I try not to place myself in a position to be disappointed very often, but sometimes it happens. The guy I’ve been e-mailing with and exchanged phone numbers and have sent texts canceled on me tomorrow (Wednesday)…something about he’s not coming to Tulsa on business after all.

After a little over a month of e-mailing, I’ve about decided the face-to-face isn’t going to happen unless I make it happen and you know, I’m not all that hot to make it happen.

I guess you could say I’ve cooled off quite a bit, the attraction for me has waned and I’m simply not interested in figuring out “when” and “where” we could possibly meet. If the guy was that hot to meet me, I imagine he would have already made a special trip to do just that, meet me and determine if there is that “click” that would carry us into the bedroom to check the rest of it out!!!

I’m disappointed. I had hoped this guy would be more interested, but I guess it is what it is…life can be busy and complicated…NEXT…

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