Sunday Reflections 4-17-2011…

I am full of reflection today as there isn’t much else I can really do while convalescing…don’t get me wrong, I’m most grateful to be where I find myself right now…I’ve had a rough couple of months!!!

I’m going to head back to work tomorrow.  That should be interesting to say the least.  I have an appointment with my primary care doctor at 11:00 a.m. which reminds me that I’m not in this alone, that my doctors are keeping an eye on me, that this was a very serious situation.  I’m sure they are just as anxious to figure out where we go from here and how I will progress.  I know this depends entirely on how well I follow the doctors’ orders.

I am going to see how long it takes me before I’m too exhausted to stay at work tomorrow.  My goal right now is 2:00 or 3:00 p.m…I’m trying to be realistic and I’m thinking that’s about as long as I’ll be able to tolerate the pain.

I’m finding people’s reactions to my “condition” interesting.  I mean seriously, how many people do you know that has had a bout with a ruptured appendix and has not had surgery to remove that nasty, diseased little piece of useless material????  And the label of “walking time bomb” comes to mind as well.  I do realize not having had to undergo surgery maybe helped in my recovery time. Though the surgeon told me there was no guarantee that I wouldn’t eventually have to have my appendix out, right now, we’re just watching and waiting to see how my body continues to fight.

Sex…well, it had become painful to masturbate myself a couple of weeks before I ended up in the hospital.  Apparently all the inflammation surrounding my vagina was just too much…not that I shared any of this with my doctors…that was a big red flag when it became painful to masturbate…something has got to be wrong with a person if they’re not able to self-pleasure without pain!!!
Interesting gauge I have, huh??????

Yes, I have masturbated since I’ve been home…no pain, but complete exhaustion after orgasming.  Gotta start somewhere figuring out where I’m at in the “healing” process and what better way than to masturbate!!!!

I’m frustrated because I’m not physically able to go down and help a friend that lost everything in the Tushka, Oklahoma tornado of last Thursday.  He’s fine but his place is pretty much gone.  I would be right in the big-assed middle of helping him if I were able, but he made me promise that I would stay here in Tulsa and wait it out.  There will be plenty of time to head down there to help him out throughout the spring and summer.  I just hate to hear when one of my friends is in need of some help and just good ol’TLC.  He’s a very dear man to me and I hate that I can’t be there for him like he’s been there for me so many, many times over the last 10-years.

So, I’m hoping to get some normalcy back into my life as this week begins.

Have a great week ahead!!!

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