What Have I Been Up To Sexually???????

My sex life as The Mature Sex Goddess has been somewhat sporadic over the past 7 months.  I had high hopes that things would improve sexually when I let my male friend move-in while he sorted out his life and divorced his wife of 28-years…needless to say, my housemate turned out to be a HUGE sexual disappointment…thus, after two attempts to “play” sexually with my housemate, I gave up.  I don’t do well when a man decides his agenda is what he prefers over MY sexual agenda!!!

So, my sex life as the Mature Sex Goddess has been enjoyed with an occasional visit from one of my special friends, which is one about every six or eight weeks…or pleasuring and pleasing myself with my various BOBs (battery operated boyfriends…i.e.vibrators)!

I did happen onto a local area group that gets together once every two or three weeks and sometimes just once a month, for a group masturbation session…i.e. The Masturbation Club.  A couple of guys here in the Tulsa area got together and came up with the overall format of The Masturbation Club and I have been lucky enough to join these two guys in providing a safe and sane masturbation group get together.

I have poo-pooed the concept of getting together with other people to get naked and simply masturbate ourselves while others watched and did the same…but for some reason over the past year, I’ve reached a point in my personal sex life where I don’t necessarily want someone getting naked and playing with me, touching me and such…but the idea of getting naked and “performing” a self-sex act was exactly what I want!!!

Here’s how my first time masturbation club experience went…I will tell you, I’ve been enjoying attending the masturbation sessions for the past six months and joined the organizers in continuing to keep these “meetings” the best they could possibly be…this is what I have been up to sexually, lately…and of course, much more…but for now, enjoy my first Masturbation Club experience!!!


I was looking forward to my first Masturbation Club experience.  The “rules of engagement” were simple enough.  Those wishing to participate were sent an e-mail as to the date, time and location of the meeting.  The donation to help out with the cost of the room at a decent hotel was a set $10 to be put in the bowl near the door of the room upon arriving (cash only!).

The room or accommodations were dictated by how many folks RSVP’ed for an upcoming session.  This session was to be during a noon hour.  A “nooner” masturbation session sounded perfect for me.  I liked the thought of going somewhere to meet some folks, getting naked and getting myself off while others watched me and I watched others.  Very simple, very erotic!!!

I liked the idea that the location of my first session was near my downtown office.  This session was set for a “nooner” session which spanned from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Come/cum and go…my lunch hour was 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., so I liked the idea that I would be arriving and masturbating about mid-way during the session time period.

I packed a little “masturbation workout” bag, which included my favorite vibrator, condoms for quick clean up, lubricant and at the last minute, I decided to include my clit cream.  I would put the clit cream on my clit before leaving my office that way I would be primed and ready to go when I arrived at the masturbatory club session.

I have to admit, I was really excited about my first masturbation club session.  The morning at the office was busy and the time really flew by.  I made a trip to the women’s restroom about 15-minutes before I left for lunch.  I slipped the clit cream in my pocket and headed down to the basement restroom.  No one was around, not that it would have mattered, but I liked knowing that I was all alone and could dab the clit cream on my tiny little clitty, use the restroom and wait for the tingle to warm up my pussy…oh, what a delight to have that warmth growing between my legs as I gathered my purse and headed out for “lunch.”

I headed out at exactly 12:20 p.m. and drove over to the hosting hotel.  I found a perfect parking place and plugged the meter for an hour and a half.  I knew I wouldn’t necessarily be there for that long but wanted to be sure I had plenty of meter time without getting a parking ticket.  I had received an e-mail during the morning giving the room number of this session…I double-checked my e-mail on my iPhone as I entered the hotel.

I made my way to the elevator with my little workout bag and then up to the room number. The room was at the end of the hallway on the 5th floor.  I gave the instructed three-knocks on the door and it opened.  A good looking guy in gym shorts and no shirt, socks or shoes, opened the door.  I stepped in and he closed the door behind me.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as the room lighting or set up would be but I was pleasantly surprised to find the heavy main curtains of the room open to allow natural sunlight in through the sheers that were drawn.  To assist in further lighting the room, all the room lights were on.  There was a “donation” bowl on the nearest room counter and I placed my $10 in the bowl and then the door man motioned for me to pick a spot and get comfortable.  He whispered as to not interrupt or break the mode of the folks that were already there, naked and masturbating.

