The Perfect CL Ad…

I’ve come across another ad on CL that piqued my interest.  It’s what I refer to as a “perfect” ad inviting some lucky gal to come and be a man’s “kept” woman.

The requirements are rigorous…you must be able to travel with this man, be his “eye candy” and eventually the friendship or relationship of sorts could evolve into marriage if both parties are agreeable.

This ad particularly caught my eye because of the offers of the “good life” it proclaimed.  I particularly liked this part: “New Mercedes SKL class, a wardrobe shopping spree and introductions to his circle of friends locally and throughout the US. He expects to also meet your friends/family and would like to put on a gala catered event at his house…home of 4,000 sq ft with pool.”  As far as maintenance of the woman that responds to this ad, she is expected to enjoy:  “Appreciate the upper class comfort lifestyle of having weekly maid services, lawn services and being taken care of through salons of her choice.”

The age bracket for this “position” of “kept” woman is 35-50, which means I’m slightly outside of that brackets.  I did go ahead and send a quick note of introduction.  I liked reading that there was an extensive questionnaire that would be sent and required to be filled out completely.  I love challenges and even though I’m not feeling at the top of my game lately, I could see myself quitting my current job and getting into this type of gig totally and completely…

At least, for a little while…I did hear back from the posting.  There had been an overwhelming response to the final posting and there had been 7 interviews set up for this man.  If for some reason none of those 7 candidates don’t meet the criteria of what is being sought, then I would be contacted and the questionnaire would be sent and exchange of pics.  With so many gals unemployed and not necessarily wanting to become employed…this would be a perfect opportunity for the right gal to put herself out there in what I call a basic business relationship…bargaining with one’s pussy has gone on for thousands of years…why not?????

I liked this ad because it was more or less an ad for a position…a real human resources type ad with that twist that I enjoy.  I’m not saying I would necessarily be happy for very long in a deal like this, but for a few of the finer things in life, I could make myself behave and mold into what someone else wants me to be…if only for a little while…I had to chuckle after reading the ad because I wondered how many women would respond if they knew that basically they would be expected to put out sex in exchange for all that this ad offers.  I am always amused at how many women become incensed when they realize that sex is a huge part of a business deal…a gal has to do what a gal has to do to get where and what she wants out of life.  I have no problem doing what I have to do to get what I want…fitting “love” into the equation, seriously, love can and does happen, but sometimes it just doesn’t “fit” into the whole schedule of things.  I have never had a problem putting out sex for whatever it is I am gearing for…and quite honestly I prefer to keep emotion out of the sexual equation.

The man would have to be one hell of a man for me to ever consider getting married.  I won’t say I will NEVER get married again, the probabilities are simply higher than the average gal that I won’t get married again!!!  Marrying for love is simply not something I’m interested in…marrying for money, sex, Hell yes, where do I sign??????  lol

Anyway, another perfect CL ad!!!

A Helping Hand…

The first thought that popped into my head when I read a post to my blog topic of watching porn was, yeah, I’ll give you a helping hand…I’ll grab a hold of your cock and squeeze it so tight, yank on it until you beg me to stop…and then I’ll milk your balls until you’re crying like a little baby…please, Mistress, please don’t milk my balls!!!

Give you a helping hand…first and foremost, I don’t “give” anything to anyone…you have to earn whatever it is you’re seeking from me. If you’re seeking some sexual relief from one of my incredible hand jobs, okay, that’s one way I can “give” you a helping hand…but again, my first and foremost response is I’ll yank on your cock so hard I’ll have you down on your knees begging me to stop, begging me to stop yanking on your cock…begging me to stop giving you such a “helping” hand!!!!

I have to admit, I amuse myself with some of the wild and dastardly thoughts that pop into my head when I read some ignorant SOB’s blasay post to one of my blog topics, yeah, I’ll give you a helping hand…I’ll have your naked body all cinched up, your cock and balls tied so tight you hope they’ll fall off really soon because the pain is so excruiating…

WOW, where did all that thought process come from?????? Do ya think the winter weather might be straining my normally sweet and demure persona a bit???????

A Helping Hand…WTF!!!!!

Saturday Night Adventure…

I had a GREAT dinner and even better time sensually torturing my “dinner date.” Since my least favorite submissive loves it when I Dominate our time together, he asked me if I would do the ordering and basically order as I pleased for us both.

Okay, I got a little ahead of myself…back up to our meeting in the parking lot at the designated time of ten minutes until 7:00 p.m. subbie jer was waiting for me, exactly where I told him to park his car. He was so nervous, not wearing any underwear, he was having a difficult time keeping his pants up…I pulled out a little Victoria’s Secret bag that contacted the wireless remote controlled vibrating panties. He wasn’t sure what to think about the surprise…I told him that he could excuse himself when we got to our table and go to the men’s room and put them on under his trousers. He mumbled something about wonder if there isn’t a stall with a door on it…I told him I didn’t care how private the men’s room was or wasn’t, he was to do as he was instructed.

