It’s Been A While…

I tend to go through phases where I try and do a blog post a day, every day to not ever logging on.  It would appear that I simply haven’t had the interest to log in to my blog here on WordPress and share what has been going on in my life, with my life.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, putting my thoughts down on paper until the computer age crept in on me and then I started pecking away at the keyboard, saving my thoughts, dreams, fantasies, disappointments down into a folder into the harddrive, then disks, then flashdrives, CDs…saving, preserving what is currently going on in my life or what has happened.

So, what has the Mature Sex Goddess been up to over the past 7 1/2 months????

Well, Let’s see where I left off…

The last blog post I made was at the end of December 2011.  Here I am now on July 14, 2012…let’s see…

I lost my job back about mid-January 2012.  I aboslutely HATED that job and was abruptly “let go” with an explanation that the attorney I was working for had decided to go with a gal that had a paralegal certification.  Really??? Seriously????  Not a problem but if you think I’m going to stick around and train the new gal that supposedly has better credentials than I do, think again!!!  I may be slow to “get it” sometimes but I’m not stupid.  I had about 3 days to clear my office computer, download what I did want onto a flashdrive, gather up all my stuff, turn in my parking garage card and building security card and I was done with that freaking poor excuse for a law office.

I immediately filed for unemployment and then over the next couple of weeks found my unemployment compensation delayed due to the SOB attorney I worked for sending me a “severance” check that he neglected to give me when he discharged me…all the while I continued my search for a new job.  I never really stopped looking for another job after I was “let go” from my dream job…so, my resume was up-to-date which made my search a bit more intense now that I was truly out of a job and monthly income.

Needless to say, I was only “unemployed” for three weeks when an employment agency I’ve used previously called me up and asked if I would be interested in working a “temp-to-hire” position.  For some reason, that sounded perfect…I would not have to commit to the law firm and they would not have to commit to me…it sounded like a win-win opportunity.

I have to admit, I liked being a “temp.”  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the group of gals I was put in the midst of at this job are a much better fit than the 20-somethings I had to endure at the last job.  These gals are all my age and older…much more experienced and though everyone has her fair share of drama in their lives, very little of it is actually brought to the office.

The temp-to-hire position evolved into a full-time legal assistant position and I “officially” went on the payroll as of June 1, 2012.  It was an easy transition from temp to full-time hire and I admit that I’m happy with where I currently find myself in the work world.  It is NOT the perfect job nor my “dream” job…I now know that that is something that I will more than likely never find again…all things happen for a reason, I’m just still trying to figure out why “I” was the one that ended up being the bargaining chip or pawn piece in the scheme of things over the past four years.

My “housemate” has been with me now officially for one year.  The past four months have seen that friendship deteriorate dramatically…I finally had to stand up and call my friend down on what was happening and how I had had enough of his so-called “funny” comments and actions.  I have basically done myself in financially by letting my friend live here rent-free…coupled with loosing my last job and trying to recoop and stay up with my day-to-day living expenses…let’s just say that I’m in worse shape financially than I have been in the past few years.  Frustrating to say the least.

Back to my housemate…I called him on all that has been bothering me over the past four months and basically told him that he would now pay a $200 a month rent starting July 1st and a projected move-out date of September 1st with the back-up move out date of December 31, 2012 if he wasn’t financially able to get his own place the first of September.

My housemate took me seriously and went and found an apartment, got his name on the list, filled out all the paperwork and found out this past Thursday he was approved and he can move into his apartment July 24th.  I found out from my live-in old man that my housemate also bought a bed and leather sofa yesterday and will have it delivered to his new apartment on the 24th…I had to laugh because the night before last I had talked with the housemate about taking his time to furnish his new place and now running out and buying a bunch of shit before he really got a feel for the place…so much for my wise words!!!!

So, looks like my housemate of the past year will be moving out in the next couple of weeks and I’m good with that…actually, I’m looking forward to having the house back for a little while before my “old man’s” mother possibly moves in with us.

Where am I healthwise????  I’m at my heaviest weight I’ve ever been at right now.  I don’t even want to type the number in because I am really stressed about it.  I know what I have to do, it’s time to make myself start doing the right things…eating right, exercising more…finding a good place to work through this weight issue and get the weight off so I can wear all my fabulous clothes and shoes packing my closets.

