It’s Been A While…

I tend to go through phases where I try and do a blog post a day, every day to not ever logging on.  It would appear that I simply haven’t had the interest to log in to my blog here on WordPress and share what has been going on in my life, with my life.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, putting my thoughts down on paper until the computer age crept in on me and then I started pecking away at the keyboard, saving my thoughts, dreams, fantasies, disappointments down into a folder into the harddrive, then disks, then flashdrives, CDs…saving, preserving what is currently going on in my life or what has happened.

So, what has the Mature Sex Goddess been up to over the past 7 1/2 months????

Well, Let’s see where I left off…

The last blog post I made was at the end of December 2011.  Here I am now on July 14, 2012…let’s see…

I lost my job back about mid-January 2012.  I aboslutely HATED that job and was abruptly “let go” with an explanation that the attorney I was working for had decided to go with a gal that had a paralegal certification.  Really??? Seriously????  Not a problem but if you think I’m going to stick around and train the new gal that supposedly has better credentials than I do, think again!!!  I may be slow to “get it” sometimes but I’m not stupid.  I had about 3 days to clear my office computer, download what I did want onto a flashdrive, gather up all my stuff, turn in my parking garage card and building security card and I was done with that freaking poor excuse for a law office.

I immediately filed for unemployment and then over the next couple of weeks found my unemployment compensation delayed due to the SOB attorney I worked for sending me a “severance” check that he neglected to give me when he discharged me…all the while I continued my search for a new job.  I never really stopped looking for another job after I was “let go” from my dream job…so, my resume was up-to-date which made my search a bit more intense now that I was truly out of a job and monthly income.

Needless to say, I was only “unemployed” for three weeks when an employment agency I’ve used previously called me up and asked if I would be interested in working a “temp-to-hire” position.  For some reason, that sounded perfect…I would not have to commit to the law firm and they would not have to commit to me…it sounded like a win-win opportunity.

I have to admit, I liked being a “temp.”  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the group of gals I was put in the midst of at this job are a much better fit than the 20-somethings I had to endure at the last job.  These gals are all my age and older…much more experienced and though everyone has her fair share of drama in their lives, very little of it is actually brought to the office.

The temp-to-hire position evolved into a full-time legal assistant position and I “officially” went on the payroll as of June 1, 2012.  It was an easy transition from temp to full-time hire and I admit that I’m happy with where I currently find myself in the work world.  It is NOT the perfect job nor my “dream” job…I now know that that is something that I will more than likely never find again…all things happen for a reason, I’m just still trying to figure out why “I” was the one that ended up being the bargaining chip or pawn piece in the scheme of things over the past four years.

My “housemate” has been with me now officially for one year.  The past four months have seen that friendship deteriorate dramatically…I finally had to stand up and call my friend down on what was happening and how I had had enough of his so-called “funny” comments and actions.  I have basically done myself in financially by letting my friend live here rent-free…coupled with loosing my last job and trying to recoop and stay up with my day-to-day living expenses…let’s just say that I’m in worse shape financially than I have been in the past few years.  Frustrating to say the least.

Back to my housemate…I called him on all that has been bothering me over the past four months and basically told him that he would now pay a $200 a month rent starting July 1st and a projected move-out date of September 1st with the back-up move out date of December 31, 2012 if he wasn’t financially able to get his own place the first of September.

My housemate took me seriously and went and found an apartment, got his name on the list, filled out all the paperwork and found out this past Thursday he was approved and he can move into his apartment July 24th.  I found out from my live-in old man that my housemate also bought a bed and leather sofa yesterday and will have it delivered to his new apartment on the 24th…I had to laugh because the night before last I had talked with the housemate about taking his time to furnish his new place and now running out and buying a bunch of shit before he really got a feel for the place…so much for my wise words!!!!

So, looks like my housemate of the past year will be moving out in the next couple of weeks and I’m good with that…actually, I’m looking forward to having the house back for a little while before my “old man’s” mother possibly moves in with us.

Where am I healthwise????  I’m at my heaviest weight I’ve ever been at right now.  I don’t even want to type the number in because I am really stressed about it.  I know what I have to do, it’s time to make myself start doing the right things…eating right, exercising more…finding a good place to work through this weight issue and get the weight off so I can wear all my fabulous clothes and shoes packing my closets.

Where is the “Mature Sex Goddess” part of this blog????  Why am I going on and on about what’s been going on with me job-wise, housemate wise…health and weight wise????  This all has to do with how so NOT like a sex goddess I am feeling right now.  I don’t feel that I look sexy, thus I don’t feel that I am sex goddess worthy.  Don’t worry, these feelings don’t last very long…I’m not one that is prone to get depressed and stay depressed.  I usually pull out of a defunk state of mind without a 24-hour period…this will be the case with today’s feelings.

I know…I know…where’s the “sex?”  That’s another blog post…for now, I’m re-introducing myself!!!

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