We had a fabulous booth that looked out over the rest of the dining area…we were in the far corner so subbie jer had to walk the length of the dining room to go to the restroom…which was perfect for using the vibrating panties…as soon as he came out of the men’s room, I turned on the remote…subbie jer kind of stumbled when that happened…took him completely by surprise…then I would turn it off for the rest of his walk to the table. I tried hard not to laugh out loud, the look on his face was so damned priceless.

I had already decided on the appetizer and what I would drink. I allowed subbie jer to order his own drink and entree’…I, of course, ordered my lobster. After we placed our order, I engaged subbie jer in conversation, turning the vibrator on just as he was getting into whatever we were talking about…it didn’t take him long to start begging to eat my pussy…I laughed and told him that wasn’t an option…he was to remain seated in the booth and endure the continued torture as I dished it out.

We had a fabulous appetizer, steamed mussels in garlic and white wine sauce…then our meal…my 8 oz. lobster was fantastic!!! Garlic mashed potatoes and fresh asparagus spears…

I was having so much fun torturing subbie jer that I ordered dessert so the torture could continue…apparently, I was taking subbie jer to a sexual frenzy level we had not reached before…which I found quite comical…he started begging me to let him eat my pussy after dinner…which I really didn’t want him coming over to my house…I made up a lame excuse and he immediately offered up his house…which was interesting because he had led me to believe that he pretty much spent most of his time at his significant other’s house…I made sure there would not be any type of repercussions should I decide to allow him to eat my pussy if we went to house to accomplish this fete…he assured me everything would be fine. I told him I needed to be home by 10:00 p.m. and it was approaching 9:00 p.m. as we left the restaurant…nothing like an expensive meal to turn me on…not to mention how much fun I was having getting him all hot and bothered with the vibrating panties…I did make him go to the men’s room at the restaurant and take them off before we left…

I agreed to go to subbie jer’s house so he could pleasure me further by eating my pussy…I don’t usually agree to indulge one of my submissives in this manner, but I call the name of the game and I wasn’t really ready to call it a night. So, I followed subbie jer to his house…I excused myself to go to the restroom while subbie jer went to give himself his cock shot. Unfortunately, subbie jer can’t get an erection on his own, thus he has to give himself an injection in the shaft of his cock-meat to get it hard.

I came out of the restroom to a fully nude subbie jer, yanking on his cock, wishing it to hurry up and get hard…I grabbed his nipples and pinched them as hard as I could…he gasped and moaned…and then started groping me, which I told him, he was NOT to touch me unless he had permission…and he DID NOT have permission!! He begged a little bit and I told him to shut up and get down on his hands and knees and eat my pussy…which I knew he would be able to do because it hurts his knees for him to get down on his knees, but I commanded him to do so anyway…he got down on his knees but couldn’t get his neck adjusted…he asked if we could go into his bedroom where I could lay back on the bed while he ate my pussy…I agreed…admonishing him on the way that he better eat my pussy EXACTLY like I want it or I would simply leave him with his hard-cock and everything…his cock was in a more semi-erect state than I’ve ever experienced with him and he was so turned on and frantic to accomplish anything and everything sexual…I really had to work on not laughing at his sexual frenzy…

He ate my pussy just like I like it…but I knew his knees wouldn’t last long even with me positioned on the bed where his neck wouldn’t bother him…I then pushed his head away and told him to get up on the bed on his back. I was about to get up on him in the 69 position when he begged me to get on him and ride his cock. Since he has never had a decent erection with me before, I thought, what the Hell, why not? I got on top of him and stuffed his semi-erect cock in my pussy…then I started pinching his nipples…then leaned back and started spanking his balls with my hand…he went nuts and within 30-seconds he was screaming and thrashing in his orgasm…again, I had to try really hard not to start laughing…which laughing would have caused my pussy muscles to contract and shove his cock out of me…I continued to pinch his nipples until he begged me to stop.

I got off of him and sat down next to him…he was in shock…he couldn’t believe how fast he had cum…I chuckled and started dressing…I looked at the clock, it had only been 20-minutes since we had left the restaurant!!! subbie jer laid there totally beside himself…he couldn’t believe how turned on he had gotten from the vibrating panties which just carried over to the 10-minutes we were at his house…subbie jer walked me out to my car, he was mumbling and carrying on about how he had never cum that quickly other than when he was a VERY turned on man…I told him I guess I did a good job on him during dinner…he agreed, there was nothing like that sensation of that little vibrator in those little thong panties I made him wear throughout dinner.

I had a “thank you” e-mail waiting for me when I got home…I had a good time, I had a good dinner…and humbled subbie jer even more with my diabolical talents!!!!