Where is the “Mature Sex Goddess” part of this blog????  Why am I going on and on about what’s been going on with me job-wise, housemate wise…health and weight wise????  This all has to do with how so NOT like a sex goddess I am feeling right now.  I don’t feel that I look sexy, thus I don’t feel that I am sex goddess worthy.  Don’t worry, these feelings don’t last very long…I’m not one that is prone to get depressed and stay depressed.  I usually pull out of a defunk state of mind without a 24-hour period…this will be the case with today’s feelings.

I know…I know…where’s the “sex?”  That’s another blog post…for now, I’m re-introducing myself!!!

The Day After Christmas 2011…

I just realized I haven’t posted anything since back in June when I went back to work after having part of my colon removed.

I have to admit, having major surgery, then going through the recovery process, being without a pay check for 6-weeks and gradually finding my way back to a somewhat “normal” life has been interesting.

I became a grandmother for a second time.  The newest addition to our extended family was a son born to my oldest son and his wife.  The little guy is the remake or “mini” me of my son.  He looks just like my son did when he was a baby.  I am so proud of my son, his wife and my little grandson…a perfect little family.

I really thought I had found a “happy” place in my current employment…that was until the week before last when the drunken, derelict attorney fired his secretary.  Life at the office is no longer where I want to be…the problem is, I can’t seem to find another work home.   I’ve continued to apply for jobs and go on interviews…no one seems to want someone like me…I have a feeling it has to do with my salary requirement.

Nevertheless, things have not been all rosey and happy at the office this month of December…my boss has been less enchanted with me and I really thought I would get fired when I made an error on the e-filing of an order in a case…I filed the short version of the order, which the judge entered instead of the detailed, number specific order that my attorney wanted.  The opposing counsel started rumbling about not agreeing to a detailed order but rather liking the simple, unspecific order…so, my attorney was livid with me…it was the first time since my surgery that I got to experience what my body does when I’m under pressure…OMG, it was ugly.  I haven’t felt gut pain like that since before the surgery!!!  I really worked myself into a frenzied state and had pretty much convinced myself I would be out looking for another job on Monday morning.  Well, I got back from lunch and it had all worked out…the judge entered the correct order and all was right with my world again.  Let’s just say I’m getting too old to do such stupid things!!!

There’s a whole slew of things that have been going on in my life since I last wrote…I’ve got a new housemate living with me and my significant other until the guy figures out what he wants to do with his life…this is with regard to his 28-year marriage.  He’s been living here since July.

I’ve enjoyed a couple of new special friends (clients) but they seem to have fallen off of realizing their submission the past month…I’m waiting patiently to see if any or all of them return.

I usually am all about heading over to my favorite department store on the day after Christmas, but you know, the sales have changed and they simply aren’t offering enough off of the clothing that I would be interested in buying.  Not that I need anything new to wear…I would enjoy getting a pair of Ugg boots, but I’m simply not going to pay full retail price…mark them down and I’ll get a pair…I did order a couple of pairs of Lauren by Ralph Lauren boots from my attorney, sugar daddy, but that’s about it as far as great buys this Christmas season.

I did get a gift card for a sizeable amount from my least-favorite-submissive for Christmas but I’m waiting until the mark-downs are decent before using it.

That’s a brief run-down on where I’m at in my life…I’m going to try and reflect a bit more on this past year in the days ahead as I build up to 2012.


Monday, the beginning of the work week…another Monday off for me during my convalescing…I anticipate going back to my job from Hell next Tuesday.  I will discuss this with my surgeon tomorrow (Tuesday) at my follow-up appointment, post-hospital.

I’m tired of daytime TV…though I’ll be watching the last 3 shows of Oprah Winfrey.  I am tired of daytime TV but there are times when all I feel like doing is laying in my bed and watching TV or half-way watching, more times dozing…as I’ve said before, I’m not much of a nap taker, especially during the day…rest is an essential element to recovery from a major surgery.

Today is my youngest brother’s birthday.  He turned 42 years-old today.  My birthday is this Wednesday, I’ll be 53 years old.  I remember when my brother was born…I was thrilled to be getting a “baby” for my birthday!  I was 9 years old and a new baby was just so exciting.

