It’s a lot cooler today than it has been this previous work week…it’s only up to 35 degrees at 11:00 a.m. Too chilly for me to want to be outside for any length of time. I’m hoping the temps top out in at least the 50s today and hopefully warmer tomorrow when I plan to start working on my raised garden beds.

My CL guy ended up being a complete ass…he sent me an e-mail around 9:45 p.m. last night assuming that because he hadn’t heard from me by that time, and after he had sent me his pictures I was no longer interested. Well, he was partly right, after receiving his pics I was no longer interested, couldn’t conjure up the thought of spreading my legs for a man with all that hair to get between them and lick the kitty like I like it…however, if I sent you e-mails earlier in the day giving an explanation of why I may not be able to continue our e-mail exchange, I expect you to read them and be up-to-speed.

I did send him an e-mail later in the evening after my youngest son had gone to bed…that was the reason I was unable to continue extensive communications last night, basically elaborating my disappointment that the neglect to actually read and understand my previous e-mails, which I feel are very direct and to the point, well, actually it is disturbing to me that a man would lay out such a deliciously sexual opportunity but neglect the little, very important details of such an opportunity.

Such is life and disappointment…I just hate it when the man behind the ad is not what I had hoped and expected.

So, I’m still toying with the possibility of the one man from here on AFF…I haven’t felt 100% this week and the nagging right side pain is still there reminding me that I just might need to explore further what is causing the problem…

Time for another cup of coffee and to tackle more Saturday…

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