A Reprint…Revisiting A Scene From Last Year…

I was pleasantly surprised to hear from a man that I had a brief exchange and experience with this time last year.  The experience I had with this man came right before my dad had his catastrophic stroke and heart attack, eventually dying in mid-March.  I heard from this man a couple of more times but my heart and mind were not into venturing further with this man or exploring any further other than the one experience, which I will share once again as a reprint/repost of that fun and exciting adventure…enjoy!!


I read and reread His ad. For some reason, the thought of enduring a bare-assed, over-the-knee spanking turned me on like nothing else. I decided to respond to His ad, I wanted to begin a dialog and see where this would go. I wanted to know more, my pussy was so freaking hot and wet!

I liked the idea of a somewhat anonymous type sexual experience…for some reason, I knew that somehow, this Man could bring into fruition, what I was seeking in this particular situation, this particular experience…or did He really know?  I think I was more intrigued with how I could take the scene and turn the power exchange around on Him.  Our e-mail exchange went well, He was intrigued by my apparent knowledge of a discipline scene and the fact that I knew what I wanted out of the initial part of the scene.  He tried to convey a most “non-sexual” scene, which was the most attractive feature of the whole scene to me…to take a scene that was meant as a strict, discipline scene and turn it to accomodate my sexual desires…oh yes, I could instantly see and yes, feel the sexual tension, as well as I knew, I knew I would get the sexual fulfillment that I was seeking out of the scene.

After a brief exchange of e-mails, the scene was set.   The details decided upon, the date and time set.  I was sent my “instructions” by Him…I was all set for the challenge before me.

All I could envision was going to a random office somewhere in one of those little office parks. It was a rainy day or like today, cold, wet and snowing, there was little to no traffic around. I pull into the parking lot and park in front of His office door. I took a deep breath and another quick look in the mirror to make sure everything was as it should look.

I hurried to the door of the office and opened the door. He had no receptionist, He was a one-man operation. I could hear Him in the other room, His inner, main office.

“Is that you Victoria?” He asked from the distance.

“Yes, yes, it is Victoria,” I replied. I took off my coat and put it on the reception chair nearest His main office door. He came to the inner office door and stood there.

“Come on in, my dear. It’s time for your session,” He told me. I left the coat on the chair and entered the inner office. He went and locked the door to the outside of the building, locking me in. I was so sexually charged, so turned on…I could hardly stand there and wait on Him to return. I set my purse on one of the chairs in front of His massive oak desk. I stood there and waited for Him to join me. He came in and shut the inner office door behind Him. He touched my arm as He turned the other chair in front of His desk around to face me where I was standing.

“Stand right here, Victoria,” He instructed me. I turned more to face Him. “I see you’re wearing a nice dress as I requested. What about underneath the dress? Are you wearing the panties and thigh high hose I instructed you to wear?”

“Yes, Sir, I am,” I replied. He reached out and touched my arm, pulling me to Him. His fingers lingered at the hem of my dress.

“You know I’m going to check to see if you’re wearing specifically what I asked you to wear?” He half-asked, half told me.

“Yes, Sir, I know you will check to see if I did as I was told,” I replied. The fingers on His left hand lifted the hem of my dress exposing what was underneath. He studied the panties I had on,as well as the thigh highs. I could feel the wetness between my legs growing. I knew the crotch of my panties had to be soaked by now…I ached to have Him touch me, touch my pussy, feel my wetness.

“Well, you got the thigh highs right, but these aren’t the panties I specifically instructed you to wear. What explanation do you have for me?” He insisted. I felt my face grow hot. I couldn’t have put on the wrong panties. He specifically told me He wanted me to wear the black, lace, silk, French cut panties, that’s what I had on.
“I don’t understand, Sir. You told me to wear the Black, lace, French…”

“No, I told you to wear the red ones. I gave you three pairs of panties exactly alike when we met for lunch and I told you that I would let you know what pair I wanted you to wear today. I specifically told you to wear the RED panties today,” He said with a very stern, almost fierce tone to His voice.

“Yes, Sir,” I said and started to tremble. What in the world? I wasn’t scared of this Man, I knew He had told me to wear the black panties, but now He had changed His mind and I was supposed to be wearing the red panties. Good grief, was there no pleasing this Man?

“You must suffer the punishment, dear Victoria, for not following my instructions explicitly. You realize you must make good on your transgression?” He asked.

“Yes, Sir,” I replied.

“Hold your dress up so I can take your panties off of you,” He instructed me. I took the hem of my dress, holding it up so He had full access to pulling my panties down.

He took his time and placing His fingers in the elastic waist band of my black panties, He very slowly began to pull the panties down. I sucked in a breath; I was so fucking turned-on I was about to orgasm right there standing before Him, on Him. I could feel His warm breath on my bare abdomen…how could He not smell my sex? I was so wet, so hot!  I wanted Him to run His fingers between my legs,I wanted Him to touch my womanly delights.  I wanted Him to fuck me, fuck me anyway He wanted and could…

I felt myself trembling,I couldn’t control my trembling.  I was so turned on, I felt as though I were having an out-of-body experience.

