The Perfect CL Ad…

I’ve come across another ad on CL that piqued my interest.  It’s what I refer to as a “perfect” ad inviting some lucky gal to come and be a man’s “kept” woman.

The requirements are rigorous…you must be able to travel with this man, be his “eye candy” and eventually the friendship or relationship of sorts could evolve into marriage if both parties are agreeable.

This ad particularly caught my eye because of the offers of the “good life” it proclaimed.  I particularly liked this part: “New Mercedes SKL class, a wardrobe shopping spree and introductions to his circle of friends locally and throughout the US. He expects to also meet your friends/family and would like to put on a gala catered event at his house…home of 4,000 sq ft with pool.”  As far as maintenance of the woman that responds to this ad, she is expected to enjoy:  “Appreciate the upper class comfort lifestyle of having weekly maid services, lawn services and being taken care of through salons of her choice.”

The age bracket for this “position” of “kept” woman is 35-50, which means I’m slightly outside of that brackets.  I did go ahead and send a quick note of introduction.  I liked reading that there was an extensive questionnaire that would be sent and required to be filled out completely.  I love challenges and even though I’m not feeling at the top of my game lately, I could see myself quitting my current job and getting into this type of gig totally and completely…

At least, for a little while…I did hear back from the posting.  There had been an overwhelming response to the final posting and there had been 7 interviews set up for this man.  If for some reason none of those 7 candidates don’t meet the criteria of what is being sought, then I would be contacted and the questionnaire would be sent and exchange of pics.  With so many gals unemployed and not necessarily wanting to become employed…this would be a perfect opportunity for the right gal to put herself out there in what I call a basic business relationship…bargaining with one’s pussy has gone on for thousands of years…why not?????

I liked this ad because it was more or less an ad for a position…a real human resources type ad with that twist that I enjoy.  I’m not saying I would necessarily be happy for very long in a deal like this, but for a few of the finer things in life, I could make myself behave and mold into what someone else wants me to be…if only for a little while…I had to chuckle after reading the ad because I wondered how many women would respond if they knew that basically they would be expected to put out sex in exchange for all that this ad offers.  I am always amused at how many women become incensed when they realize that sex is a huge part of a business deal…a gal has to do what a gal has to do to get where and what she wants out of life.  I have no problem doing what I have to do to get what I want…fitting “love” into the equation, seriously, love can and does happen, but sometimes it just doesn’t “fit” into the whole schedule of things.  I have never had a problem putting out sex for whatever it is I am gearing for…and quite honestly I prefer to keep emotion out of the sexual equation.

The man would have to be one hell of a man for me to ever consider getting married.  I won’t say I will NEVER get married again, the probabilities are simply higher than the average gal that I won’t get married again!!!  Marrying for love is simply not something I’m interested in…marrying for money, sex, Hell yes, where do I sign??????  lol

Anyway, another perfect CL ad!!!

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