Sunday Reflections…March 13, 2011

I made it through another work week…granted with some aches and pains…nevertheless, I survived!!!

I’ve about decided the pain in my right side is associate with kidney stones…the pain disappeared yesterday and has yet to return.  I’m keeping hydrated and active.  Stones apparently act up when you let yourself get dehydrated, makes the kidneys work harder.  So, we’ll see…at least, I feel I’m going to live…for the time being.

I got a lot of yard work done yesterday…though there’s tons more still waiting to be tended to…I was able to get the old rose bush I was given by an elderly family friend planted yesterday…it’s already putting out fresh growth…I think my timing was right on point…

My veggie plants are sprouting like crazy…they should be ready to transplant to their permanent placement here in the next week or two…which means I’ve got to transplant my irises and daffodils…
I’ve yet to get another crop of SweetGum balls up…just ran out of energy yesterday.

I’m preparing for the big dance…the March Madness NCAA tournament.  The selection/bracketology show is this evening…I’ll be working on my brackets and making my choices to go all the way.  I don’t know if the firm I work for has a March Madness Bracketlogy Pool but you can be sure if they do, I will be buying into it.  I could contact one of my dear friends over at my former firm and do some brackets under their name…wouldn’t be anything to send money over and have them enter brackets for me…wouldn’t that chap everyone’s ass????

I found out which “large” law firm is merging as one of the employment gals had shared with me a couple of weeks ago…it was the firm I had first applied to before I left my last job.  Interesting because I got the distinct impression that there would be some support staff lay-offs coming with this merging of firms…guess we will see who is more affected, OKC or the Tulsa office.

Nothing new on the naughty/nasty front.  I’ve given up on the Edmond guy, haven’t heard from him since Wednesday when he sent me a note that he was glad he had canceled meeting me so he could tend to his business ventures with his business partner.  I doubt seriously I’ll hear from him again…I know he doesn’t read my blog, even though he professes to be a writer.  I don’t know, I’ve always been one to show interest in the hobbies and works of others…guess that doesn’t work both ways with a lot of these guys.  I mean seriously, why would I think a guy that is interested in fucking me want to know at least a little bit about what makes me tick??????  I know, I’ve got to let go of those high expectations in the men that I want to try out as viable partners!!!!

I made a discovery on the internet the other evening that involved an incident that my oldest son was involved in.  Talk about surprised and then the surprise turning to frustration as I read the article and then read the long list of comments on the local newspaper article.   I am frustrated that in this day and age there are still folks that think they should get preferential treatment when it comes to breaking the law and the consequences.  If you get caught breaking the law, then you need to man up and take the punishment.  Don’t try to be twisting things to suit or fit your situation…what kind of example does that set for kids????  Nevertheless, I find myself in an interesting position.  I’m proud of my son and know that his integrity is above board.  I will be most anxious to see how this whole situation plays out…I will say it won’t look bad for my son, it will look bad for the local judicial system…should be interesting to see how fast decisions are appealed and wrongs righted…and that’s all I’m going to say about that!!!

I’m busy getting myself ready for the work week ahead…

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