He pulled my panties down to my knees and then down to my ankles.

“Step out of the panties, Victoria,” He told me. I obeyed. There I was standing before Him in His office…I was holding my dress up to expose my now bare pussy and ass, my thigh highs exposed…and, I was still wearing my high-heeled shoes. I don’t know when I’ve felt so exposed, embarrassed, yet so turned on!

“Come here, Victoria,” He instructed. He placed the panties on His desk and was now sitting with His knees together.  He pulled me to the side of His legs.

“Bend over, Victoria, bend over my lap,” He said. I began to bend over His lap while His hands moved to place me right where He wanted me. “That’s a girl, yes, lay with your full weight across My legs.” I did as I was told. I could feel my womanly juices running down the insides of my thighs. I wanted Him to touch my pussy, touch me, make me cum…

He placed His left hand on my shoulder blades as though to hold me down and then I felt His right hand resting just on the middle of my ass cheeks. And then before I knew it what was happening, He spanked my bare ass cheeks with a firm hand…the sound was deafening but thoroughly electric. The pain was instant but it hurt so good…another smack of His hand.  I couldn’t help but flinch and jump…first one ass cheek then the other received one firm spank after another. I was wiggling and squirming as He administered each spank. I felt the tears fill my eyes…I felt my pussy throbbing with excitement, with the agony of needing a sexual release…

“Let it all out, Victoria, let go,” He told me with a softer tone to His voice. I was so close to orgasm I could taste it…I felt His hard cock pressing into my belly…surely He wanted me as much as I wanted Him right this very minute, right?

Another spank on first one ass cheek and then the other…the rhythm was intoxicating…my ass was on fire, my pussy was on fire…I was in pure spanking heaven or is that spanking Hell?

“Do you understand why you’re being spanked, Victoria?” He asked quietly as He continued to paddle my bare behind with His hand.

“Yes, Sir,” I managed to choke out my reply.

“Do you want a release, Victoria?” He asked.

“Yessss, yes, Sir,” I managed to mumble.

“What my dear? I don’t believe I heard you?” He asked a little more stern. Another spank on my bare bottom…

“Yes, Sir, I want a release,” I replied where He could hear me.

“Good, girl,” He said and I felt His hand slip between my legs. I felt His fingers inserting into my hot, swollen, wet pussy…He began to finger fuck me, my ass cheeks on fire from my bare-assed spanking…I was in heaven, fuck my pussy, yes fuck my pussy!

“That’s a girl, give it to Me, give me that orgasm,” He said in a wicked voice. It didn’t take me long to obey…
“Please, Sir, May I cum?” I managed to ask as I tried to hold off cumming on His fingers…I could feel my insides pulsing…I was on the edge about to tupple over into orgasmic bliss…

“Yes, you may, Victoria,” He told me as He fucked my pussy with His fingers. And there I was…I fell over that orgasmic cliff and into the throes of my full-body orgasm…it felt like He had His whole hand inside of my pussy…I felt full and so fabulous, my whole body shaking and twitching in response…I could hear myself hollering, Yes, YES YES!!!  He fucked me with his whole hand in my pussy…I felt so full and I knew He could feel each and every one of my vaginal spasms…my pussy juices were flowing…I came, I came hard on His hand…I began to push His arm, pushing His hand out of my drippy, spasming pussy…I quivered and shuddered, I had orgasmed hard…I was still floating on that orgasmic bliss…but I wanted MORE!!!!

I was moaning and groaning, wiggling and squirming on His lap, wave after wave of the after shocks of my orgasm washing over me as He held me firmly on His lap. My bare ass dancing around until I finally had given all I had to give.

I don’t know how long I laid across His lap…I finally gathered my wits enough to ask permission to get up.

“Permission granted Victoria,” He told me as He helped me up off of His lap. His hand was covered in my pussy juices. He sat there with a wicked smile on His face.

“Now, Victoria, lick my fingers amd hand clean,” He instructed me. “Get down on your knees before me and lick My hand and fingers!” I did as I was told. I took His hand in my mine and began to lick my pussy juices from His fingers. He reached around with His other hand and pulled my dress up again to reveal my bare ass. I could feel the heat still lingering there from my spanking. I loved the taste of my juices on His fingers and hand. I wanted to please Him as He had pleasured me.

He then pushed me back and pulled my chin up to look at Him.

“Now, Victoria, I want you to suck my cock. I want you to make love to My cock with your mouth. Can you do that?” He asked. I was ecstatic, I wanted to see His cock, I wanted to suck His cock, I wanted to take His load of cum in my mouth and swallow every drop! He had never bared Himself to me before, this was an ultimate treat. I sat back on my heels and waited for Him to stand up and unzip. I was so thirsty for His jism…I could feel my own excitement growing again!

