Sunday Reflections 2/13/2011…

Another beautiful, sunny, warming day!!!  The snow is melting really well and I’m so thrilled that it will all be gone by the middle of the week ahead.  Of course, that’s if the temps continue to rise each day…if the storms come that are predicted for next weekend, it will wash all this crap away!!!!  YEAH!!!!!

My gal pal made it to Tulsa last night…she was a little later than we originally planned but that was okay because I got caught up watching stupid break-up movies.  We had pizza and opened a bottle of wine…we enjoyed each other’s company getting caught up on what’s going on in each other’s lives until about 2:00 a.m.  We headed to bed to try and get some rest before this morning’s session.

My friend is “on-call” with her job, so apparently she was up about every hour on the hour fielding problems and such for her company.  I got her up around 8:15 so we could eat a bite, then get showered and dolled up for our 10:00 play time.

Me and my friend thoroughly enjoyed working my friend over this morning…I think he enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed him…we’re such a good little F-F team and the M in this 3some was delighted with his experience.

We grabbed some lunch, catching up on e-mails, taking a little afternoon siesta before preparing for our 6:00 p.m. BDSM – 2-hour session this evening.  I started briefing my friend over lunch as to the basic outline of what we will be doing to this next “victim.”  My gal pal is so excited, she said she’s been using her toys thinking of all the ways I will keep our action moving along in tonight’s session…I think we will all enjoy the naughty, nasty fun!!

It’s going to be a busy but fun week ahead.  I’m back in walking group on Monday and Friday after work and then Tuesday night we have a 3some playdate set…right now Thursday evening is open but Friday night we have what I am calling a “date” night combined with another BDSM session with my least favorite submissive.  He will come over to my house and my gal pal and I will “prep” him with the vibrating panties before having him take us to a nice dinner…I’m still trying to decide where I want us to dine on Friday night so he can make the proper reservications…then we will return back to my house and my gal pal and I will put him through his paces for an hour or so and then send him home after requiring him to leave a load of cum!!  I am looking forward to putting him through the humiliation paces…making him wear women’s panties, having to strap the little vibrating device under his balls where me and my gal pal can turn it on at opportune times throughout our dinner…I love watching his face and seeing how well he tries to stay on track with the conversation…not to mention watching him worry about whether or not our wait-person can hear the vibrator going off…it will be a great time, for sure!!!

Depending on my gal pal’s work schedule and whether or not she has to go back on-site with her work next weekend will determine when she departs for home in Texas…so, we’ll make the most of the time she’s hear and grab all the naughty, nasty fun we can manage!!!

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