Wednesday…Hump Day

Another windy, but warmer temps today.  After hearing the weather report this morning, I’m changing my work outfit from a skirt to pants…in downtown Tulsa the wind blowing through the buildings can definitely cause a gal to regret wearing a dress or skirt, even the tightest…inevitably, one runs the risk of exposing her whole ample ass!!!!

I don’t want to get chilled either…here lately, I’ve battled the chills while at work…the building temps are still fluctuating between cold and hot…last week I fought keeping warm throughout the work day…I’ve been pretty comfortable this week but I’ve worn warmer clothes…

I keep thinking I’ll wake up and my pain will magically be gone…isn’t that how it’s supposed to go?  I haven’t heard from the doctor’s office on the scheduling of my CT scan, so I’m thinking I may call today.  I’m curious as to blood test results, but I’m sure if there was anything notable, the doctor’s office would have called.  I have decided to cancel my gyno appointment for next week and just have my records completely moved to my internal medicine doctor.  No point in having several doctors when one doctor can do it all.  Besides, having a young, newer doctor is really appealing to me, simply because I’m not one of the “herd” yet.  In other words, this doctor doesn’t have a whole established practice of years of patients she’s been seeing, so I feel like I’ll get better care…I could be all wrong and tripping down the wrong path…but I like how my thought process are going on this.

I am still working on my complaint.  It’s difficult to get it all down when my main attorney expects me to work during the work day.  I have vowed to myself that I need to have the complaint in final form and ready to mail out by this coming Friday.

I slept-in this morning so I’m behind schedule…have a great Wednesday!!!!

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