Wednesday…Hump Day????

Wednesday are Hump Days, but depends on the kind of “hump” you’re referring. Could this particular Wednesday be a Hump Day? Not sure but it is the middle of a very crazy, hectic, frustrating work week.

My gal pal and I are working too hard in our “real” lives…our jobs are keeping us pushed to the maximum during the work day, leaving some energy for the evenings…we’ve really enjoyed the “double team” effort in helping a few of my special friends realize the FMF 3some. Right now, we’ve got one more BDSM/double female domination scene planned. If we get another request or two for the FMF 3some we will definitely entertain the idea of enjoying…just depends on the timing, the when…

Work is especially frustrating right now and I am mentally and emotionally exhausted…I’m back to hating my job, hating the firm I work with, hating the attorneys I work for…arognant sons of bitches!!!!

Time to hit the shower…I’m behind schedule this morning…I’m simply not looking forward to going to work…I would rather stay home and play. Unfortunately, the snow pretty much screwed any hope of taking a “mental health” day off any time soon!!!!

Have a great Wednesday and a great Hump Day!!!

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