The second day in the work week…moving right along.  Can Friday get here fast enough?????

Actually there are some NCAA basketball games on tonight and tomorrow night for the  eight teams vying for 4 spots in the big bracket…I’ve got one more bracket to do before I’m ready to send my money into the big office pool at my previous employer.  Doesn’t look like as many folks have said they were signing up…but then there are a lot of stragglers on Thursday morning before the first tip off.

My main attorney was out of the office all day yesterday, but my newest attorney kept me busy on top of the derelict attorney asking me to trade places with his secretary so he would have her at his disposal all day long since he’ll be out of the office on depositions the rest of the week…what a gross guy…he is the most dysfunctional 52-year-old man I’ve ever encountered.  He’s disgusting and I would quit this job if I am ever told I have to work for the stupid SOB!!!  So, I spent most of my work day out at the receptionist desk…seems to be the norm any more…I spend more time out there than I do at my desk, but hey, it’s a paycheck, right???

Time to think about getting in the shower…have a great Tuesday ahead.

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