Reflections of 2011…

Every now and then I take a look at my previous posts.  2011 has been a rather ugly year for me with regard to my health.  I started having a terrible pain in my right lower abdomen and after trying to hold out and see if the pain would go away on its own, I ended up having part of my colon removed due to a rupture in the colon wall due to Crohn’s disease.

I guess what makes me stop and really realize how lucky I am is the fact that I had my first “attack” around March 3rd of 2011 and didn’t have surgery until May 10th of 2011.  I am one stubborn gal!!!

Since my surgery in May, I’ve been working to gain back my strength and stamina…doing my best to try and rid myself of excess weight, get my body back into some kind of physical fitness shape…the past couple of weeks have found me sleeping in instead of getting up and doing my early morning workouts that I started back around August 16th…and continued religiously until two weeks ago.  The break has been nice but I’m feeling fat and sluggy…it’s time to get back to my exercise and walking routines!!!

I have to laugh at myself because it seems as though I start the “reflection” mode the week between Christmas and New Year’s…glad I’m holding to one of my yearly habits!!!


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