Below Freezing…

While the snow wasn’t as much as the weather guys were predicting, enough is enough.  Now, we’re battling the sub-zero temps, which any time the temp gets below 32 degrees, I’m out.  I simply want to stay indoors and not go anywhere or do anything…there’s supposed to be above seasonal temps coming in tomorrow into the weekend…I’m wondering if all this frozen white stuff will ever melt and go away?  I’m not a snow person, never have, never will be…guess I need to start thinking about moving further south…

I was able to get a ride with one of the attorneys yesterday to and from work.  That was probably the smartest thing I’ve ever done.  I got so much work done, got a Starbuck’s coffee treat on the way to work, breakfast after we got to work…lunch was catered in…dear gawd, these attorneys appreciate their secretaries!!  Being such a small operation, it makes sense to make sure the secretaries get to the office…I was rather amused that the previous firm I worked for simply shut down, they were closed yesterday!!

I have also noticed that a lot of the secretaries from my previous firm spend a lot of time both at home and at the office posting on their various social network pages…mostly about how glad they were that their office closed, another lazy day and such…which when you spend that much time on a site during the work day, seems to me you’re not getting any work done…what a lazy bunch of folks!!!

I haven’t heard from my gal pal from Texas.  Our plans were for her to come up here to Tulsa this weekend, Saturday or Sunday…which there would have to be an enormous amount of melting go on between now and Saturday before I would want her to venture forth…if she’s not able to make it, I’ll be terribly disappointed but making plans during the winter months, you’ve got to allow for bad weather to interfer…I’m hopeful she’ll go ahead and come but right now, I’m simply up in the air about next week’s plans.

Time to hit the shower…I’m having a friend take me to work today and I want to get a decent start time-wise.
Have a good Thursday!!!

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