. My home could be your escape from reality and the day to day “BS” that you go through. Think how nice it would be , to just spend a few hours out of your day being pleased and pampered with no worries about having to reciprocate to the man. You can just enjoy the time and the feeling of erotic pleasure without the hassles of any further contact or commitment. At a very nice location that only you are aware even exists. So you cannot be tracked down or spied on or found at all !!

WHY ? Do I post such a posting ? The truth is simple. I am self employed , I work at home. Have few friends and really no social life at all. I miss the tenderness of a woman’s skin and the smell of her clean fresh body. I have had terrible luck trying to meet a woman to date, let alone build and cultivate a long term relationship. So I have decided to post this. I am more of a “giver” than a “receiver” when it comes to intimacy. I always enjoy the pleasure I give to my partner. I miss it ! So I am hoping to find a woman who will allow me to please her in such a manner. No games, no expectations of anything more than what this is about. A concession of reality so I can still have some erotic fun and yet learn to live alone and just be happy for that. A compromise of my goals and dreams. Something is better than nothing at all !!!

I am very healthy and in good shape, eat healthy and exercise all that type of life. I have never had any health issues and do not want any now. I can assure you that you will be the only person I am sexually active with. You can virtually call me at a moments notice and come over for a brief erotic adventure for your pleasure just about any day or night. I realize you may be involved or married and have no wish for your real world to find out about your personal adventures. I can also assure you of complete secrecy and discretion. Only you and I will be aware of what we do. Or more appropriate what I do to you !!

I live on a beautiful piece of property that offers complete privacy with electric gates. Your vehicle and yourself cannot be seen by any passing vehicles. I live alone and have no children or family . So nobody will just “drop by “.

Your age is of no concern, your personal life is your private business not mine. I am a great listener and can also provide a nice meal if you are so inclined. I will pamper you and treat you with so much attention and the time will be of the finest erotic time possible. Contact me if you wish and ask what you desire to know. All responses will be kept in the strictest of confidence and deleted after responded to.

Well I have written my message, now I cast it off into the sea of CL to see if a woman opens it and reads it and wants to take advantage of it…


I was so excited, I found this ad to be quite tantalizing the first time he posted something similar.  I quickly copied and pasted it to my private email address and then set about sending my first response to the ad he placed today.  In fact, I sent a couple of responses hoping to hear back from the guy…well, I connected with him and received a couple of e-mails from him.  We both promised to continue our exchange tonight, graduating to exchanging pics and see how we feel about setting up a face-to-face.

I’m excited…I like the sound of a man pleasuring and pleasing me at my whim…a sexual slave so-to-speak but in a vanilla context.  Guess we will see how this Liza CL experiment will go.


Yep, that didn’t take long…got the guy’s pics, YIKES!!!!  His mama must be the one telling him he’s “good looking” cause I certainly don’t see it.  Long hair is a big turn off for me, especially when it’s flowing down your shoulders, unruly and unkept, I’m sure it’s clean though difficult to tell from the pictures he sent…one with a floppy brimmed hat, one without.  So much for the romantic part of the fantasy…dear gawd, why can’t the guy writing the ad be the man I’ve envisioned in my head, short haired, clean cut, almost casual preppy looking…rugged is one thing but deep back woods with no real upkeep…well, just not my cuppa!!!  The only way I would see a guy with long hair is if it is neatly pulled back in a pony tail…we’re talking 5 times longer than my hair!!!

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.  Another CL let down!!!!
Makes me really wonder what I was thinking…if it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is!!!  Point made!!!


Finally Friday.  I’m still on the mend health wise.  I did make it through the whole day of work yesterday and made myself go to walking group.  It was tough, I felt stuffed to my ears…it was a struggle but I made it 2.3 miles.

I’m still tired and trying to get some semblance of focus this morning to get it together and get to work…I’m just worn out.  I feel a little bit better this morning but still not where I want to be or should be to get through a work day.

I’m still debating with myself over whether or not to connect with a guy I’ve been having an exchange with here on AFF…he wants to meet but I keep putting him off. His initial question to me when we talked on the phone was when was I coming to OKC…that didn’t sit well with me because I’m not going to travel to OKC to meet him unless I’m headed to my friends that live there in OKC, which means I’ve more than likely got other plans that don’t include a new man.

Now, if the guy wants to come to Tulsa, well, there’s needs to be some sort of plan in place.  I do not do over-nighters with someone I’m meeting for the first time.  If I feel attracted to you, there is a possibility that I might take you home or go to your hotel for a little play time, but there won’t be any overnight – all night long play happening.  You’d have to be pretty damned incredible sexually for me to even want to spend a an hour or more with you…that’s how short my sexual attention span is these days.  I’ve been disappointed too many times to give much more time than an evening to someone new.  Gosh, I sound kind of prudish don’t I????

I’m behind schedule this morning, I need to get with it and get in the shower…for some reason renting some movies and taking it easy this weekend sounds like the best plan laid…it’s supposed to turn cold again later this morning, possibility of thunderstorms…cooler than I prefer tomorrow and warming slightly on Sunday.  Not really warm enough weather to get out and do much in the yard so I’ll continue to plot and plan my raised garden beds.  My seedlings are sprouting quite nicely and I’ve moved everything out into my little greenhouse.  My aphid treatment to my already mature pepper plants seems to be working…I’ll try and give them another good cleaning this weekend.  I’ll also price materials to build my raised beds for official moving and planting in a couple of weeks.  I’m excited about growing my own vegetables this spring and summer…I’m determined to help cut the costs of my food bill, as well as eat better and healthier…

Have a good Friday…and a great weekend!!!