Wednesday…Hump Day!!!

Is February ever going to be over???? For a short month, it sure seems to go on forever!!!!

Some changes are happening at my office…my associate attorney got reassigned to the young secretary that only has one attorney…she’s excited, I could careless, I think the associate attorney is okay with the move but the most difficult part is getting the gal to be at her desk, as well as be in the office.  Yesterday she took a two-hour lunch but then was anyone supposed to really notice????  Her main attorney is starting to be pissy because he feels he’s busy enough to merit her undivided time and attention…which is funny because this was a higher up decision which he basically was given no choice…

Also, I got a 3% raise, which is certainly better than the crap my previous employer started me through last year at this time.  So, my work load has been reduced by one attorney.  I still have to do double phone duty every week, I guess the reasoning was that give one of my attorneys to one of the other girls and I’ll have more time to devote to the front receptionist back-up…

Walking group was great last night…I’m much more comfortable and enthused in this group and level of walking…I just have to find the motivation to do the other honor walks plus make it to Saturday morning informal group training.

For some reason, with the change at work and the raise, I’m still not enthused about getting around this morning and getting to work…imagine that!!!

Have a great Hump Day…I’m busy anticipating my favorite department store doing the final mark down of winter apparel…this week should be the final markdown to 702 off or the items that were 25% down to 50% with an added 20 to 30% off Thursday through Saturday.  I’ve been watching the markdowns closely for the past couple of months and if I’ve got it figured right, this Thursday through Saturday is THE week…the last full week in February is when the final markdowns happen, so we’ll see if I’m on point…if so, I’ll be able to make the purchases I’ve been obsessing about and ready to head into spring…I’m such a freak, I have to admit, I’m pretty crazy when it comes to shopping for bargains in shoes and clothes!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!!

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