She’s Coming/Cumming…

>>!>>! I just heard from my gal pal in Texas and she’s planning on making her way to Tulsa on Saturday!!! We discussed how there is supposed to be a gradual warming trend that should melt the ice and snow crap enough for her to make safe passage to my house on Saturday!!!

We are both soooooo excited…I’ve got all manners of naughty, nasty fun lined up for us throughout her visit. We’re going to play it by ear on Saturday when she arrives…it’s about a 3.5 hour drive for her so I want her to get plenty of rest when she gets here on Saturday so we’re ready to rock and roll on Sunday with two scheduled play dates!!!

I’ve got all other manners of naughty, nasty fun in the works as the week progresses…I dont’ think any of us will be disappointed!!!!

I couldn’t ask for a better gal to help me with a couple of FMF scenes that have been requested by some of my special friends here in Tulsa…I’m sure I’ll have plenty of juicy details to share as the weekend and week ahead progresses!!!!

I’ve also lined up some really fabulous hard cocks to come/cum over and play with us a couple of nights…as my friend exclaimed, she just might get fucked every night from Saturday on through to the next Saturday!!!!

Yes, she’s coming/cumming…Let the games begin!!!! >>!>>! >>!

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