I got a good night’s sleep and am not getting around and getting a few things done around the house before my galpal arrives later today. We’re going to play it by ear as far as doing anything tonight. We want to be well rested for tomorrow (Sunday’s) naughty, nasty adventures I’ve got lined up.

I’m thrilled the sun is shining and the temp is climbing…come on 50 to 60 degree weather…melt that snow, melt that snow!!!!

I’m trying to keep ahead of my little depression…Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite Hallmark holidays, but it is also a bittersweet deal for me as my mom died on Valentine’s Day, it will be 3-years ago on this Valentine’s Day. I think I’m amazed at how much it still engulfs me. I miss my mother, I miss my dad…but for some reason, I feel as though it’s harder for me about my mother’s death. When my dad went down with his catestrophic stroke and heart attack, I knew he would eventually die. I guess I was a little more prepared for that life event. With my mother, we really didn’t know if she would live or die…and then when she took that last turn for the worst, well, it was over and done with before I could really digest it all.

Life is cruel and does not wait for anyone to get onboard…you either pick up your pieces and move forward or you continue to struggle and eventually find your way…or you accept what is given you and move on…I look at my personal situation as one where I have missed a few beats but not anything that stopped where I was in my life other than backing off a bit on my nasty social life…it will take time…big losses take time to get over and I know that…I’m dealing with it.

I do love the red of Valentine’s Day…red, pink, white…I love those colors together and love to dress up in red…I look pretty good in red!!!

Anyway, lots to get done today and definitely looking to enjoy my friend and her visit this weekend into next week!!!!

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