He unzipped and then dropped His trousers and then ever so slowly lowered His boxers to reveal a raging hard-on. He let His trousers and boxers fall to the floor and then He sat back down in His chair. He positioned himself where His ass cheeks were on the edge of the chair allowing His hard cock an optimal angle.

“Now, suck me, Victoria, suck my cock,” He commanded. I took to my task immediately…I took His hard shaft in my hand and began to lick up and down the shaft, licking around the rim, taking the whole head of His cock into my mouth. He had a nice sized cock, though it seemed to be swelling with each flick of my tongue. I wanted to please Him; I wanted to show Him I was good cock-sucker.

I could feel my pussy growing hot again, I sucked the best I could, I made love to His cock with my tongue and mouth…I wanted to taste Him, I wanted His load of cum in my mouth, I wanted to taste Him!

His hips started moving ever so slightly and then His hips started thrusting forward into my hot, little mouth.

“You have a wicked mouth, Victoria, suck My cock, bring My boiling load of cum up from My balls,” He hissed at me as I continued sucking His cock like there was no tomorrow. I applied more sucking pressure…a technique that I had found to be most effective…I held His cock with one hand while I dipped my fingers into my hot, wet pussy, covering my fingers with my juices.  Having lubed up my fingers, I then found His ass crack just over the edge of the chair, while holding onto His cock with my hungry mouth, I began to feel into His crack to find His ass hole…it didn’t take me long to work first one finger and then the other into His ass crack and then into His ass hole. I then began to suck harder on His cock while I inserted my finger into His ass hole moving my finger to massage His prostate. I had no sooner found the magic spot when He grabbed my head and held me down on His hardness…I felt His legs tense and then the hot splash of His jism filling my mouth and throat.

I sucked every drop out of Him. I removed my finger and sat back as He sat back in the chair trying to regain some composure. I stood up and went over to the sink at the far end of the office and washed my hands. Then I picked up my purse and headed to the door. I never said a word, I unlocked the door and let myself out. I left Him there, completely spent in the chair.


The temps are supposed to gradually be warmer this week…funny how 32 degrees feels pretty good after temps dip down into the 20s and lower into the teens…

I had some disturbing news yesterday from one of my special married attorney friend.  This man helped me get the job at the last firm I worked…when we met for lunch a week or so ago, we went over how long we’ve known each other and enjoyed each other’s company, which came to eight years!!  This man is so dear to my heart, he took me to San Francisco several years ago, he takes me to lunch at my favorite restaurant here in Tulsa…he’s put me up in the fanciest of hotels so we could get together and enjoy each other’s company…he informed me yesterday that his prostate biopsy did show cancer in two areas of the prostate.  He said his doctor was going to discuss treatment options yesterday afternoon or today as it is a fast growing cancer and they need to be aggressive in the treatment.  I told him I would be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers…it’s difficult for a Mistress to be too much of a part of such a crisis…but I wanted him to know that I was here for him.

Then my ever-steady married fuckbuddy shared with me that the family was going having to deal with their 13-year-old dog being sick.  The veterinarian found a huge tumor on the dogs bladder and did not give the dog much of a chance of surviving the surgery…and until they operated the vet wouldn’t know how entangled the tumor was to the bladder or other vital organs, so he had a rough weekend as the vet told them to take the dog home and prepare for yesterday…of course, that stirred up all kinds of emotions for me over previous furry kids that have come and gone in my own life and how much a part of our lives our pets become.  I shed a few tears for my dear fuckbuddy…I’m anxiously waiting to hear what happened with the little dog.

I started on my weight loss and exercise regimen yesterday…and it went well.  Since I haven’t allowed myself to snack like I did at the last job, I don’t think it’s going to be that difficult to eat the right things when I do eat at work…I’ve added fruit to the mix at the office and made myself drink 64 ounces of water yesterday.  I felt like I spent the majority of the day running to the bathroom, but once my body adjusts, I think my kidneys will calm down.  I have to hydrate now that I’m walking again…this morning was a prime example as I got up with a sinus/dehydration headache.  Once I get the first sixteen ounces down, as well as the first cup of coffee, the better I will feel.

I made it through my first walking training of this year last night.  We did a “quick” mile that had me huffing and puffing but I was tickled with myself, I finished with a pace of 15:44 for a mile, walking, not running.  I didn’t think my shins were ever going to stop screaming but they finally relaxed enough for me to keep a steady pace.  There’s only five of us in the group…I’m hoping more show up on Wednesday evening, but we’ll see.  I’m going to have to really push myself to keep up but that’s what I want…I want to be pushed and challenged.

