Happy New Year!!!! Welcome 2014!!! It is a bitter cold Sunday afternoon here in Ttown. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking today as I set about tackling various projects around the house.

I went back and read some of my posts since I started posting on WordPress and I have to admit, I’ve come a long way from when I first started posting and sharing what goes on in my life. I feel that I can and have “matured” some more since the first posts. I have to laugh at how jaded I think of myself when it comes to sex and my sexual playing preferences.
I also think of how sarcastic I’ve become in other areas of my life due to the personal interactions I’ve had over the past five years. There was a time when I would eagerly share the sexual goings on and now, I don’t share a thing with anyone due to the betrayal of a few people that I trusted to be my “friends.”

The frustrating part is how these so-called friends have impacted my professional or work life. I feel as though I’m stuck in a work-place rut having to work for a crazy, passive-aggressive, insecure, high maintenance female boss at a office that is suffering mightily financially, which means I’ll never get a raise in income any time in the near future. I find myself trying to keep from panicking that I’ll be stuck right where I am at this day job. I’m trying not to give up hope. I realize that this is a life lesson, though I’m trying to figure out what life lesson it is that I’m learning right now!! lol

Sex…what sex???? Okay, so I do still see one, old submissive guy. He can’t get a full-blown erection and the semi-erection he can get is only achievable when he gives himself a penile injection. Just writing about the penile injection turns me on…yep, the sexually, sadistic side of me is still very much alive and well!!! Nevertheless, I haven’t been as interested in sessioning “least favorite submissive” a/k/a sub j, as I have been.

Health-wise, I consider myself fat and sassy. I am overweight. I am continually working on loosing weight and becoming healthier. The trick is finding what will work for me and the health issues I have. I’ll figure it out, it’s just going to take time and patience on my part.

Sex. I want and need more sex. Though I will say, I am enjoying The Masturbation Club sessions. Engaging in a group masturbation environment seems to be fulfilling my sexual expectations for the time being. I like knowing that there are people watching me masturbate and I get to enjoy watching other people self-pleasure themselves. I like to think of this situation as being very safe-sex aware!! There are also the possibilities of finding someone to engage in some one-on-one or group sex playtimes in the future. Which reminds me, maybe I need to do some posts about my past year discovery of The Masturbation Club!!

Welcome 2014!!!

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