Saturday Morning…

Another Saturday morning…I slept in, sitting here relaxing, reflecting over the past work week, wondering what the upcoming work week will bring…there was some last minute drama yesterday at the office when the receptionist and the youngest secretary, who are sisters, were contemplating quitting. Will I be stuck on the receptionist every day, all day long during the work week if those two exit? I honestly don’t know if those two are serious or just blowing off steam. There are a few jobs out there in the legal community in Tulsa, just not in my price range.

The office I work in is nothing but a joke. The attorneys don’t listen and quite honestly, I don’t think they care about the state of things with the support staff. The classic “work it out amongst yourselves” is the attitude and approach to any discontent among the four secretaries and receptionist!! Talk about applying the ostrich principal!!

My hairdresser cut my hair too short last night. She was running over an hour behind, which I’m a very patient person, sometimes too patient. Just freaking that she didn’t have her head in the game and kept snipping away. I keep holding to the line of thinking that in about 2 or 3 weeks, it will be about where I wanted it to be right after the cut…and I’m guessing that I’ll be able to move my next appointment off a week or two scheduling wise because it won’t be where I want it length wise when I go back…such is life, like I said, it will grow back.

I do know that I am mentally exhausted this morning…the work weeks are tough…I’ll be fine, just have to kick back on the weekends and relax. Time for another cup of coffee…

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