Things are settling down a bit for me at the office.  Now, as sure as I’ve said that, things will blow up today or go terribly whack.  I think I’ve worn myself out with my frustration and anger, but that’s nothing new, seems I do this a lot at this job.

I did get a call yesterday from a single attorney law office that I had apparently submitted my resume to from Craigs List.  Since most of the Craigs’ List ads are anonymous, I have no idea what office or firm I’m submitting to…so, there was a voicemail saying such and to give the guy a call…thanks, but a single attorney office is even more of a Hell than I could ever imagine.  Not to mention the practice is Bankruptcy…I know nothing about bankruptcy other than it has a court system of its own.

I’ve got a much better handle on my desk right now with the associate attorney giving all his work, e-mails, calls and client calls to the young secretary.  Funny part about that is she declares what all she’s going to do and then does nothing…I did notice yesterday that she offers to help the attorneys of whichever secretary is out of the office on any given day and then doesn’t get that work done…I’m seeing a pattern develop that is funny to me…and yes, sadistic because if you offer to help, you need to follow through…who knows if the stupid-assed attorneys will figure it out…she’s already blown off the new lunch schedule, taking her lunch at 1:30 p.m. yesterday and not returning to the office until 3:00 p.m.  Amazing how that works for some but not for others.

I am tickled that they are already lining up receptionist candidates for the reception job that will be available in another week…surely they will be able to find someone that will be able to be at the job and do the job.  I keep thinking of what the current receptionist said about the job was so easy a monkey could do it…that monkey’s got to want to do it and bottom-line is she hasn’t wanted the job since the git go…she doesn’t want to move to a secretarial position but she wants a position that is above where she’s at for more pay…NEXT!!!!

My walking group session was in the drizzle again…it wasn’t as cold as the time before when we had to walk in the drizzle…the wind was shifting to out of the north last night but never got too strong.  We did 2.5 miles which was just right.

I’m trying to get motivated to get things organized so I can get in the shower and get my work day underway.  Today is the first day of Lent…a day of reflection and repentance.  I’m just hoping to make it through the day without an emotional upheaval…have a great Wednesday.

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