The training schedule has us doing at least two-miles a day, a half mile more each week…this is a twelve week program, so we will see how it goes.  I was disappointed that none of the gals I walked with in the last level actually moved up with me to this program…I was hoping I’d have a buddy or two to set a pace with, but none of them showed up last night.  I think they’re hesitant over the speed and distance.  By the time we do our graduation race in April, we’re supposed to be doing a thirteen minute mile walking!!!

I’m going to have to hydrate better…I got up with a dehydration headache…I’ve learned that some of these morning headaches are combined sinus and dehydration issues…so, I’ve downed a bottle of water and working on my first cup of coffee.

I’ve been contemplating joining Weight Watchers online lately, but I really can’t afford it…at least, not right now.  I’ve got my finances all fucked up again, nothing new there…I so want to get a handle on my money and monthly expenses.  I want to be debt free but I’m beginning to think that will never happen…I did contact my friend in real estate mortgage lending about maybe refinancing my house and seeing if there are ANY options.  She pretty much told me that folks with perfect credit, little to no debt and great incomes are being turned down right and left.  That’s alarming coming from her because she’s the queen of creative financing when it comes to getting someone qualified for a home loan.  What’s the point of having good credit if it doesn’t get you anywhere other than further into debt?  I’ve got to find ways to save more money and increase my overall monthly income…I’ve got to get busy on my eBay project.  I’ve got to clean out my closets and get rid of “stuff!”

I’m hoping to hear from my gal pal from Texas this week. She is coming/cumming to visit me here in Tulsa around the 13th.  I’ve got some nasty plans in the works and hopefully she’s still excited about the sessions I’m lining up with several of my special friends.  I think it will be an action packed week to say the least!!!

Time to move along, get the work day underway!!!  Have a great Tuesday…

If He Sounds Too Good To Be True…

Then he probably is too good to be true!! I was pleasantly surprised last week when I received an incredible e-mail from a young man (39 about to turn 40) that lives in Texas. He writes quite eloquently, especially for someone here on Adult FriendFinder…so, I decided to explore a bit further.

I responded with a nice note and expressed my interest in continuing an exchange to see if there really was any type of mutual attraction interest.

I have to admit, a well written e-mail, detailing your life and where you find yourself in your life, your thought process, your sex life, well, that gets my attention and finds me getting a little tingly between the legs…

I am put off by age…there’s no need to go into some sort of extended dissertation over this subject with me…every time I clear my mind to explore what interests we might have in common, I find myself slam-dunked back into hard core reality in that I have very little in common with a man a little over ten years younger than myself.

This young man wooed me quite well with his “novella” of who he is and how he came to be where he finds himself on the brink of turning 40-years-old. The e-mail that slammed me back in to reality that the age difference does make a difference to me, was when the young man mentioned having a 10-year-old daughter…he may have other children, I don’t know, as I suddenly snapped back into reality in that I want no part of someone that finds himself in the middle of raising his kids with his ex-wife. I’ve raised my kids, I’m put them on their paths to individualism and productive contributors to the world in which they carve for themselves…

I have no desire to be a part of someone else’s time to raise his/her kids…I’m in a much different place in my life as this young finds himself. While he’s attracted to much older women, I’m not attracted to much younger men…as carefree as he wants to paint himself, his portrait isn’t attractive enough for me to even respond to his last…I lost interest with the first read…by the second read of his note, I found myself deleting his e-mails and moving on. I simply don’t want to be a part of a young man’s life while he’s still in the child-rearing years.

Perhaps I’m selfish, I want a man that is a part of my life to be all about me…I don’t want to take second chair to the daughter’s basketball games and tournaments…I’m not a big baseball fan so no, I don’t want to go to your son’s little league game…I’ve got grandkids in the making, I can do all that all again when I’m ready to dout on my own little grand-monsters!!!

The other turn-off came when the young man neglected to really read my last e-mail to him where I provided my personal e-mail address in which would could continue our e-mail exchange…paying attention to the little details is something I look for in a man, with a man. If you’ve taken the time to truly READ what I’ve written, then you respond accordingly. Funny, but it was evident he hadn’t really paid any attention to my e-mail because I wrote a second “quickie” pointing out the obvious to me, which is if “you sound too good to be true, chances are you are too good to be true.” That got a response, just a quick run down on his family obligations…red light, red light…

So, if a man under the age of 45…and in this case, the man was just under the age of 40, sends a fabulously written e-mail, I’ll take the time to read it…the second and third e-mails, well, that’s where the difference becomes blatantly evident!!!!


