I have to admit, I was glad to get back to work…it was much better than being cooped up in a hospital room hooked up to an IV machine all day long. Glad to be busy, not necessarily glad to be back in that particular office environment, but back to the real world.

There is a new receptionist…this is good, the craziness of having two sisters working in the same office has now been diffused. The new gal is young, excited to be working and not shy and bashful. She’s got some brain power working so that makes me wonder how long it will take her to figure out she can make more money for doing the same job at another law office…guess we will see!!!

I stayed the full work day, though left for a 2-hour lunch…which covered my doctor’s appointment and then home for lunch, then back to work. I found myself really tired about 4:15 p.m. which is when I should have bowed out and gone home. Instead, I stuck it out and made it to 5:00 p.m. I had started hurting, which I knew was going to happen…nevertheless, I’m feeling good this morning, just tired. The pain has actually subsided a bit more than yesterday, so I’m beginning to think there is hope.

I’m not obsessing about my yard…the weed crop is bigger this year…that disturbs me greatly. I did get the number of my neighbor’s yard guy, so I’m going to give him and call and see how much he will charge to mow and edge my yard, which will be just once or twice before I’m back into the swing of things…once I get it mowed and edged, I will tackle the weed control situation.

Time to hit the shower…time to get another word day underway.

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