I looked around to find two other women already engaged in a full vibrator induced masturbatory session.  One woman was lying on her back with her ass flush up against the headboard of one of the two queen-sized beds, her legs spread wide and moving her vibrator quickly in and out of her juicy pussy…her eyes were closed and one hand was squeezing one of her tits, pinching her nipple while the other hand maneuvered the vibrator with ease in and out of her pussy.  She was moaning and groaning in ecstasy…

the other gal was propped up with her back to the headboard, laying back on a couple of pillows facing out to the room.  She was strumming her clit with the fingers of one hand while cupping one of her tits with the other hand…she was moving her hips a little as she strummed herself.  There were several guys positioned around the two beds, watching the women while they stroked their cocks…some were sitting and yanking on their manmeat…one was merely sitting there with a hard-on, thoroughly engrossed in watching but not touching himself…there was truly an erotic quality about the activity in the room.  My pussy got even wetter as I took in the sexual site before me…the smell of sex filled the room…coupled with the clit cream that I had applied earlier, I was primed and ready to get naked and enjoy myself.  I liked what I was seeing…I could hardly wait to get my own clothes off and be a part of this situation.

I decided on a space over on the floor, taking advantage of several discarded pillows…I placed them next to the wall and then set my bag down and quickly got naked.  I folded my clothes up for easy access when I was finished.  Then I took out my lubricant and vibrator, placing a condom over my precious toy.  I then placed the pillows where they would cushion me as I laid with my ass facing the wall…I then placed my feet on the wall, in a bent leg position but one that I had assumed many times at home when masturbating.  This is a newer masturbatory pose I got from my yoga practice…I love how I’m able to spread my legs as far as I want or just place them almost straight up while I fuck myself with my vibrator…apparently the first gal I saw when I entered the room, enjoyed this position as well…after seeing her on display, I knew it was quite an appealing sex pose for others to watch.

I loved the sex-scented aroma of the room…it added to the excitement and energy of all around.  I put some lube on the tip of my vibrator and on the little rabbit ears and turned it on, then got into position and rubbed the head of the vibrator on my already wet pussy opening…ever so slowly I slid my toy into my hot, womanly depths.  I looked around and saw two of the four guys stroking their cocks and looking directly at me…I loved it, I loved knowing that there were eyes focusing on me and my masturbation…I began to fuck myself with my vibrator and cupped one tit in my free hand…

About this time one of the other two gals began to cum…one started moaning and groaning and then the gasping and little exclamations announcing that she had orgasmed.  There was some soft clapping acknowledging the delight of some of the others…this only heightened my excitement and I started to tune out those around me and concentrate on getting myself off…I closed my eyes and basked in the knowledge that I was “performing” for those that cared to watch there in the room.

As I worked myself into the sexual frenzy of my masturbation, every now and then I would hear someone getting himself off and then I heard the other gal get herself off…there seemed to be the opening and closing of the door as folks would come/cum and go…it didn’t take me long to get near the edge of my own orgasm…I had closed my eyes in an effort to concentrate a little better but for some reason, I wanted to see if there was anyone still there watching me, so I opened my eyes and much to my thrill there were about four guys, naked and yanking on their cocks and watching me fuck myself with my vibrator.  I didn’t see the other two gals, they must’ve finished themselves off, gathered themselves and left…I loved knowing that the remaining men were there not only jacking off but watching me fucking myself…well, that was all I needed and I was there, I started cumming and really got into voicing my orgasm…this caused three of the four guys to shoot off good loads, moaning and groaning, shooting cum everywhere.  I LOVED IT!!!!

I laid there a moment, letting the jolts of my orgasm finish shooting throughout my body, then I got up, went to the bathroom, cleaned myself with a warm wash rag, dressed, put away my vibrator and lube and left.  I felt so relaxed and satisfied.  I LOVED IT!!!

I was definitely going to be attending future masturbatory sessions of the Masturbation Club.  My first experience was all that I had hoped it would be!!

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