I feel well enough to go to work today.  My right abdomen is still tender but I can function and I think I’ll be able to wear clothes without any problem.  I may even go to walking group this evening…clarification, I will take my workout clothes with me and decide later in the day if I think I’m up to walking group.

I’ve about narrowed down the cause of my physical distress besides the emotional and psychological stress of hating my current job.  I know that stress can bring on these bouts of health problems and I am guessing that this bout with my stomach distress has a lot to do with my stress levels.

I have a couple of theories as to what is ailing me…the symptoms I exhibited reminded me of a stomach lining infection I had a few years ago called H pylori, which sounds like some dreaded disease…which it is a painful and ugly infection…I recall that I couldn’t stand to have anything on my waistline and what I’ve experienced the last two days was right along that same feeling…there is still some tenderness to the right abdomen which has me baffled…is it a bowel obstruction or partial bowl obstruction? Have I formed a make-shift gallbladder since I had my gallbladder out when I was 22?  I was told by the surgeon and doctors back then that because my body throws so much calcium off that I shouldn’t be surprised if I was faced with something similar to gallbladder problems in my 50s or 60s as stones would still be formed by my body and discarded…basically the stones would lodge in my common duct and push it out forming a make shift depository until it would get full and rupture…for some reason that’s been on my mind with this tenderness of the right abdomen right under my previous gallbladder surgery scar…which these are all theories.  I haven’t decided if I can afford to go and get the necessary tests done to accurately diagnose these symptoms and find out exactly what is causing my current physical distress.  I’m still thinking on that…

I do know that staying home yesterday and giving into my body to rest was the best thing I could have done for myself.  I did work some by remote yesterday so I will have a jump on things today.

I was tickled to see so many of my seedlings in my greenhouse are sprouting big and strong.  This weekend I will start working on my raised garden…I’ve got tons of daffodils and irises to move from the area I have designated as my garden spot, which also means I will have to move my blueberry bushes that are in pots to the side of my garden.  I’m really excited about my city garden…seeing and knowing that I’m growing something that will be edible as we head into spring and summer is really exciting for me.

Time to hit the shower and get myself moving along.  I’m still not moving very fast, but I’m definitely feeling better…hope everyone has a great Thursday.

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