I got all my errands done yesterday.  I was exhausted to say the least but thankful my dear friend agreed to shuttle me to all the destinations I had planned on my agenda.

Today, I will get out on the patio and take the petunias I bought and create a tower of cascading blooms and vines around my antique plant stand.  I’m hoping to place it on my front porch to give it a little more color.  I may just leave it on my patio and enjoy my creation out there…

More storms are predicted for the area.  Tornado season is in full swing…the ferocity of the tornadoes this year is unbelievable.  My thoughts and prayers go out to those folks that have suffered from these fierce storms.

Time for another cup of coffee and decide which project to attack before I have to take my first rest.  Have a good Monday.

Sunday Reflections 5-22-2011

I have a lot of time to reflect…as well as set little goals to accomplish during my convalescing. This isn’t an easy situation for someone like me…I’ve been told I’m a Type A personality with severe OCD…but I have learned from this health experience.

I’ve found myself thinking of how in the world I got to this point with my health. In all honesty, I had no idea I would be subject to Crohn’s without more of a warning from my body. In other words, the event that happened on or around 3/2/2011 was the first indication I had that something had gone seriously awry with my body. Sure the hereditary indicators are always there and I’m very much aware now that this disease runs in families…I definitely have those markers but I don’t fit the “prototype”…in other words, I’m way older than most folks when they experience their first bout with Crohns.

I’m tired of the surgical, steel staples in my belly. They are uncomfortable and tight at times. I’m confident that the surgeon will be removing them on Tuesday when I go for my first follow-up visit post-hospital stay. That will be an early birthday treat. I’ve already started researching what creams and such I should use to further facilitate the healing process of my major belly scar…It isn’t that I think I’m going to be able to get rid of the scar, just reduce the angry appearance that it current has…it is what it is, part of the road map of where I’ve been in my health life…take it or leave it, that’s just the way it is!!!

I will also talk to the surgeon about I should start back to work and if I should do half-days and see how it goes or just jump in and do full work days. Right now I’m not getting paid for every work week day I’m not in the office…thus, I’m thinking if the doctor will agree, I will start back to work the Tuesday after Memorial Day Monday for half-days that week and then full days the following week…that should get a pay check generated starting the first week in June. I have a feeling it’s going to be rough and exhausting for the first couple of weeks, but if I continue to progress as well as I have been, it should work out just fine.

I’m tickled that I finally have all my house plants out on my patio. Now I can vacuum where they have resided for the winter and straighten up my living room and bedroom. I am amused at how big the plants have become over the winter months and wonder how they will fit back into the house when the weather begins to turn cold later this year, in the Fall/Winter.

I’ve got several goals I want to accomplish today. I want to begin a walking program. Today’s goal is to walk around my block. Right now, that seems like a Hell of a long way…I’ve got to start the rebuilding process. My goal is to walk a little bit each day…that way, I can start back to walking group training as we head into Fall.

I want to go and get some more petunias to plant and display in one of my antique rod iron plant stands. I am thinking Home Depot will be the place to find the trailing petunias and little vines I’m wanting to plant.

I need to go by Sam’s and get a few things to get through this next week and then the grocery store for the items I don’t get at Sam’s. I want to run into the makeup store that is next door to the grocery store and see if the new OPI nail polish is in…a little birthday treat to myself.

This is a big list of “to-dos” today. I think I’m up to making the whole line of stops…I can always come home if I get too tired at any point of the journey. This will make for a full day, no doubt!!

In the week ahead, my birthday is Wednesday, May 25th. I’m looking forward to joining friends for lunch that day and then family/friends that evening. I’m trying to decide if I want to buy myself a chocolate birthday cake or make it. I’ve got to remember to pick up some vanilla ice cream to go with it…

My OKC Thunder fell short last night in their quest to win another game in the Western Finals…they are young and erratic…maybe that’s why I like to watch them, though the mistakes they make are somewhat painful at times and definitely leave them lacking point-wise. There’s a game tomorrow night (Monday) and then back to Dallas for the Wednesday night game.

That’s about it for my week in reflection and projection for the week ahead. Have a great week ahead!!!!


I’ve made it to another Friday!!! This convalescing is a little more difficult than I imagined it would be…though I am loving not having to get up and go to a job I absolutely despise!!!

