Where oh Where Has Liza Been – No. 2 ???? A Sunday Reflections of Sorts 5-15-2011

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get back here to post to let everyone know I’m still alive, not kicking as high, at least not yet!!! This past Tuesday I gave up/in to the blasted right side pain and headed to the ER. The pain level got to an 8, I was done. I called my surgeon to let him know so we could get things in motion to resolve this pain issue… Long story short, I had surgery on Wednesday morning to remove a supposed decomposing appendix…I ended up having one third of my colon removed due to Crohn’s Disease having taken over, perforated, abscessed and engulfing my perfectly normal appendix. I have a crazy 10″ incision held together by about 35 surgical staples. The surgeon is confident tar he got it all. Apparently, he wasn’t sure what he would find, he mentioned cancer, diverticulitis but the pathology came back Crohn’s Disease. I wasn’t too surprised…Crohn’s runs in my family with my youngest brother having had two feet of his intestine removed ten years ago…my sister was diagnosed with Crohn’s last year and put on medication to clear up an irritated patch in her upper colon…and me, well, my primary doctor shared with me her concern that the problems I was having where not my appendix but a bad flair of Crohn’s in the spot noted on my colonoscopy from two years ago that that particular gastro-internal doctor chalked up to chemical irritation rather than further testing to be sure it wasn’t Crohn’s, especially since we had thoroughly discussed all my hereditary factors…interesting, huh??? So, I’m recovering well. I’m a model patient, very pro-active in my care. I have great nurses, great nurses aids, even housekeeping likes me though I keep them on their toes. Today is my first day on “real” or solid foods. I’m looking forward to the change of pace. Estimated discharge is mid-week with 4 to 6 weeks at home before returning to work. The surgeon said he went ahead and removed my appendix, which made sense since it was embedded in the part of my colon he removed!! What a week!!! Believe it or not, I’m resting and relaxing and not thinking about how to make ends meet…it will all work out , just taking it one day at a time.

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