About – Life As A Mature Sex Goddess…

I’m a 55-year-old Mature Sex Goddess.  I LOVE sex!!  I love anything and anyone that has anything to do with SEX!!!

THIS Mature Sex Goddess has found a fabulous way to accomplish all the Naughty, Nasty Sexual Adventures She so desires by being VERY selective in those She chooses to entertain.  I can be your most sensual lover to that Bitch that takes you over her knee and paddles your bare-bottom even though you protest with tears running down your face!!

Where the path of life has brought The Mature Sex Goddess is to a place where I have never been happier and more complete.  I see who I want to see, when I want to see him/her…and for how long I want to see him/her…

I offer a myriad of experiences…a safe and nurturing environment in which to take those fantasies and desires from the recesses of your mind, dust off the cobwebs of doubt and fear and simply be…what is considered to be kink by one is normal to another…your mind is your limit…oh, there could gbe other limitations, but I only discuss those limitations when one has established a true desire to come/cum to me!!!

I am tolerant and patient to a point…push Me too far and I will show that Bitch side of The Mature Sex Goddess…some crave that Bitch, some prefer the more sensual, sexual Mature Sex Goddess…which ever persona you prefer, I more than likely can accommodate.  From the strict to the sensual, from the sublime to the blatant…this Mature Sex Goddess has it all!!!

Step inside My blog, the blog of A Mature Sex Goddess’ day-to-day thoughts and adventures.  I share My most intimate thoughts, worries, achievements and yes, failures…while I consider Myself pretty in shape and form, life sometimes has a way of making one ugly…nevertheless, I get up and dust Myself off, ready for the next adventure, the next experience…

I am, after-all, a woman…you could say by day, you would never know me from any other woman in the office…and by night, not really any different than anyone else other than I have a penchant for some naughty, nasty fun from time to time.

I don’t discriminate against marital status…in all honesty, if you’re married or attached, that’s YOUR problem.  I’ll admit that I’m a therapist in a way…a sex therapist…but leave the drama at the door or better yet, out in the car when you park in My driveway!!! It is a shame that you’re having to pay not only once for not getting sex at home but, then you pay again for seeing a therapist to get what you aren’t getting at home!!!! What’s wrong with that picture???

Nevertheless…Enter if you dare…yes, that’s a challenge.  I’ve done My best to tag and categorize all My posts so that you’re aware of My explicit, sexual language…why hold back?  Come/cum along, enjoy…let Me know if you like what you read…let Me know if you’d like to try what you see…crossing that line is only hard the first time…after that, it’s easy!!  Basically, if you’re easily offended, then my blog will more than likely offend you.

However,  once you do experience my realm, I am certain you will return again and again…if only to My blog, but who knows, maybe I will tempt you to venture further…


2 thoughts on “About – Life As A Mature Sex Goddess…

  1. As I read your intro I’m asking myself,is this for real? You are about my age,and seem exiting,love life and definitely most interesting. This world needs women like you that ease the suffering most men go through after the real evil minded wives or ex wives tire out giving them hell.
    There’s a beach where you and I could ………..

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