I’ve Been Lurking On CL Again…

I can’t help it, when I get bored at work, I browse the CL ads for Tulsa.  A couple of weeks ago I can across a very interesting ad placed by a 52-year-old guy that was looking to provide a safe harbor for a woman in which he would give her a place to come/cum and the man to provide her all the oral sexual attention she desired.  Something like that, I didn’t take the time I normally do to copy the ad for future reference material.  Every now and then I slip up and frustrate myself.  I sent two responses to that ad which was placed about 2/18/2011.

Well, this afternoon I was taking a break from the drudgery of time entries and came across an ad by the same guy.  This is the ad:

Well,… I really do not hold out much hope for this to be successful ! I believe I will receive many “scammers” wanting me to go to some stupid site , so they get paid for it. I am wanting to find a woman who really enjoys just laying on a comfortable bed. While a man performs oral sex on her. Nothing more than that ! This woman would not have to completely undress for this , unless she prefers it for comfort. I will remain completely dressed and do nothing but what I have described. I would like to find such a woman that would come to my home and allow me the erotic pleasure of doing this to her on a very regular basis.

I am very attractive man, tall outdoor rugged looking. In shape and very clean, so is my home. I am single, do not smoke or drink or use drugs of any kind. It is fine if you wish to do these things while here. I can keep some ” special refreshments ” on hand at my home so when you visit you are comfortable and can enjoy them. My home could be your escape from reality and the day to day “BS” that you go through. Think how nice it would be , to just spend a few hours out of your day being pleased and pampered with no worries about having to reciprocate to the man. You can just enjoy the time and the feeling of erotic pleasure without the hassles of any further contact or commitment. At a very nice location that only you are aware even exists. So you cannot be tracked down or spied on or found at all !!

WHY ? Do I post such a posting ? The truth is simple. I am self employed , I work at home. Have few friends and really no social life at all. I miss the tenderness of a woman’s skin and the smell of her clean fresh body. I have had terrible luck trying to meet a woman to date, let alone build and cultivate a long term relationship. So I have decided to post this. I am more of a “giver” than a “receiver” when it comes to intimacy. I always enjoy the pleasure I give to my partner. I miss it ! So I am hoping to find a woman who will allow me to please her in such a manner. No games, no expectations of anything more than what this is about. A concession of reality so I can still have some erotic fun and yet learn to live alone and just be happy for that. A compromise of my goals and dreams. Something is better than nothing at all !!!

I am very healthy and in good shape, eat healthy and exercise all that type of life. I have never had any health issues and do not want any now. I can assure you that you will be the only person I am sexually active with. You can virtually call me at a moments notice and come over for a brief erotic adventure for your pleasure just about any day or night. I realize you may be involved or married and have no wish for your real world to find out about your personal adventures. I can also assure you of complete secrecy and discretion. Only you and I will be aware of what we do. Or more appropriate what I do to you !!

I live on a beautiful piece of property that offers complete privacy with electric gates. Your vehicle and yourself cannot be seen by any passing vehicles. I live alone and have no children or family . So nobody will just “drop by “.

Your age is of no concern, your personal life is your private business not mine. I am a great listener and can also provide a nice meal if you are so inclined. I will pamper you and treat you with so much attention and the time will be of the finest erotic time possible. Contact me if you wish and ask what you desire to know. All responses will be kept in the strictest of confidence and deleted after responded to.

Well I have written my message, now I cast it off into the sea of CL to see if a woman opens it and reads it and wants to take advantage of it…


I was so excited, I found this ad to be quite tantalizing the first time he posted something similar.  I quickly copied and pasted it to my private email address and then set about sending my first response to the ad he placed today.  In fact, I sent a couple of responses hoping to hear back from the guy…well, I connected with him and received a couple of e-mails from him.  We both promised to continue our exchange tonight, graduating to exchanging pics and see how we feel about setting up a face-to-face.

I’m excited…I like the sound of a man pleasuring and pleasing me at my whim…a sexual slave so-to-speak but in a vanilla context.  Guess we will see how this Liza CL experiment will go.


Yep, that didn’t take long…got the guy’s pics, YIKES!!!!  His mama must be the one telling him he’s “good looking” cause I certainly don’t see it.  Long hair is a big turn off for me, especially when it’s flowing down your shoulders, unruly and unkept, I’m sure it’s clean though difficult to tell from the pictures he sent…one with a floppy brimmed hat, one without.  So much for the romantic part of the fantasy…dear gawd, why can’t the guy writing the ad be the man I’ve envisioned in my head, short haired, clean cut, almost casual preppy looking…rugged is one thing but deep back woods with no real upkeep…well, just not my cuppa!!!  The only way I would see a guy with long hair is if it is neatly pulled back in a pony tail…we’re talking 5 times longer than my hair!!!

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.  Another CL let down!!!!
Makes me really wonder what I was thinking…if it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is!!!  Point made!!!

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