I so want to get this day underway and out of the way for the weekend!!!!

I’m mentally exhausted from this snow week…though I’ve worked everyday this week…yesterday and probably today I’ll be out on the receptionist’s desk because she isn’t able to make it in. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my days to back her up so yesterday I had to be out there all day long…today is my Friday to back her up, so if she doesn’t come in today, I’ll be out there all day long…it is extremely exhausting because the lighting is bad and I don’t have my keyboard or settings on that computer, but I have been making a full effort to get some of my work done while I’m out there.

I’m so excited to get this weekend underway, as well as this next week…Snow, snow melt away!!!! And it should all week long…temps are supposed to be climbing into the 50s today and tomorrow and 60s come Sunday…and hoover in the mid-50s and 60s all this next week before the next storm system blows in bringing chances of early spring thunderstorms…we could still get another snow before spring officially starts, not unusual in Oklahoma to get another big dumping sometime in late February into March, but you can be sure I’m going to be hoping and praying for NO MORE SNOW!!!!!

Time to hit the shower and get moving along…have a great Friday and a better weekend!!!!

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