I’ve made it to another Friday!!! This convalescing is a little more difficult than I imagined it would be…though I am loving not having to get up and go to a job I absolutely despise!!!

I got a few more plants re-potted and placed on my patio, which thrills me.  I love my patio and think of it as my oasis in the middle of a crazy life and time.

This will be one of the first years in 10-years that I haven’t had a Naughty, Nasty Birthday Party planned for my birthday, which is next week.  May 25th to be exact.  Looking back, I’ve had some pretty incredible naughty, nasty birthday parties…WOW, did I make up for lost time or what????? lol!!!!!  Maybe next year…there’s always next year, right????  This year is all about being thankful to have made it to another birthday, as well as healing.

My birthday usually falls right on Memorial Day weekend…this year, it’s in the middle of the work week so that really works out…I’ll still be on medical leave from the “real” job so really doesn’t matter what day or weekend my birthday falls.  This year I’m thinking a silly, romantic movie and a nice birthday dinner…probably not the usual fare of lobster.  For some reason, really rich, incredible food doesn’t sound all that inviting.  However, there will be chocolate birthday cake!!!  I’ve already made up my mind, chocolate cake and vanilla icecream…yummy!!!!

I’m hoping to get the surgical, steel staples holding my belly together out next week.  I have a follow-up appointment to see my surgeon on Tuesday, the day before my birthday…hopefully, everything is healing the way it is supposed to heal.  I will also discuss with him when I can return to work, if only for half-days…I’ve got to get back to work.  Every work day that I’m not at the office, I’m not getting paid…OUCH financially!!!!

I’m hanging in here…getting around a bit easier each day, though still finding myself okay with crawling into bed and just laying there and watching TV.  Though daytime TV is getting old…

Yes, I’ve made it to another Friday!!!

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