The Day After Christmas 2011…

I just realized I haven’t posted anything since back in June when I went back to work after having part of my colon removed.

I have to admit, having major surgery, then going through the recovery process, being without a pay check for 6-weeks and gradually finding my way back to a somewhat “normal” life has been interesting.

I became a grandmother for a second time.  The newest addition to our extended family was a son born to my oldest son and his wife.  The little guy is the remake or “mini” me of my son.  He looks just like my son did when he was a baby.  I am so proud of my son, his wife and my little grandson…a perfect little family.

I really thought I had found a “happy” place in my current employment…that was until the week before last when the drunken, derelict attorney fired his secretary.  Life at the office is no longer where I want to be…the problem is, I can’t seem to find another work home.   I’ve continued to apply for jobs and go on interviews…no one seems to want someone like me…I have a feeling it has to do with my salary requirement.

Nevertheless, things have not been all rosey and happy at the office this month of December…my boss has been less enchanted with me and I really thought I would get fired when I made an error on the e-filing of an order in a case…I filed the short version of the order, which the judge entered instead of the detailed, number specific order that my attorney wanted.  The opposing counsel started rumbling about not agreeing to a detailed order but rather liking the simple, unspecific order…so, my attorney was livid with me…it was the first time since my surgery that I got to experience what my body does when I’m under pressure…OMG, it was ugly.  I haven’t felt gut pain like that since before the surgery!!!  I really worked myself into a frenzied state and had pretty much convinced myself I would be out looking for another job on Monday morning.  Well, I got back from lunch and it had all worked out…the judge entered the correct order and all was right with my world again.  Let’s just say I’m getting too old to do such stupid things!!!

There’s a whole slew of things that have been going on in my life since I last wrote…I’ve got a new housemate living with me and my significant other until the guy figures out what he wants to do with his life…this is with regard to his 28-year marriage.  He’s been living here since July.

I’ve enjoyed a couple of new special friends (clients) but they seem to have fallen off of realizing their submission the past month…I’m waiting patiently to see if any or all of them return.

I usually am all about heading over to my favorite department store on the day after Christmas, but you know, the sales have changed and they simply aren’t offering enough off of the clothing that I would be interested in buying.  Not that I need anything new to wear…I would enjoy getting a pair of Ugg boots, but I’m simply not going to pay full retail price…mark them down and I’ll get a pair…I did order a couple of pairs of Lauren by Ralph Lauren boots from my attorney, sugar daddy, but that’s about it as far as great buys this Christmas season.

I did get a gift card for a sizeable amount from my least-favorite-submissive for Christmas but I’m waiting until the mark-downs are decent before using it.

That’s a brief run-down on where I’m at in my life…I’m going to try and reflect a bit more on this past year in the days ahead as I build up to 2012.

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