Monday, Monday…

It’s back to the grind today…the weather is stirring, a small chance of rain…coolish temps, I’ll be glad I’m inside.

I had a good weekend…though the weekends never seem long enough.  I never seem to get everything done that I set out to do on Saturdays…though this past Saturday had the unexpected delight…

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday of Madri Gras…Easter is late this year, April 24th to be exact…hopefully we’ll be in full blown Spring by then…

I’ve got to get myself motivated to get around and get to the office on time…okay, try to get to the office on time…starting time is supposed to be 8:30 a.m.  The past couple of weeks, I’ve been lucky to get there before 9:00 a.m.  I think I’m dreading going to work because Friday was so drama-filled.  The two sisters kept things so stirred up last week that two of the partners felt compelled to have a talk with each gal, closed door in a conference room to explain their duties…what a surprise, huh?????  Honestly, I think laying down some rules might help the morale around the office…but the other problems sometimes offset and cloud the situation…like the derelict, alcoholic attorney that makes an ass of himself everyday…he’s just a total and complete embarrassment to the firm, but hey, that’s their problem, I simply work there…

Anyway, my newest of counsel attorney was supposed to be in Tulsa last week, he never made it into the office…I don’t know if he made it to Tulsa, but he never came in…I’m sure I’ll get a big dose of all of my attorneys this morning, it’s time to get February billing out…supposedly we’ll have the help of the part-time accountant this week…funny how these guys don’t feel the need to make anyone do their specific jobs…definitely a pattern that constantly repeats itself in this office!!!

Time to finish my coffee and hit the shower…have a good Monday.

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