I thought I was going to get some “humping” done this evening but the guy hasn’t confirmed so I have no idea if the session is “on” or not…my experience tells me it’s off…when I haven’t heard from the guy since Monday morning, that’s an indicator that something has come up and a change of plans is in order.  I try to get a confirmation about a session before I leave for my office, that way I know how to gauge my work and get out of the office on time so I can get home for final preparation.  When I simply don’t know, well, if I don’t have a confirmation by 3:00 p.m. today, I will go ahead and work late and consider the session canceled.

I ended up missing walking group because my “of counsel” attorney fiddle-farted around late in the day and then got hung up on the phone with a client until 5:30…then I think he realized I was still there waiting on him to finish up his last project.  He’s flying out of Tulsa today at 8:00 a.m. and will be gone for at least a week.

My main attorney has been out the last two days with his wife who had surgery on Monday morning.  Apparently it was supposed to be one of those deals where you go in, have the surgery and then released to go home that evening or first thing the next morning…she was staying another day, with a hopeful discharge of yesterday afternoon or this morning.  He should be back in the office today, which will pick right up from the “of counsel” attorney leaving this morning…

I was quite disgusted to learn that the only “office pool” for the NCAA tournament is limited to the attorneys and there is a $56.00 entry fee for a “team.”  They are even going to have lunch in the main conference room to “review” their brackets.  Everything is done by hand, nothing through one of the sites…guess I will be turning in my $5.00 a bracket for my 4 brackets to my “source” from my previous employer.  I may not win anything but at least I will be in a “pool” and have a chance…the reasons why I dislike my current employ just grow and grow!!!

I got up late this morning, so I’m way behind schedule in bracing for my day…such is life!!!

Time to move it along…have a great Wednesday!!!

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