Charlie Sheen…Seriously…

Yep, I’ve got to weigh-in on the current “news” hot topic, Charlie Sheen.  From the time the news stations started broadcasting everything going on with this guy, I could barely stomach it.  He looks and sounds like my derelict brother who is a supposed recovering alcoholic and recovering drug addict.

My sister texted me last weekend, freaking out because Charlie Sheen reminded her of “our” brother…she claims that “our” brother is really only “my” brother, but I pointed out to her that the four of us had the same biological mother and father.

Nevertheless, we’ve both been digusted watching and hearing Charlie’s rants and raves…let’s just say that our brother, who will be 51 this year on his birthday in April, is one of those folks that believes society “owes” him a living.  He’s always led a charmed life…and just when you think he’s about hit rock bottom, he comes out smelling like a rose.  If my sister, brother or I had done any of the things he’s done in his life, we would be locked away for life, plain and simple.  Not my derelict brother…oh sure, he’s done jail time, but he supposedly comes away being closer to “the Lord” and back on the path to a good, decent life.

Just like recovering alcoholics and recovering drug addicts, he cycles in his high and low points…He always falls off the wagon, he ends up in jail…so far he hasn’t actually harmed anyone or worse, killed them…he hasn’t had a driver’s license in over 6-years…but like most alcoholics and addicts, he still drives when he gets the chance…

The one trait that Charlie Sheen exhibited that really struck a chord with me and my siblings, is the grandiose declarations…our brother does the same thing.  The pattern is set and when he gets all grandiose, he’s about to crash again.  He declares he’s invincible and everyone else is wrong and doing him wrong and when is the world going to wake-up and realize what a great prize he is!!!!

In all honesty, I wish the authorities would lock my brother up and throw away the key.  As a tax payer, I have to pay for his “recovery”…if I have to pay, I definitely want a say in what they do with him.  Locking my brother away in prison would be the best thing for him AND society!!!  Can you feel the love in my words?????? lol

So, Seriously, lock up ol’Charlie…giving him all this attention is only going to make the crash worse, which means we’ll all end up paying for him where-ever/however he falls!!!!

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