Just About Out The Door…

I was just about out the door this morning, heading to the office, when it all hit me again, the income tax issues, the fact that the harder and longer I work, the further behind I seem to get…it just all came crashing down on me.  I call this morning’s fit an “emotional bowel movement”…but lack of what else to call and complete emotional upheaval of my frustration and disgust…

My tirade was not limited to just my income tax issues, but also the current government and administration in charge…let’s just say, I purged myself of quite a bit of ugly thought process on all…no need in stirring crap up here in Blogland with my political points of view and how I REALLY feel about the state of the economy and the folks that are “in charge”…I will say I did feel better getting it all out…at least, for the time being…

I got myself calmed down enough to drive…I really felt down and out driving to the office.  I was glad traffic was fairly easy and calm into downtown, which I figured it would be with today being Martin Luther King Day.  It was nice not to have to wiggle and worm my way through the construction track that’s on the last leg of my journey to and from downtown Tulsa…tomorrow, well, tomorrow will be balls to the walls heading to and from downtown…

Hopefully, I got my frustration out this morning, though I have a feeling as each 1099 forms come in the mail over the next couple of weeks, all that frustration and anger will come bubbling back to the surface.

On a brighter, nastier note, I’m gearing up for my gal pal from Texas to come/cum to Tulsa the second weekend in February.  She’s going to come/cum and stay with me from Sunday through to the next Saturday or Sunday.  I’m excited and looking forward to her visit…we’ve got so much in common besides both being fairly nasty gals.  My gal pal is bi-sexual and we enjoy each other’s company…and we’re both in the same intimate swinging group that gets together about every other month.

I’m lining up some naughty, nasty fun while my gal pal is here in Tulsa.  I’ve had a couple of specific fantasy requests that involve two women and one man, so I’m hoping to help bring that particular fantasy into fruition for several of my special friends that have requested such.  My gal pal is excited at the prospect of engaging in the sessions I’ve been laying out for her…she goes with the flow and loves it when I’ve constructed a naughty, nasty scenario.  She knows that if I’ve plotted and planned something, it is going to be off the scale fun, as well as nasty!!! So, I’m looking forward to February…

I did come to the conclusion today that I’ve got to forge ahead on the tax deal, get it done, get it handle and eventually paid.  What I want to do is prepare for 2011 in the process…no more surprises and ugliness, but then I didn’t plan on my dad dying or loosing the dream job that was supposed to take me into my 70s…the road of life is full of ugly bumps and potholes, I’ve just got to figure out how to keep my “front end” aligned and running smoothly through all the crap!!!!

Saturday Noon…

Nothing like tackling a bunch of projects around the house to make one feel like things aren’t so hopeless. I’ve got a hair appointment at 2:30 p.m. and that should make me feel a little bit better about myself. Well, I really don’t feel bad about myself as the state of my finances/taxes…I’m trying to hold to the thought that it will all work out, I’ve just got to dig in and make my stand…it’s just so disturbing when the numnbers I want to be, aren’t quite what’s coming up!!!!

Wishful thinking on my part, but hey, if you can’t wish and dream, what’s the point?????

I do know that I’m looking forward to next weekend when I head to OKC for a Naughty, Nasty Birthday Bash. My intimate swinging group is getting together to celebrate one of our cherished male member’s birthday!! It will be a fabulously nasty time, I’m actually looking forward to engaging in some nasty activities!!!

It seems to be a little more tolerable temperature wise today…I thought about going out in front to begin the monsterous task of raking up all the sweet gum balls…for some reason, that just doesn’t appeal to me…at all!!! The laundry and ironing are much more appealing!!!

Break time is over…back to the tasks at hand!!!

Just Not Feeling The Connection…

I have had a guy over the last couple of weeks that took to me and fully expected me to take to him in the same way…in other words, this guy is enthralled with me and felt I should be the same with him.  Our exchange has been through a sex site, the personals…he refers to himself as being “in the lifestyle,” which I had him clarify which lifestyle as there are several as far as I’m concerned…he declared himself to be experienced and still in the “swinging” lifestyle here in the Tulsa area.

Well, that told me a lot because I have been less than impressed in the swinging lifestyle folks here in Tulsa…definitely not the caliber of folks that I would find myself socializing in what is referred to as a “vanilla” social setting…so, I knew in my mind that this guy doesn’t really have a good base for what I feel are the best folks that I would like to associate with as far as swinging and sex goes here in Tulsa.

Anyway, this guy fully understood that I am a gal that enjoys a specific kind of arrangement with the men I engage in sexual activities…in other words, I’m not into sex for free or sex for the sake of sex…oh sure, I could if I wanted to indulge those that contact me on the sex site, but I prefer the arrangement I enjoy which a monetary donation is given to me in exchange for an hour of adult fun.

This guy doesn’t have a problem with that kind of arrangement, as long as it doesn’t apply to him.  Seriously, if I’m engaging in an e-mail exchange with you, I’m showing some level of interest, but if you’re not on-board with what I’m seeking in a man and with a man, well, chances are I will dismiss you as a “real” candidate to be invited over to engage in sexual fun.

