With the temps above 60 degrees at 11:00 a.m. I’ve already been outside for a couple of hours this morning…just came in to refresh my cup of coffee and I’m back out getting the winter crud off of my patio and yard…there will be bush and tree trimming, SweetGum ball raking and removal…weed killer put on the yard to try and get a jump on weed prevention…it’s going to be a day spent outside enjoying the sunshine and wearing myself completely and totally out physically!!!!

Nothing like a beautiful pre-Spring day to make me all ready to get past Old Man Winter and onto the freshness of Spring!!!!

I got some interesting news yesterday regarding the pain on my right side.  I was talking to my youngest brother and then later my sister and both of them said I needed to have the doctor look for kidney stones.  Everyone in my family for generations have had severe bouts with kidney stones…especially my sister and brother.  Both our father and mother had kidney stones, grandparents, both sides had kidney stones…so, I’ve got a whole different line of thinking now on the right side pain that comes and goes…crazy, simply crazy!!!

More to come/cum…time to get back outside and soak up the sunshine!!!

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