I got a few more plants re-potted and placed on my patio, which thrills me.  I love my patio and think of it as my oasis in the middle of a crazy life and time.

This will be one of the first years in 10-years that I haven’t had a Naughty, Nasty Birthday Party planned for my birthday, which is next week.  May 25th to be exact.  Looking back, I’ve had some pretty incredible naughty, nasty birthday parties…WOW, did I make up for lost time or what????? lol!!!!!  Maybe next year…there’s always next year, right????  This year is all about being thankful to have made it to another birthday, as well as healing.

My birthday usually falls right on Memorial Day weekend…this year, it’s in the middle of the work week so that really works out…I’ll still be on medical leave from the “real” job so really doesn’t matter what day or weekend my birthday falls.  This year I’m thinking a silly, romantic movie and a nice birthday dinner…probably not the usual fare of lobster.  For some reason, really rich, incredible food doesn’t sound all that inviting.  However, there will be chocolate birthday cake!!!  I’ve already made up my mind, chocolate cake and vanilla icecream…yummy!!!!

I’m hoping to get the surgical, steel staples holding my belly together out next week.  I have a follow-up appointment to see my surgeon on Tuesday, the day before my birthday…hopefully, everything is healing the way it is supposed to heal.  I will also discuss with him when I can return to work, if only for half-days…I’ve got to get back to work.  Every work day that I’m not at the office, I’m not getting paid…OUCH financially!!!!

I’m hanging in here…getting around a bit easier each day, though still finding myself okay with crawling into bed and just laying there and watching TV.  Though daytime TV is getting old…

Yes, I’ve made it to another Friday!!!

Where oh Where Has Liza Been – No. 2 ???? A Sunday Reflections of Sorts 5-15-2011

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get back here to post to let everyone know I’m still alive, not kicking as high, at least not yet!!! This past Tuesday I gave up/in to the blasted right side pain and headed to the ER. The pain level got to an 8, I was done. I called my surgeon to let him know so we could get things in motion to resolve this pain issue… Long story short, I had surgery on Wednesday morning to remove a supposed decomposing appendix…I ended up having one third of my colon removed due to Crohn’s Disease having taken over, perforated, abscessed and engulfing my perfectly normal appendix. I have a crazy 10″ incision held together by about 35 surgical staples. The surgeon is confident tar he got it all. Apparently, he wasn’t sure what he would find, he mentioned cancer, diverticulitis but the pathology came back Crohn’s Disease. I wasn’t too surprised…Crohn’s runs in my family with my youngest brother having had two feet of his intestine removed ten years ago…my sister was diagnosed with Crohn’s last year and put on medication to clear up an irritated patch in her upper colon…and me, well, my primary doctor shared with me her concern that the problems I was having where not my appendix but a bad flair of Crohn’s in the spot noted on my colonoscopy from two years ago that that particular gastro-internal doctor chalked up to chemical irritation rather than further testing to be sure it wasn’t Crohn’s, especially since we had thoroughly discussed all my hereditary factors…interesting, huh??? So, I’m recovering well. I’m a model patient, very pro-active in my care. I have great nurses, great nurses aids, even housekeeping likes me though I keep them on their toes. Today is my first day on “real” or solid foods. I’m looking forward to the change of pace. Estimated discharge is mid-week with 4 to 6 weeks at home before returning to work. The surgeon said he went ahead and removed my appendix, which made sense since it was embedded in the part of my colon he removed!! What a week!!! Believe it or not, I’m resting and relaxing and not thinking about how to make ends meet…it will all work out , just taking it one day at a time.

We Will Never Forget…April 19th…OKC Bombing

Today is the 16th anniversary of the OKC Murrah Building Bombing in Oklahoma City. I remember hearing the news that morning 16 years ago just as court had been called into order.

The news shook us to the core…how could this happen in our state, our country? Who did this horrific terrorist act on American soil?  How could this have happened?

As the years have passed, I have come to know a truly, incredible man that lost his wife on that tragic day. He has moved on with his life but as he has said, it is always with him and some days it hits you in the face like running into a brick wall.

We often take for granted the simple pleasures of day-to-day life…take a moment to reflect today, hug that loved one, tell that friend you’re thinking of them…you never know what tomorrow will bring…in a manner of seconds hundreds of thousands of lives were changed.

We will never forget.