This guy emphasized his desire to simply “be a friend.”  He provided me with several examples of the kind of friend he desires to be…as well as including if hot sex happened, it would be a benefit to both of us…okay, I can understand a guy hoping that this would evolve into a friend with sexual benefits…again, seriously, the list of men wanting to simply be one of my “friends with sexual benefits” is quite long.  I only consider and have actually enjoyed two men on that long list…and those two men can tell you, I rarely call on them unless it is a swinging group situation or a special session where I’m needing a “free” male cock to assist in one of my BDSM session/scenario…

So, this guy shares with me several scenarios in which he could be the friend that I really need in my life…that would also be there with a hard cock should I ever feel the need to get a good, hot fucking.

I asked the guy for a pic of himself…well, that definitely provided me with the ability to stand my ground that I had no desire to meet this guy unless it was on my terms.  His looks, well, he’s extremely overweight, which equates in my mind as to the belly over-hang factor as to how big his cock is when fully erect…nothing is more difficult that a woman trying to fuck a big-bellied man…getting to his cock, unless he’s got a horse cock and most guys that have the physic that this guy does usually have small cocks, that when fully erect are barely 5-inches long and you have to push his belly back to find the hard cock…you can’t possibly allow a man of this size to fuck you in the missionary position because he would crush you…so, the best way to approach a man like this to fuck is to get on top of him…and then you have to have the ability to get your legs to spread really far open…and then the guy’s belly over-hang is still going to be in the way…it can be done, but it is a lot of work and the chances of a satisfying fuck for me, are slim to none…I can fake it with the best of them and that is what would have to happen with a guy of this size in body!!!

The guy sports a full, short beard…that’s a big turn-off for me…my ex-hubby sported a full, short-beard…I didn’t find it particularlly enjoyable, especially when engaging in oral sex…a full, short-beard can be downright painful after I’ve just shaved my pussy…so, the guy’s pic did nothing but solidify the terms of a get together with me.

Of course the guy presented all the reasons why he couldn’t “pay for pussy”…one being that he couldn’t sexually function on an “egg timer” time limit situation but that he rather preferred to allow a sexual encounter unfold as it would…okay, give me a break, if you’re that hung up on taking your time when engaging in sex with a woman, then you definitely are not the man for me…friend or otherwise…my philosophy is that if you can’t make good use of the time you have for sex, then what is the point…hours and hours simply doesn’t equate for me…I simply will not indulge a man that wants to “go all night” or a man that declares he’s going to give me “hours and hours” of incredible oral sex…seriously, be realistic in your time-frames…I do suffer from adult sexual attention deficit disorder…in other words, you mention hours and hours and I instantly loose interest…

So, the guy follows my blog on the sex site and he presented all manners of thought processes where he would and could be available as an “extra cock” in one of my BDSM scenes where I “force” a man to suck another man’s cock…I set the clarification for this guy that anyone, man or woman, participating in one of my multi-person scenes would be included in that scene because he/she could provide the monetary requirement to be included in that scene…the FMF scene I’m planning for a couple of my submissive guys in February, will be paying for the privilege of having me and another woman, a close friend of mine, to be sexually dominating each man in a separate fantasy-cum-true scenario…nothing is “free” when it comes to an encounter-fantasy come/cum true…

Finally, my guy seemed to understand and “get it” that I wasn’t interested in simply being his friend that would eventually turn into a friend with sexual benefits…I simply am not interested in someone of that physical stature and appearance being someone as a constant in my life…I would much rather go it alone than to have a man like that hanging around all the damned time…

So, I just wasn’t feeling the connection with this guy.

How Often Do You Think Of Sex?

I found myself asking that question (to myself) several times today.  I feel as though I’m “in between”…I think about sex but not necessarily with whom do I engage in sex but how do I go about achieving sexual gratification.  Right now, it’s easier for me to masturbate than to try and engage a man to accomplish what I can do myself in a short amount of time.

But I caught myself thinking about sex throughout my work day…I didn’t feel particularly sexy today…I simply wondered how many woman my age were thinking about sex throughout their work day…am I a freak because I think about sex when I got to the women’s restroom and look across at the windows of the hotel…what would it be like to be in one of those rooms where I could look across into this restroom…

And then my mind wanders off to one of my recent fantasies that I thought about posting an ad on CL to enlist the assistance of man.  My requirements for the man I would include in my masturbatory fantasy was that he be able to afford to get a room in the hotel next door to my office building…he must be willing to have everything in the room ready for me to appear at 12:30 p.m. so that I could get naked…he would already be naked and we would indulge in watching each other masturbate to a climax, then I would dress and go back to my office, to work…

Of course, the fantasy has several directions…I often wondered how much fun it would be for my married attorney friend to get a ro0m at the Crowne Plaza where we could go and indulge in a “nooner” and then more nasty fun after work…and then maybe before work…

I am thinking that the Marriott downtown would work the same way…in my mind, it all has to be about what is convenient for me…

So, how often during your day do you think about sex?  Do you ever act on these sexual thoughts?