Tuesday, the first day of March 2011!!

I’m trying to get motivated to get around this morning…I’m just too mentally exhausted.  My stomach started burning something terrible about 4:30 a.m…it comes and goes…which made it difficult to finish off my sleep.

Yesterday was a crazy day.  I busted my ample ass all day long.  The youngest secretary that inherited the associate attorney got bit in the face by a momma pit bull dog on Sunday and had to have 11 stitches in her face around her upper nose.  So, between backing up the receptionist and taking the associate’s work back on, I barely had time to take a lunch

I did take a lunch, I had to step away from the insanity…which will more than likely continue today.  I think the young gal will be coming into and her sister the receptionist didn’t quit, so there’s still some trouble brewing on whether or not the two of them will stay with this firm.

I was able to get a 5-page contract done for one of the associate’s crazy, fee paying clients.  The client was thrilled, the associate was relieved…I don’t think the young gal is going to make it as the associate’s secretary because she’s already dropped the ball a couple of times…not to mention her crazy-assed, derelict attorney is unhappy with her.  Thing is, no one else will work for him. I certainly won’t and the other two secretaries won’t…the firm would have to hire someone else to work for this fucking idiot!!

Yesterday morning brought a rude revelation…the thermal coupler on my hot water tank went out and I had to take a cold shower.  Talk about shocking one into wide awake!!!  A good friend had mercy on me and was able to fix it while I was at work without me having to call a plumber and go to all that expense.  All I had to do was give him a good fucking and he was happy as he could be…not to mention how happy I was that he was able to fix it!!

I was so sore yesterday from my yard work on Sunday I couldn’t believe it.  The backs of my legs and thighs were just downright painful. I felt like I was 100 years old!!!  I would make myself get up and down, move around to work out the soreness but it seemed as the day wore on, the soreness increased…it’s better this morning…but at least I’ll be able to work it out some more as I have walking group tonight.

Time to get in the shower and get this first day of March underway.  Have a great Tuesday ahead!!!

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