Nothing Like A Spring Day…

I got some much needed yard work done today…the damned sweet gum balls had taken over the biggest portion of my front yard. I hate when I can’t even walk across the front portion without fearing I’ll fall…got those up, though there are what seems like thousands more waiting for that perfect wind to knock them down. I do love working in my yard…preparing for spring and everything greening up has got to be one of my favorite times of the year. The birth of new life…yes, spring is my favorite time of the whole year!!!

I’m starting to see some of my seedlings sprouting in my little sod pod greenhouse…if I can get rid of the aphids on my pepper plants in my big greenhouse, I’ll move the sod pod container out there before transplanting them into the final raised garden spot I’ve got picked out and ready to build and fill with soil.

I’ve had my shower, fixing a nice dinner…I’ll watch the Academy Awards unless it becomes so boring I can’t stand it. I’ve only seen one of the movies, the Black Swan so I’m not really sure who is worthy of the little gold statute…it’s about time to begin a new work week…can’t wait to see what kind of drama this next week will bring with all the unhappiness that was simmering as Friday came to a close.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to actually meet a man that I’ve been having an e-mail exchange with from one of the adult sites I’m a member of…I would like to find a man that would “fit” into my life but not become a bother…for some reason, the attraction for me has waned…

Nothing like a day that feels like Spring to bring February to a promising close…there’s bad weather looming as always does when the temperatures change so drastically…for some reason, I’d rather take my chances on tornadoes than being trapped by ice and snow…I know, crazy, but I can deal with the wind, rain, hail, lightening far better than the ice and snow.


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