I’m glad Friday is here…I can hardly get around as I’m dreading going to work, though I have a feeling it will be an easier day for me as my newest attorney will be gone today.  I’m curious to see if he will be back next week.   This has turned into quite an overload of work…what’s new, right?

I managed to get a handle on my anger.  I wrote three pages of my grievences right off the bat yesterday.  I will review it today and give it to my attorney before the close of business today for him to have, just in case he really wants to take it to the other shareholders.  My guess is that he won’t give it another thought.  He really is an asshole…

Funny, but my attorneys steered clear of me yesterday…imagine that.  I got quite a bit of work done…I was able to maintain a fairly level demeanor…I’ve sent my resume to two job ads posted on CL…I doubt I will hear anything as the jobs were posted by the employment agency gal that was good friends with my former cube-mate.  At least, if I get placed by her now, my former cube-mate will not get credit for referring me to this gal for a job.  Of course this gal may not give me the time of day.  I turned down a job she sent me on because, like this job, it was with a “small” firm.  I don’t think I ever got through to her that I do NOT want to work in a small firm.  While I ended up taking a job in a small firm, it was a job I got on my own, no assistance from either legal support staff placement agency.  So, we will see…like I said, I’m not very hopeful at this juncture.

My gal pal and I have a date with my least favorite submissive…and in all honesty, I think both she and I will be relieved if he ends up cancelling.  The last e-mail I got from him was quite pissy and that simply won’t do.  I really question why I agree to see him, session him…and like tonight, have dinner and session with him.  I do know that I am going to start distancing myself from him…I’m tired of his ridiculous e-mails demanding my attention and why haven’t I done this or that…he forgets, it isn’t about him, it’s all about me.  Anyway, we will endure that session tonight, unless he ends up cancelling and that won’t be a tragedy at all!!!

Time to hit the shower…temps are going to be cooler today and the wind will be out of the north again…not too much of a cooling off, juat a 10-20 degrees cool off, but above seasonal temps…crazy, crazy, crazy weather…yesterday the temp was a beautiful 78 degrees!!!

Have a great Friday and hope the weekend is a good one as well.

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