Sunday Reflections 5-22-2011

I have a lot of time to reflect…as well as set little goals to accomplish during my convalescing. This isn’t an easy situation for someone like me…I’ve been told I’m a Type A personality with severe OCD…but I have learned from this health experience.

I’ve found myself thinking of how in the world I got to this point with my health. In all honesty, I had no idea I would be subject to Crohn’s without more of a warning from my body. In other words, the event that happened on or around 3/2/2011 was the first indication I had that something had gone seriously awry with my body. Sure the hereditary indicators are always there and I’m very much aware now that this disease runs in families…I definitely have those markers but I don’t fit the “prototype”…in other words, I’m way older than most folks when they experience their first bout with Crohns.

I’m tired of the surgical, steel staples in my belly. They are uncomfortable and tight at times. I’m confident that the surgeon will be removing them on Tuesday when I go for my first follow-up visit post-hospital stay. That will be an early birthday treat. I’ve already started researching what creams and such I should use to further facilitate the healing process of my major belly scar…It isn’t that I think I’m going to be able to get rid of the scar, just reduce the angry appearance that it current has…it is what it is, part of the road map of where I’ve been in my health life…take it or leave it, that’s just the way it is!!!

I will also talk to the surgeon about I should start back to work and if I should do half-days and see how it goes or just jump in and do full work days. Right now I’m not getting paid for every work week day I’m not in the office…thus, I’m thinking if the doctor will agree, I will start back to work the Tuesday after Memorial Day Monday for half-days that week and then full days the following week…that should get a pay check generated starting the first week in June. I have a feeling it’s going to be rough and exhausting for the first couple of weeks, but if I continue to progress as well as I have been, it should work out just fine.

I’m tickled that I finally have all my house plants out on my patio. Now I can vacuum where they have resided for the winter and straighten up my living room and bedroom. I am amused at how big the plants have become over the winter months and wonder how they will fit back into the house when the weather begins to turn cold later this year, in the Fall/Winter.

I’ve got several goals I want to accomplish today. I want to begin a walking program. Today’s goal is to walk around my block. Right now, that seems like a Hell of a long way…I’ve got to start the rebuilding process. My goal is to walk a little bit each day…that way, I can start back to walking group training as we head into Fall.

I want to go and get some more petunias to plant and display in one of my antique rod iron plant stands. I am thinking Home Depot will be the place to find the trailing petunias and little vines I’m wanting to plant.

I need to go by Sam’s and get a few things to get through this next week and then the grocery store for the items I don’t get at Sam’s. I want to run into the makeup store that is next door to the grocery store and see if the new OPI nail polish is in…a little birthday treat to myself.

This is a big list of “to-dos” today. I think I’m up to making the whole line of stops…I can always come home if I get too tired at any point of the journey. This will make for a full day, no doubt!!

In the week ahead, my birthday is Wednesday, May 25th. I’m looking forward to joining friends for lunch that day and then family/friends that evening. I’m trying to decide if I want to buy myself a chocolate birthday cake or make it. I’ve got to remember to pick up some vanilla ice cream to go with it…

My OKC Thunder fell short last night in their quest to win another game in the Western Finals…they are young and erratic…maybe that’s why I like to watch them, though the mistakes they make are somewhat painful at times and definitely leave them lacking point-wise. There’s a game tomorrow night (Monday) and then back to Dallas for the Wednesday night game.

That’s about it for my week in reflection and projection for the week ahead. Have a great week ahead!!!!

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