Monday, Back to Work, Back to Reality…

Back to life, back to reality…well, some version of my reality.  The bottom-line is I am going back to work today, how long I stay will be determined by my body.

I have an appointment with the primary care doctor today so we’ll see how I’m doing and then back to the office until about 3:00 p.m.  I would like to try and stay till 5:00 p.m. but I don’t think I will be able to manage that…we’ll see how I feel, gotta go with what my body dictates at the moment.

There’s been a lot of drama at the office since I left the Friday before last.  The youngest secretary had to have her little dog put-to-sleep.  The little dog was suffering from major seizures and there was nothing the veterinarians could do for her.  Apparently, she tried to come to work on the day after the day was put to sleep and that didn’t go well, she left and didn’t come back.  She works for the SOB, worthless-piece-of-shit attorney of the firm, so there’s a good possibility that she will quit before too long…

The youngest secretary’s sister was the receptionist.  She was having seizures and was supposed to have quit over a month ago but has kept coming back because the firm hasn’t been diligent in trying to find another receptionist.  Apparently the back-up duties to the receptionist have been turned upside down with my absence and the youngest secretary abruptly leaving the office whenever she wanted to over her dog…so, everything has been dumped on the other two secretaries.

Since I had no sick time nor vacation time to draw from on for my time out of the office for the past work week and a day, I will have a very small paycheck this next pay period.  That makes me sick to my stomach…can’t dwell on it or I will have a nervous breakdown about how I’m supposed to survive financially.  Scary, VERY scary…but I’ve got to try and go in to work today and see what can be worked out.  Currently I have a job…hopefully, I’ll be able to keep that job.

Time to move along, hit the shower and get my ample ass to the office.  Have a great Monday ahead!!!

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