I made it through the first week of full work days this week…I’m mentally and physically drained.  This recovery business has been frustrating and humbling…I want to get back to where I was pre-surgery back at the first of May…here I am mid-June and just now starting to feel like my “normal” self.

Just bits and pieces of my “normal” self…every now and then I have a flicker of a naughty, nasty thought…which is easily taken care of with BOB (battery operated boyfriend).  BOB is much more convenient and an immediate gratifier…much easier than a real man with a real cock…wait, is there any such thing as a “real” man with a “real” cock?

My 10-inch incision down the middle of my belly is healing as well as can be expected.  The last of the scabs (yea, I know gross, but real) are coming off leaving a bright red scar.  I’ve been doing some thinking of getting some of that scar reducing cream…does it really work?  I’m still thinking about it, gotta price it and see how that works into the scheme of things.

I’ve been tackling more and more yard work.  I finally got behind the lawn mower this past week and I must say, I miss my “therapy” lawn mowing!!!

I’m doing my best to come to some kind of terms with my recently diagnosed Crohn’s disease and the fact that 1/3 of my colon had to be removed.  Mix in there the fact that my health insurance company is now questioning the largest of my medical bills and asking for crazy documentation of previous health insurance coverage…seriously, if I had control over this whole deal I would have opted out of giving into the right, lower abdominal pain and gone on about my life without two hospital stays, an operation cutting down the middle of my stomach and being off of work for 3 full weeks equating to two partial paychecks and two full weeks of unpaid leave.

Stress contributes to Crohn’s flares, so I’m trying to find ways to ease the stress of the latest issues…it is what it is…

I miss my walking group training…I am determined to get back into the swing of things come this fall…surely I’ll be healed enough to manage getting back out and doing 2.5 miles three or more times a week.

I am tired of the mini hot flashes that I experience throughout the day…which dramatically increase at night.  The surgeon and my primary care doctor said these would decrease as I get healthier…I have figured out that these mini-flashes become more frequent when I’m stressed…finding that even medium in my life…where do I begin?

Such is the life of the mature sex goddess…

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