Sunday Reflections…February 20, 2011

I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out what to do first with regards to my house projects.  I’m determined to tackle several today and then get myself organized for the work week ahead.

I’m still feeling emotionally and physically drained today…last week’s emotional bowel movement over the current state of my job really shook me to my core.  I am hoping I hear back from one of the employment agency gals tomorrow about a possible interview at another firm.  I know I’m out of their salary range with me being too high-priced, but I’m worth every penny and the longer I’m employed at my current firm, the more I know I have to get out of this office, this firm.  I’m going to go crazy, Hell, I’m already half-way there.  I can’t see myself just shutting up and putting up…I’ve got to find something else!!!

I can’t decided if I want to venture forth with an actual face-to-face meeting with a possible friend/fuckbuddy that I’ve been corresponding…I just don’t know if I’m in the right frame of mind and I’ve about lost interest…the guy has exhibited a deficit when it comes to the details of my previous e-mails…while not a big deal…okay, yes, it is a big deal, at least to me.  If you aren’t paying attention to my e-mails, then why would I think he would pay attention to me when we meet?  I just don’t know if I should venture forth with the frame of mind I currently find myself.

Another guy that I am corresponding with off of here is more into the lake scene and fishing…definitely not part of my interest groups.  I know I can’t pretend to be a “lake woman”…I’m a concrete pond kind of gal, no doubt about that.  I do not find the lake with the murky waters a drawing card me for to a man.

I got several offers to go for a bike ride yesterday…I’m sure it was great bike riding weather, I’m simply NOT a biker chick…not even an occasional bike ride kind of chick…motorcycles have absolutely no appeal to me.

Basically, I’m still in a piss-poor mood.  I am dreading going to work tomorrow…I am trying to keep my mind busy with my various projects but it’s still there, the anger and frustration is still too close to the surface, I’ve got to get a handle on this.

Now that my gal pal has headed back to Texas, I’m afraid I will be experiencing a dry spell with regard to sessions with my special friends.  Not to worry, the BOBs (battery operated boyfriends) have plenty of back-up battery support, so I should make it through the next week in decent form and a minimum amount of sexual satisfaction.  I do need to take some time today and relate some of the sessions me and my gal pal did this past week…I think some of you might enjoy the FMF 3somes we indulged.

Have a good work week ahead.

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