April 1st – April Fool’s Day!!!!

I’ve had quite a Friday…quite an April 1st, quite an April Fool’s Day only it wasn’t really all that funny…

I had a nice morning…I slept a little later than normal since my doctor’s appointment was at 9:15 a.m. and the doctor’s office was only 10-minutes from my house. I thought I should get there about 15-minutes early so I could fill out paperwork since my insurance company has changed since the last time I was in to see this doctor.

I arrived in a timely manner only to be told that I was NOT on the patient list for 9:15 a.m. or for any time that morning. I was a little baffled. I had neglected to write down the name of whoever I had talked to that had scheduled the appointment. The receptionist asked me to have a seat and she would see what the deal was.

Several patients were already in the reception room waiting their turn…several more patients came and went. I waited patiently, I’m a VERY patient person.

After about 15-minutes, I was called back up to the receptionist window where the office manager greeted me, surrounded by ten of the fat-hog bitches that worked in that group of doctors…along with the 3 or 4 patients in the waiting room, the office manager informed me in front of all these people that the doctor refused to see me. I wasn’t really sure I heard correctly or understood what this fat-hog bitch was saying because she told me two more times that she was just the messenger but that the doctor no longer wanted me as a patient. Then she went on to explain to me with the paperwork in her hand, still in front of all these people where EVERYONE could see and hear what she was saying to me, including me that I had cancelled a follow-up appointment in December of 2008, then neglected to schedule a six month follow-up as well as subsequent yearly check-ups between December 2008 and today. I was mortified, I was embarrassed, I was angry…I asked why I had been given an appointment time if the doctor had no intention of seeing me, that what the woman had just shared with me could have been sufficiently done in a letter. She then informed me that due to standard health care regulations and laws, patients that were no longer to be seen by the doctor had to be told “in person.” I asked if the paperwork she had waved at me to show my negligence in my own health care follow-ups were mine and she said no. She did not have me sign anything verifying that I understood that I was “fired” from this doctor’s care…not that I would have signed anything, I was just grasping at this point to hold it together to get the Hell out of there…I told her I understood and asked if she could refer me to another physician as I was under the impression that I was going to receive some health care attention today for the pain I was experiencing and I needed to see a doctor. She looked at me baffled and then told me to give her my name and phone number and she would call if she thought of someone, I laughed and told her that was okay, I could manage finding another doctor on my own.

I turned and walked out, trying to breathe and keep it together till I got down to my car and safely inside where I could just let the water works go!!! I was so frustrated, so angry, so mortified at what had just happened. What had just happened???? The doctor that I really didn’t like when I was going to him back in 2008 after my mother died had basically just “fired” me as a patient. What in the Hell was I going to do now?????

My right side was hurting, I was a blubbering idiot…I had taken off of work to go have a fat-hog bitch tell me the doctor no longer wanted to be MY doctor!!! What a crock of shit!!!! I was going to have to do some research on the “standard of health care” shit she was babbling…what she had just done to me violate my right to privacy with regard to anything regarding my health care…pointing out to not only me but all the office staff and the four patients in the waiting room my negligent attendance record violated my rights!!!

I finally pulled it together to drive myself home…then proceeded to get on the computer, on my insurance company’s website to try and find another internal medicine doctor that would take a new patient. I cried a little, made numerous calls to various doctors’ offices and just when I was about to give up, I got a group of doctors that had three new physicians that were taking patients. I was thrilled, I asked when the soonest appointment was and put me down…the gal on the phone said the doctor could see me at 3:00 p.m., for me to come to the office at 2:45 p.m. to fill out the paperwork. I was relieved, I was thrilled…I was still mortified at what had happened at the other doctor’s office.

I gathered myself up and repaired my makeup and went on into the office. I informed my main attorney that I would need to leave the office at 2:30 p.m. to go to another doctor…he didn’t ask about what had happened this morning and I didn’t offer. The paralegal in our office did ask and I shared with her the bizarre experience of the morning. She told me to get online, pull up the medical board for physicians and file a complaint. She confirmed my thoughts about the violation of my health care privacy rights and that if nothing else, it would make me feel better and that doctor would get a notice that a complaint had been filed and make the doctor aware of what his office staff had just done in front of other staff members as well as patients.

I arrived at my new doctor’s office early, began filling out the paperwork. I then met with the medical assistant, who put all my information into the computer…then the doctor came in and introduced herself, she’s a nice young woman, very attentive, she asked questions, I answered. She was concerned about my blood pressure reading, as well as my resting pulse. I confessed that I had had quite a morning and was still upset about it. She asked what was bothering me and I told her that I had been “fired” from my previous primary care doctor, I shared with her the humiliation of it all…she was horrified for me and then pointed out that all of that could have been done in a letter or over the phone. She had never heard of scheduling an appointment for a patient you no longer wanted to see and then having the office staff inform that patient that the doctor refused to see that patient any more.

I told this new doctor that I may not be the best patient because I probably will only come in when I don’t feel well or something is just not going right…but that I understood that it was up to me to come in and do a once a year visit and that I would make every effort to do so. She was a nice young woman, she ordered blood work and a CT scan and told me she would talk to me when she got those results back in the next week or so. I liked that she shook my head when she introduced herself and then shook my hand again when we parted.

The pain is much lower than I thought it was…always amazes me how doctors can put their hands right where it hurts the most…so, we’ll see what turns up…I got the impression that the pain is not associated with my digestive system…so, we will see what turns up…she did find the pain, it sure did hurt when she mashed on it…I did tell her that aspirin seemed to ease the pain. I have confidence in this doctor that she will find out what’s been causing me so much pain and discomfort the past month…

I survived my crazy day, my crazy April 1st, my crazy April Fool’s Day!!!!

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