Finally Friday.  I’m still on the mend health wise.  I did make it through the whole day of work yesterday and made myself go to walking group.  It was tough, I felt stuffed to my ears…it was a struggle but I made it 2.3 miles.

I’m still tired and trying to get some semblance of focus this morning to get it together and get to work…I’m just worn out.  I feel a little bit better this morning but still not where I want to be or should be to get through a work day.

I’m still debating with myself over whether or not to connect with a guy I’ve been having an exchange with here on AFF…he wants to meet but I keep putting him off. His initial question to me when we talked on the phone was when was I coming to OKC…that didn’t sit well with me because I’m not going to travel to OKC to meet him unless I’m headed to my friends that live there in OKC, which means I’ve more than likely got other plans that don’t include a new man.

Now, if the guy wants to come to Tulsa, well, there’s needs to be some sort of plan in place.  I do not do over-nighters with someone I’m meeting for the first time.  If I feel attracted to you, there is a possibility that I might take you home or go to your hotel for a little play time, but there won’t be any overnight – all night long play happening.  You’d have to be pretty damned incredible sexually for me to even want to spend a an hour or more with you…that’s how short my sexual attention span is these days.  I’ve been disappointed too many times to give much more time than an evening to someone new.  Gosh, I sound kind of prudish don’t I????

I’m behind schedule this morning, I need to get with it and get in the shower…for some reason renting some movies and taking it easy this weekend sounds like the best plan laid…it’s supposed to turn cold again later this morning, possibility of thunderstorms…cooler than I prefer tomorrow and warming slightly on Sunday.  Not really warm enough weather to get out and do much in the yard so I’ll continue to plot and plan my raised garden beds.  My seedlings are sprouting quite nicely and I’ve moved everything out into my little greenhouse.  My aphid treatment to my already mature pepper plants seems to be working…I’ll try and give them another good cleaning this weekend.  I’ll also price materials to build my raised beds for official moving and planting in a couple of weeks.  I’m excited about growing my own vegetables this spring and summer…I’m determined to help cut the costs of my food bill, as well as eat better and healthier…

Have a good Friday…and a great weekend!!!

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