Yesterday was a LONG work day…I was bombarded with the billing issues that my current employment is freaking out about. Our accountant, who is part-time, works half a day has been out for the past 2-weeks. Her husband has been in the hospital, about 10-days in Intensive Care and now he’s been moved to a room, but will have a long recovery. The last thing on her mind was getting the office expenses into the billing problem to be included in each client’s monthly billing.

It basically all came to a head yesterday…my main attorney who drove me crazy on Friday while I explained numerous times that until the expenses were put into the data base, we could not do a final bill…nothing changed from Friday to yesterday morning. The accountant did not come in over the weekend, nor did the magic billing fairy come in and wave her magic wand and make the billing include the expenses and ready for a final bill. He got kind of pissy about it, turned around and went and called the accountant to see when she was coming in yesterday. She came in shortly after noon…I was able to get with her about 3:00 p.m. which meant I needed to stay and get my newest attorney’s billing in final form before I left last night.

No one has shown me how to work in this billing program, I’ve figured it out on my own so I don’t know all the little ins and outs…I got a few pointers from the accountant and I was correct when I said I had to make the revisions the guy wanted before a final could be printed and the accountant finished up inputting the expenses and we were able to run a final bill about 5:30, 6:00 p.m. last night.

I missed walking group, I was pissed off at the level of rudeness all of my attorneys exhibited…I’ve had enough!!!! I didn’t quit or walk out…I wanted to but what good would that have done? There are no jobs here in Tulsa…the market is really crashing around here…and it’s fixing to get worse…I heard from the one legal placement gal I have been using to look for another position and she said to sit tight and make do…there’s two firms getting ready to merge whick will eleminate some support staff and a LARGE law firm is getting ready to make major support staff reductions as well. The legal support staff market is fixing to get a doulbe-whammy of folks looking for jobs in the legal profession.

I did not have time to think about naughty, nasty fun with my gal pal other than set a time for a fuck date tonight and start thinking of the “date” and BDSM session we’ve got lined up for Friday evening.

I’m mentally tired tonight and not wanting to get moving around and go right back into that Hell hole of a job that I have right now.

My gal pal has been busy with her work as well. She’s working remote here at my house all day and she’s been covered with all manners of work, so she’s not getting to rest and relax all that much…though I think she’s got some naughty, nasty fun lined up with one of our quality male fuckbuddies over the next couple of days. We were able to go over to the nearby shopping mall and check out a few things…but time got away from us and the store started closing…we were just getting started having fun!!!

So, how was your Monday? How was your Valentine’s Day?

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